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A Two Tone Gold Wedding Ring

Matching The Wedding Ring With Your Wedding Dress

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A wedding is one of the most important moment in the life of any couple. The bride is conscious of herself, the guests and everything else around. And in all the hectic preparation is the search for the best wedding ring. Most experts suggest that the selection of wedding rings begin at least 2 to 3 months in advance. While the 'earlier the better' might seem like the right move, take a moment to hear what we have to say. As the leading custom jewelry provider for highend jewelry including wedding and engagement rings, we love to get requests for wedding rings and love to get substantial time to design and craft these very important jewels. But remember that your wedding is about you, the two of you - we and the rest of the gang should not dominate your timing, choice or selection.

Silver wedding rings are gaining popularity but, the demand for gold wedding rings still dominates trends and desires. The choice of a yellow or white gold ring is often left to personal choice but, when it comes to a gold wedding, looks and appearance generally influence decisions. You might hear that a white gold wedding ring looks smashing with a snow white wedding dress but, a larger voice says that merging gold color and wedding dress makes both look quite ordinary. And what if you decide to choose a light cream wedding dress, should you close your eyes and choose a yellow gold wedding ring. Remember that your wedding ring is sure to draw a lot of attention among close friends, relatives and collegues so give the choice of gold color some consideration.

We at Kai Silver have an interesting suggestion, a two tone gold wedding ring. Such a ring would combine yellow and white gold in the same jewel. 14k yellow gold combined with white gold of the same karatage is something that we would recommend. 18k yellow gold might hold a more saturated yellow color and 10k yellow gold might be too pale and just blend into the white gold. A two tone gold wedding ring would resolve most issues related to color matches with your wedding attire and even, any other jewels like pendants and brooches that you might wear on the very special day. The design for your wedding ring is another aspect that will give you some anxious and even confusing moments. Our suggestion is to go for a two tone gold wedding ring that, has a design element that has significance and meaning. Read on and see what we would suggest for a stunning gold wedding ring, a jewel that not only fits into the precious moment but also, adds more meaning to the event and the rest of your lifetime.

two tone claddagh wedding ring
A spectacular two tone gold wedding ring, the historic claddagh ring with it's unique meaning and tremendous significance is suitable for all occassions. Kai Silver custom makes this ring in gold or 925 sterling silver with the gem stone of your choice ... more.

The Kaisilver claddagh ring has today ignited interest in this historic jewel - this is one ring concept that we really did not create. The first claddagh ring was crafted by an Irish slave for his beloved, it was made around 400 years ago. Made under the harsh conditions of slavery, the jewel has features that make it suitable for almost every occasion. The RG141 Kai Silver claddagh ring is crafted in two tone gold though, you can make a special request for the same ring in single gold color too. The hands, heart and crown in this two tone gold ring are cast in yellow gold while the rest of the band is worked in white gold. The ring depicts two hands holding a heart and on top of that heart, is a crown - each of these features hold tremendous meaning. Togetherness, love and loyalty are qualities that will be required for any marriage to succeed and this one jewel, holds them all. The heart in this claddagh ring symbolizes love while, the hands are drawn close togetherness and th crown shows loyalty. There is a center gemstone set in this jewel and you could also choose to leave the gem out and go for a two tone gold ring that has a gold heart too. Diamonds have come to symbolize sincerety and true love and sacrifice, you will find these in the crown of the Kaisilver claddagh ring.

This two tone gold wedding ring is sure to impress everyone who sees it. And the fact that, Kaisilver is respected as the best source for the historic claddagh ring only adds to the overall feeling and significance. Our expert artisans craft each jewel giving complete concentration and attention. Each gemstone is closely checked and tested before being skillfully and firmly set in the ring. The customizable features allow you to choose the gemstone of your choice, and this is something that can enhance what your wedding ring means to you. With rubies, sapphires and emeralds being the colored gemstones of choice for wedding rings - we would suggest that you look beyond simple trends and market pushes. Choose your birthstone for your two tone claddagh wedding ring - the tradition of wearing birthstones is centuries old and we at Kaisilver will ensure that you get the best gemstone for what you pay.

And if you prefer to get a two tone gold wedding ring with a specific design that you have in mind, we will be glad to custom make that ring just for you. Send us an image or a rough sketch and our team of experts will translate that into the jewel of your dreams.


Kaisilver can custom make all types of gold and silver jewelry. The designs for your custom made jewellery requirements can be yours or ours. With gem procurement capabilities extending to every mining location on the globe, we provide all gemstone options for both gold and sterling silver custom jewelry. The fact that we maintain complete control over the entire design and production process including gem procurement and custom cutting, reduces the need and expenses of multiple middlemen. What this means is that you get more gem and jewelry value for the money that you pay. You do not get saddled with fancy overheads and high sales staff commissions. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.

We Can Custom Make All Jewelry In Gold Or Sterling Silver With Gems Of Your Choice

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