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Turquoise Rings 

Suggestions For Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry

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Most jewelry lovers would be aware of turquoise rings, this gemstone has been known for thousands of years. It is true that silver turquoise rings have always been more popular as compared, to turquoise gold rings. While some turquoise gems can be quite expensive, it is possible to get natural attractive turquoise gemstones at modest prices. In this report we will provide general information related to turquoise gem stone rings. The information will be relevant and useful for both gold and 925 silver turquoise rings.

Turquoise gems for ladies and men enjoy a fairly robust demand. An interesting thing about blue gems including turquoise is that, they seem to keep enjoying some form of magical demand. This demand is reflected in the consitent demand for gold and 925 sterling silver turquoise rings. Keep in mind that the blue is closely tied to nature, the sky above our heads and the water in the oceans is all blue. Blue clothes, blue curtains, blue cars, blue ink - very few people do not like this color. Turquoise gemstone rings enjoy a healthy demand among men too. With a preference for quiet gems without much glitter and flash, men love this unique blue gemstone. We have crafted many turquoise gemstone rings for men where, the request was specifically for turquoise with clearly visible dark veins or streaks.

This blue gemstone basks in the ready demand for most blue gems. One additional factor that drives buyers to look for turquoise rings is the fact that, this is one of the birthstones for December. If you are looking for a December birth stone ring, turquoise is an option. You could also choose a blue topaz ring with any shade of blue as a birthstone ring for the same month. You might not be aware that, Tanzanite was also included in the list of birthstones for the month of December in the year 2002. The fact however is that, many charts have not made the additional entry for Tanzanite until now.

One question that is often asked is whether, it is good to choose a treated gem for a turquoise ring. We would honestly recommend that you choose a stabilized turquoise gemstone for your ring. The reason is based on two related properties of turquoise gems. By nature, turquoise is not dense like many other gems. Gemological experts would say that, turquoise is a porous stones which means that, it has very tiny holes through it. This property of turquoise gems, causes the stone to absorb any liquid or moisture that it comes in contact with. So if you had to soak your turquoise ring in water, or keep it in a place that has a high moisture content, the gem would absorb moisture and this could affect the quality or color of the stone. The second fact about turquoise gems is that, the stone is not very hard. With the Mohs scale rating gems from 1 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) for hardness, turquoise has a rating of 5.5 to 6. This indicates that you will need to take sufficient care of your gold or 925 silver turquoise ring to ensure that, it does not strike against hard surfaces or get struck by hard objects. We continue our explanation on the stabilization of turquoise in the paragraph below.

Given the immense popularity of turquoise gemstone rings and jewels on one side and the, characteristics of hardness and porosity on the other - gem manufacturers have tried various treatments to 'stabilize' the gem. The objective is to make the gem more durable. Turquoise gems put through the stabilization process are, soaked in heated plastics or resins, the hot material enters the pores of the gem and seals them. You end up with what can be termed as a stabilized turquoise, the gem becomes more durable and also is less prone to absorbing moisture or liquids. Stabilized turquoise is well accepted by gem experts as the treatment packs a positive impact on the toughness of the gem. You should ideally look for such a gemstone for your turquoise ring. While the seller is rightly supposed to inform the buyer of ANY treatment (including stabilization) applied to a gem, it is safe to presume that turquoise will always be stabilized. You however need to be aware of few other turquoise treatments, read on and learn about them.

Turquoise is sometimes waxed, the idea is to give a shine and gloss to the gemstone. In an ideal sitatuation you should avoid such a turquoise gem for your ring. The wax makes the gem even more sensitive to heat, the wax layer will not last for long. Any benefit that is brought about the pores being closed with wax, is not durable as it is a mere closure of the surface - the wax does not seep fully into the pores. In some cases, turquoise gems are dyed. This is done to improve the color of the gemstone, if you can choose the gem for your turquoise gold or sterling silver ring - choose for a gem that is stabilized but not dyed. The problem with dyed turquoise is that there is no standardization for the quality, composition or stability of the dyes. If you get a dyed turquoise gem for your ring, the stone could change color or become patchy after a while. 

Some turquoise gem lovers have heard of 're-constituted' turquoise and ask whether such a gem is suitable for a turquoise ring. We have noticed that most gem providers choose not to clearly explain the facts to the buyer, we will reveal the truth right here. Let us say that you took some low grade natural turquoise rough gem. Now grind that to a fine powder, add some heated plastics or resins and a quantity of glue and dye to the powdered turquoise. Stir the mixture well and allow it to cool down and solidify - the resulting chunk that you get is re-constituted turquoise. Such gems are generally used in cheap turquoise rings and other jewelry. Gem experts are tempted to prevent the stone from being called 'turquoise' and there are valid reasons for this. There is absolutely no indication of how much turquoise actually exists in the mixture, no standards set for the dye and glue for quality or volume - basically it is a random mixture with no fixed composition. This surely is not a gem that you want for your turquoise ring, be very specific with your gem or jewelry provider when confirming your order.

You now know the main properties of turquoise, this should give you an idea of how your turquoise ring should be looked after. We will consolidate this essential information for you here, it will be useful for both gold or 925 sterling silver turquoise gem stone rings. Firstly keep the properties of low hardness and porosity firmly in your mind, do not presume that any treatment got rid of these two issues. Do not expose your turquoise ring to heat, no soaking in direct sunlight, do not keep it near the house heater or on the kitchen shelf. Like for most other opaque gems, it is recommeded that silver or gold rings with turquoise gemstones, not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. You could have surface cracks or cracks that almost reach the surface, these can expand or even cause the gem to crack in the ultrasonic cleaner. Turquoise gemstone rings should not be soaked in water or any other liquid, remember that the stone can absorb liquids. Spray perfumes and other cosmetics have chemicals and alcohol content, do not expose turquoise to such sprays. Wear your turquoise ring, after you have completed your dress and makeup routines. Hardness or rather lack of sufficient hardness, is something that needs to be kept in mind for all turquoise gems and jewelry. Hitting your turquoise ring against the wall, table or other hard surfaces can damage the gem. Do not wear your turquoise ring if you plan to wash the car or utensils, repair the fence, excercise or do any other activity that involves a lot of physical motion.

We talked about what should not be done with a turquoise ring in the above paragraph, let us now say something about cleaning and safe keeping turquoise rings and jewelry. When cleaning a turquoise ring, the objective should be to keep away any strong detergents or chemicals from the gem. The safest way is to use a soft, clean cloth that is moist - not a dripping wet piece of cloth please. Also make sure that the cloth you use does not have any hard, clips, pins or hooks attached to it. Even simple buttons stitched to the cloth could scratch the turquoise gem. Gently dab the turquoise a couple of times, with the moist cloth. Then do a gentle wipe on the stone and that should be it. If the gemstone in your turquoise ring has visible dust on the surface, blow the dust away before doing the dabbing or wiping. Most dust contains silica based particles, silica which is related to glass has a hardness of 7 as opposed to the under 6 hardness of turquoise. Technically, wiping the dust can cause the dust particles to scratch the turquoise, that is the reason for blowing the dust away.

We continue with the suggestions for cleaning turquoise rings. It is possible that the metal mounting for your turquoise ring needs some cleaning too. This is especially true of silver or even brass turquoise gemstone rings that, could tarnish over a period of time. You could make use of polishing liquids or polishing fabrics to polist the metal. But keep in mind, that all these would contain chemicals and these could affect the turquoise gem. Your objective here is to ensure that the chemicals that might be in contact with the turquoise gemstone, are flushed out as soon as possible. Here is what needs to be done, start by keeping a soft, clean and dry cloth at hand. Put the ring under a water tap, stone facing the water. Give the ring a quick rinse, this should be very quick for no more than 15 seconds in the running water. Now take the soft dry cloth and just lightly dab the surface of the turquoise gem. If your turquoise ring exposes the bottom of the gem too, use the same cloth to dab the bottom of the stone.

Now something about Kaisilver turquoise rings. Since all our jewelry is custom made in gold or 925 silver with gems of your choice - you could select any jewel and request for it to be made with turquoise. Our turquoise rings or other turquoise jewelry will be made with stabilized turquoise gemstones. With the full level of customization provided for all our jewelry, the design for your turquoise ring can be picked from one of our designs or provided by you.

Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.


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