Wedding Band Sets, Choosing A Yellow Or White Gold Wedding Band Set

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Wedding Band Set

Matching Wedding Band Sets, His and Hers

Available in 14k or 18k White or Yellow Gold With All Gem Stone And Diamond Options

A wedding is a special occassion that symbolizes a solemn promise between two individuals. A wedding band set adds further meaning to this occassion as, the couple wears wedding bands that are similar in design. It is not necessary for a wedding band set to be fancy, a simple plain wedding band design can also be used as a wedding band set. You should also remember that, the metal you choose for your wedding band set will not increase or decrease the significance of the ring. You could therefore choose a gold or sterling silver wedding band set depending on your likes and budget. It is also possible to include gemstones or diamonds in wedding band sets, these could be selected based on tradition or preference for particular gems. We have discussed this in more detail on this web page.

On this page, you will find examples of some of the finest wedding band sets. The individual links will open up complete details of each wedding band set. This information like, the rest of the information on our website consists of no sales talk. There is no effort to sell our wedding band sets, the objective is to educate buyers to make the right selection. Each wedding band set has specific features that can be modified as per your requirements. Understanding all the options for each of these wedding band sets, will allow you to make the right decisions when choosing your wedding band rings. Where you buy your wedding bands from is secondary, the important thing is that you get good value for your money and end up with a set of wedding bands that, retain shape for a long time.

The high degree of customization provided for Kaisilver wedding band sets works to your advantage. You can make a selection with few or no restrictions, your budget and imagination being the only restraining boundries. Email us your requirements at with any queries that you might have. A team of Kaisilver designers and craftsmen answers all queries in simple and non-technical terms.

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his and hers wedding band pair, custom made
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The RG230 has specifically designed for a wedding band set. This wedding band has a sleek and stylish appearance despite, the simple design concept. In it's simplest form, you could order a custom wedding band set with different band widths for the bride and bridegroom. Since these are wedding bands that are made to order in the true sense, you have interesting design options to help you personalize this yellow or white gold pair of wedding bands. The external finish on your wedding band pair, could be smooth with a dull or high polish finish. The RG230 wedding band ring image, shows a ring with a slightly rough texture. You could also add beauty and meaning to your custom wedding band set by, including gems or diamonds in the rings. We provide you an unlimited range of gems to choose from. Most gems including diamonds are available in different grades, this helps you to work within your budget. These rings pack and excellent gold to ensure that, your wedding band pair stays in shape for a long time.

His and hers wedding band white gold and yellow gold combination
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If you are working on a modest budget, do not aspire for a diamond wedding band set. Choose a simple matching wedding band set that is suitable in style and budget. The RG201 pair of wedding bands will be a great choice, two tone wedding bands are suitable for plain band designs. Like all Kaisilver jewelry, your RG201 wedding band set will have good metal weight and include high quality craftsmanship. The sold gold structure of this wedding band, makes it an ideal design for etchings to be done inside or outside the band. Complete customization allows you to choose the band width for your wedding band set. We would recommend a band width of around 5mm for the lady's wedding band and around 7mm for the gent's wedding band. Plain wedding band sets allow sufficient budget to be allocated for, metal weight and quality craftsmanship. These features are important not only, for the external appearance of the jewel but also, for the longterm durability of the wedding bands.

custom wedding diamond band women
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You might prefer to have a diamond wedding band set despite working with a limited budget. Wedding bands like the RG180 provide a good option for affordable diamond wedding band sets. The design concept for such wedding bands are based on the fact that, the price of diamonds (per carat) increases as the diamond size increases. The researched design of the RG180 wedding band set, includes two smaller size diamonds set close to each other. This allows you to get fairly good quality diamonds without spending a fortune. Such matching wedding band sets can be ordered in white or yellow gold. A Kaisilver wedding band is designed after evaluating various factors, most jewellers give importance only to the price tag and external appearance. The diamonds in this wedding band do not protrude out of the mounting, this reduces the chances of them getting damaged by physical impact. The good metal thickness all around the band also ensures that, the diamonds are firmly mounted. This works to your advantage in the long term.

pair of wedding bands for his and her with gemstone
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A sleek and stylish single gemstone wedding band design. You can get the desired band width for your wedding band set by, changing the size of the center gemstone. Despite the streamlined design of this gemstone wedding band, the sturdiness of the ring has not been compromised. Your MAN05 matching wedding band set packs a healthy gold weight and is crafted by some of the world's finest craftsmen. There are a few ways in which you can choose the gemstones for your pair of wedding bands. Birthstone wedding bands are the most popular type in such rings. You can ofcourse choose the gemstone based on your color choice too. Remember that it is not necessary for matching wedding band sets, to have the same gem stone in both rings. Each of the rings could have the birthstone of the person wearing the ring. An interesting and meaningful option for a his and her wedding band set, is for the couple to exchange birthstones in their wedding bands. Kaisilver provides an unlimited range of gemstone options to choose from, so make your decision based on your personal likes and your budget.

Pair of diamond wedding bands, made to order yellow gold or white gold
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Another possibility for a diamond wedding band set with a moderate price tag. The diamonds in this pair of wedding bands would be neither very small nor, very large. This avoids a strain on your budget and also means that, the quality of diamonds used need not be sacrificed. One interesting way to enhance the design features of your custom wedding band set is to, choose the finishing for the band. A yellow or white gold pair of wedding bands can be ordered with a dull or high polish finish. Since every set of wedding bands is made to order, the diamonds in the MAN28 design can be replaced with gemstones of your choice. This opens up a wide range of options since, all the gemstones in your gemstone or diamond wedding band set need not be the same. You can combine gemstones in the ring and get a multi birthstone ring, or request for your unique combination of gemstones and diamonds. It would also be a good idea, to etch the initials of the couple either on the wedding bands or inside the bands. Your options are limited only by your imagination and budget constraints, so take your decision and email us with any queries and doubts that you might have.

Diamond wedding band pair for him and her
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A three stone diamond wedding band set with a sleek and sturdy design. The slightly rounded shape for the band of this band ring, gives it a unique touch. The diamonds are set in a band width that is just sufficient to firmly hold the diamonds. This design is available as a yellow or white gold three diamond wedding band set. Notice the solid gold construction, this not only helps the firm mounting of the diamonds but also adds durability to the wedding band. We have not compromised on quality by trying to save on gold weight, this helps create a pair of smooth and comfortable wedding bands. The design is perfect for a wedding band set and could be ordered with gemstones instead of the diamonds. A great idea would be to have the center diamond replaced with a gemstone of your choice. The most obvious choice for the gemstone would be your birthstone, you can ofcourse exchange birthstones in your pair of wedding bands too. Etching inside the band is also possible, so consider this option to personalize your custom wedding band set.

Pair of wedding bands princess cut
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A gorgeous princess wedding band set, available with a center princess cut diamond or any other gemstone. Like always, options of diamond grade and size are available. This makes it possible to for you to order an affordable pair of wedding bands. A wedding band set would normally be worn very often, the design and construction of the RG226 custom wedding band takes care of this. Your his and her wedding band pair, has no sharp edges and the center gemstone or diamond is provided with good protection. The sides of a gemstone or diamond (borders) are normally the thinnest part of any gemstone. Our designers have researched this and provided a metal border all around the center stone. The gemstone protection prevents the stone from chipping or cracking with side impact. This is a solitaire ring design that does not have a highly protruding gemstone or diamond. If you are looking for a sleek and simple wedding band set, with excellent features that can be customized, give the RG226 a look. This is another ring that is suitable for etched wedding bands, the etching can be inside or outside the band.

silver wedding band pair, plain wedding bands 925 silver
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The RG234 is an impressive and classic silver wedding band, the design and concept of this silver ring is perfectly suited for a pair or sterling silver wedding bands. These wedding bands do not use gems or diamonds, the etching all around the band adds interest and significance to the jewel. Since all Kaisilver jewels are fully custom made, you can choose the band width for your wedding band. It is ofcourse possible to order these plain wedding bands in gold or sterling silver. You can also request for your choice of etching around the band, text, digits, symbols and any other etching types are possible. Such wedding band sets offer durability at a modest price since, no budget needs to be allocated for gems and diamonds. The healthy metal weight of these wedding band sets ensure that the rings do not bend or deform easily. None of us would like our wedding rings to be despatched to the jeweler for repairs, proper design and construction will ensure that this does not happen. The silver wedding band set would ideally not be plated with rhodium or any other metal. This is because such platings are temporary and will wear off after a while.

gemstone wedding band, emerald gold wedding band ring
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A classic concept for a pair of wedding band sets. The set of wedding band rings could include gem stones of your choice. You can request for a change in band width for your gold or silver wedding band. The gem stones for your ring can be selected according to your preference. It is possible to combine different gems in the same wedding band ring. The band width and ring size will all be customized to your requirements. An exciting opportunity exists to change the gem shapes in your wedding band. The MAN71 is shown here as a mens wedding band with emerald gem stones. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. The ring has a researched design which takes all the features of the emerald gem into consideration. The ring has a good metal weight and is available in all ring sizes. Like always we provide the option for gold or sterling silver wedding bands. No quality compromise on design, material or gem stones is made for silver wedding bands. You can therefore make your metal choice based on your liking and the budget that you have allocated for the ring. The yellow or white gold emerald men's wedding band is priced the same. We recommend 14k white or yellow gold because it is harder (therefore stronger) than 18k gold.

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More Information On Your Wedding Band Set
We provide a few more details that would apply to most jewelry but, some might be more relevant to wedding band sets. You should remember that there is no reason to believe that, an expensive wedding band set is more meaningful than a cheaper one. But at the same time remember that, a cheap wedding band set that compromises on quality is of little use. It is for this reason that you should understand what to look for when, buying a gold or sterling silver wedding band set. In the following paragraphs we discuss a few vital features of wedding band sets, understand them and try to evaluate your buying decisions with this information.

Silver or gold : Given the price of gold, it is obvious that a silver wedding band set would be cheaper than a gold wedding band set. Yet, not everyone who buys silver wedding band sets does it just for the cheaper price tag. Silver jewelry has a large and loyal following, people love it because of it's healthy feel and classic looks. A pair of matching silver wedding band sets can be made with good weight as, the metal is not very expensive. You will also need to know that all silver jewels tarnish with time. Tarnish is the discoloration of silver jewelry due to various factors including climate, water composition etc. The good thing is that, tarnish if cleaned right at the onset can be easily controlled and taken off. If gold is your choice, you can have a matching pair of his and hers, wedding band set in white or yellow gold. Keep your budget in mind when deciding between a gold or silver matching wedding band set. Since the hardness of 18k gold is much lower than 14k gold, a 14k pair of wedding bands would be sturdier than an 18k wedding band pair.

Weight : This is an important factor for more reasons than one. A gold wedding band set might be made with a low weight to save on the precious metal. Jewelers tend to make light weight wedding bands to please markets with low price tags. But judging a wedding band set by just the price tag is a short term decision. Such rings will bend and deform easily, insufficient gold weight could also result in loosely mounted gems and diamonds. We have seen silver wedding band sets with low weight too, reasons for such gimmicks cannot be justified by the jeweler. Designers love to create rings that are broad and bold. Making such a wedding band with a low weight means that the metal thickness will be very thin, denting is most likely to occur with such rings. Another area where metal is saved is inside the band of rings. Deep scooping of metal inside the band of a wedding band set, makes the ring uncomfortable to wear for a long while. Don't be fooled by jewelers who claim that, healthy metal weight makes jewelry look bulky. Good design and good craftsmanship will ensure that, the metal provides support by staying in portions that cannot be easily seen.

Gemstone or diamonds : A wedding band set could be a pair of plain wedding bands or, include diamonds and gemstones. Wedding band sets with birthstones are quite popular and an interesting variation can be achieved by, exchanging birthstones in wedding bands. Remember that certain gems like emerald and chrome diopside need to be handled carefully. Most of us would like to have a pair of diamond wedding bands but, the price of such rings would not be cheap. Consider choosing a design where the diamonds are neither too small nor too large. You could for example, select a diamond wedding band set with 4 diamonds set near to each other. This would be much cheaper than a ring with 1 large diamond. You might also consider using enhanced color diamonds for your wedding band set, these are basically naturally formed diamonds but are treated for color. The color treatment is permanent and does not alter the hardness of the diamond.

Customization : We started off by explaining that wedding bands are very special jewels. Most people would like their wedding band set to include all their preferences. You will often come across wedding band designs that you love, but request for a slight change in gemstone size or shape and the jeweler would tell you that he cannot accomodate your requirements. This is the sad part of readymade sets, the jeweler does what is easy for him. A pair of custom wedding bands would take care of these issues, you could choose the metal, gold color, size, gemstone, diamond or any other feature for your rings. A jeweller who is capable of offering these services should have complete control of the production process. Most jewelers prefer to work with a few standard designs that they just purchase and sell, this does not work to the advantage of buyers. Customization would also include etchings, types of finishing for the metal and even antiquing in the case of silver wedding band sets.

Durability : A wedding is meant to be the longest lasting relationship in a person's life. It is therefore appropriate that your wedding band set should last for a long time. Durability for any jewel is achieved by a combination of several factors. Good weight, good craftsmanship and even the right type of gemstone or diamond mounting would influence the durability of a wedding band set. A light weight and flimsy pair of matching wedding bands, could easily go out of shape. Most of us would not like our wedding bands to be turned in for repairs very often. Make sure that you do not compromise on durability for your wedding band set. Options for 14k gold and even sterling silver wedding band sets, provide you with options for good and sturdy wedding bands.

The wedding bands that you see on this page are not the only jewelry that we make. We are the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry and custom make just about any jewelry that you need. Most sellers will expect you to limit your choice to the few 'standard' wedding band designs that they provide, however at Kaisilver you can let your imagination run wild and let our skilled craftsmen and artisans make your dreams come true. Email us with your requirements at if you have any specific requirements not mentioned here. We can accomodate all requests since, every jewel is fully custom made.

Who Is Kaisilver?
The Name You Can Trust: Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewellery. Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, hotel and resort owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, business professionals and doctors. We are directly networked to all the leading gemstone producers in over 15 nations. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and 5 of the best designers work on all Kaisilver orders. We are directly networked to the world's leading sources for gemstones and this provides us with preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones.

All our jewelry is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can choose from yellow or white gold and all gemstone options are available. Since each piece is individually made, all design modifications are available. You can even send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

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How To Buy Our Jewelry

Do not hurry to place your order with us. We would like you to make a well informed decision and would like to answer all your queries and doubts before you place your order. It would have been easy for us to install an online order and payment module on our website and take advantage of those impulse orders from buyers. But that is not our intention and we prefer to be on your side rather than act like a pushy seller. Firstly, send all your queries and doubts to us at A team of designers and craftsmen answer all queries and you will get no high pitched sales talk. We will guide you through the process of making a decision and then give you time to make up your mind. This is an outdated method of doing online business but we have preferred to keep things this way.

Payment can be made through Paypal and our email for paypal is INFO@KAISILVER.COM We are International Verified Premium Account holders with paypal so you can bid with confidence. You can register for a free paypal account at We also accept payments through Western Union Money Transfers and International Money Orders in U.S$. Let us know if you prefer these modes of payment and we will provide details for the same. In most cases, your local bank would help you with the Western Union Money Transfers.

Shipping charge is 25 U.S$ and merchandise will be shipped within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the high degree of skilled craftsmanship required and the custom cutting of every gemstone that we use. We will never hurry your order by compromising on quality of material or craftsmanship. The best way to have your Kaisilver jewelry in time is to order it sufficiently in advance.

Kaisilver Buyer Testimonials
received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Florida

I received the pendant today and am absolutely thrilled. It is extraordinarily beautiful. My mom will be overjoyed. Your help, attention to detail, timeliness and overall kindness were truly above and beyond my expectations and highly unusual in the world today. Thank You Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Truly Yours, Ms.Monika Schwarz, IN, U.S.A

Hello, My wife was absolutely over the moon with her two pendants. I gave her the Ruby pendant on our anniversary and she was delighted.....the Swiss blue Brazilian Topaz Pendant I gave her on her birthday, and she was in tears that people from so far away and who did not know her could be so kind to her and she sends you her thanks and good wishes. Mr.Ron Gairns, US.

The ring arrived today! It is amazing! The ring fits perfect and is the best cat ring I have ever seen. I will be sure and leave feedback. Thank you! This is a wonderful blessing and I know I could never find anything like this is the US. You have done wonderful work! Ms. Donna Wood, U.S

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Wedding Band Sets, Importance Of Good Craftsmanship
It is absolutely necessary for any jewel to have good craftsmanship. The rush to mass produce wedding bands has been encouraged by a desire to capture mass markets. A custom made wedding band set allows maximum scope for good craftsmanship, jewellers might underplay the importance of good craftsmanship so beware of the facts. The truth is that good craftsmanship brings much more than, just good looks for your pair of wedding bands. Kaisilver has a massive base of over 3,500 skilled craftsmen to take care of every single detail. Your Kaisilver wedding band set will be accompanied by low sales talk and high quality of material and craftsmanship.

If you choose a gemstone or diamond wedding band set, the importance of skilled gemstone setting might not occur to you. But, consider the fact that a loosely mounted stone could drop off and you will become aware of the trouble and expense needed, to repair the ring and replace the fallen gemstone. This problem becomes all the more troublesome, if the ring has many gems or diamonds set in it. The issue of matching gemstones or diamonds in color, shape and size is not an easy one. Good craftsmanship will also elminate, sharp and jagged edges in the gemstone mounting or overall design of your wedding band set. Individual attention for every single jewel is the only way to ensure good craftsmanship for high quality wedding band sets.

You could easily say that, an excellent design, good metal weight and good gemstones could all be ruined by bad craftsmanship. It is not just the beauty of your wedding band set that depends on high quality craftsmanship. A badly crafted pair of wedding bands will have a short life and incur frequent repairs. Your wedding band set will mean too much to you and you will surely not want to leave it at your jeweler's shop for repairs. For this reason, work to get it right the first time. Choose the right jeweller, one who works for you and not one who, limits your choice and quality options.

The information on this page that includes images and text is the sole property of and Please do not force us to take legal action by copying or reproducing this content in any form. Legal action at the highest level possible will be taken, we are not interested in apologies and out of court settlements.