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Buyer Comment Thank you for my beautiful ring! When I opened it, I was thrilled because of the beauty, detail, and craftmanship. As a Native New Mexican, I have quite a bit of turquoise and silver jewelry. I have to say, however, that I think this piece, because of its beauty and meaning, is one of my favorites. Also, I want to mention that I was pleased with the excellent service. Whenever I had a question or concern, I was answered speedily. The shipment time and packaging was also more than adequate. Ms.Miquela Ortiz HI, U.S.A. Click Here To Read More Feedback From Our Buyers


Turquoise Rings Are Getting More Popular By The Day. Infact Turquoise Silver Jewellery In General Is Being Manufactured In Large Quantities And Exported To World Markets. The Turquoise Gem Is Not Very Expensive, Besides This Gemstone In Sterling Silver Looks Simply Gorgeous. This Popularity Of Silver Jewelry With Turquoise Has Got Jewellery Designers And Jewellery Sellers Geeting Laid Back And Complacent. Virtually Any Design Of Turquoise Silver Jewellry Is Being Sold And Consumers Seem To Be Gradually Getting Less And Less For Their Money.

What Was Once Supposed To be Artistic Silver Jewellery Is Today Mass Produced In Thousands, The Exclusivity And Uniqueness Which Once Existed For Good Quality Sterling Silver Jewellry With Turquoise Has Vanished. Thin Machine Pressed Silver Sheets Are Being Loosely Fitted With Turquoise Gemstones And Being Sold As Turquoise Jewellery. Kaisilver Has Now Entered The Market For Highend Sterling Silver Jewellry With Blue Turquoise Gemstones. Each Of Our Turquoise Jewels Is Handmade In Solid Sterling Silver. The Pieces Have Good Silver Weight And Are Finished To Perfection. We Provide The Same Kind Of Craftsmanhip That Goes Into The Making Of Our Gold Jewellery. Like Always We Can Custom Make These Turquoise Designs. Since These Jewellery Items Like All The Other Jewelry On Kaisilver Can Be Custom Made As Per Your Preference Of Gemstones And Metal, We Have Included Just Sketches Here To Give You An Idea Of The Designs And Fire Your Imagination.

Though These Silver Jewelry Designs Are Presented For Turquoise Jewelry Designs, We Can Make All Of Them Using Other Gemstones Like Blue Lapis, Green Jade, Garnets, Blue Topaz Etc. Let Us Know Your Preference Of Gemstones. They Can Also Be Made As Gold Jewellery Or Handmade As Silver Jewellery. These Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewellry Will Not Be Plated With Rhodium Or Any Other Metal. They Will Be Solid Silver And Will Blacken Like Normal Silver Does. You Can Polish Them Using Any Recommended Polish Or Cloth.

Silver Rings With Turquoise Gemstone Silver Rings With Turquoise Gemstone
Click Here For Antique Silver Ring Designs, With Gemstones Of Your Choice.

Wear A Legend
The Irish Claddagh Ring has been a tradition for over 300 years. The deeper meaning and significance of the cladagh ring makes it an ideal choice for almost any occassion. Kaisilver creates the best rendition of this traditional Irish ring with gemstones of your choice. The ring can be ordered in Sterling Silver or 18K Yellow or White Gold.

Turquoise Silver Cladagh Ring
Click Here For Details And Pricing Of This Silver Turquoise Claddagh Ring

The Above Design Is By One Of Our Italian Designers And You Might Notice This From The Big Bold Marquise Shaped Turquoise Gems Selected. Both TUR01 And TUR02 Would Make Very Exquisite Silver Turquoise Pendants. The Marquise Shape Turquoise Set In Solid Sterling Silver Will Look Awesome For Ladies Of All Ages, And For All Occassions. Wear It On A Sterling Silver Chain Or With A Simple Black Beads Chain. However The TUR02 Can Be Made Into Exquisite Piercing Style Silver Turquoise Earrings As Well. A Slight Design Modification By Taking Off The Bail At The Top Would Male This Into A Scintillating Pair Of Sterling Silver Earrings With Turquoise. Dimensions: As You Can Specify The Gemstones And Size You Need The Size Would Depend On Your Liking. Our Designer Recommends The Following, The Marquise Shaped Blue Turquoise Gem Be Size 14mmx10mm. The Round Turquoise Gemstone On Top Be Around 7mm To 8mm. This Would Give TUR01 A Total Length Of 2.5cm And TUR02 Would Be Around 3cm. If You Feel That The Sizes Of TUR02 Would Be Too Long For Turquoise Silver Earrings, Then Go For Smaller Turquoise And Keep The Length At Around 2cm Length. The Silver Pendant Could Remain At The Original 3cm Length. Suggested To Make A Full Set Of Style TUR02 As Silver Turquoise Ring, Silver Earring With Turquoise Gemstone And Turquoise Pendant In Sterling Silver.

Pricing: All The Silver Jewellery Will Be Handmade And Handfinished To Perfection In Solid Sterling Silver. The Turquoise Gems Used Will Be Premium Jewelry Grade. The Price For The Pendant In Style TUR01 Will Be Just 60 U.S$. The Pendant In Style TUR02 Would Be 65 U.S$. Piercing Type Earrings As In Style TUR02 Would Be 135 U.S$. Ring To Match Either TUR01 Or TUR02 Would Be 75 U.S$. Shipping Will Be 25 U.S$ By FEDEX Or EMS, For Any Amount Of Jewellery Or Gemstones That You May Purchase.

Once Again A Gorgeous Sterling Silver Turquoise Set With A Pair Of Square Silver Earrings And A Square Ring To Match. High End Finishing For This Sterling Silver Jewellry Set Will Make This A Real Winner. A Rare Colorful Design For A Turquoise Jewelry Set. The Center For The Ring Is A Round Turquoise Gemstone 6mm In Size. The Turquoise Earrings Have A Much Smaller 4mm Round Blue Turquoise Gemstone. Both The Turquoise Silver Earrings And The Silver Ring With Turquoise Have Excellent Quality Pink Tourmaline In Marquise Shape. These Are Genuine High Grade Pink Tourmaline Gemstones. You Can However Choose The Gemstones Of Your Choice And We Will Work Out The Best Price For You.

Pricing: This Silver Jewelry Like All The Other Jewellery On Our Website Will Have Excellent Craftsmanship. The Round Blue Turquoise Used In These Designs And Also The Marquise Pink Tourmaline Will Be Of Very Good Quality. We Pay As Much Attention To Quality Of Gemstones And Craftsmanship For Silver Jewellery As We Do For Higher Priced Gold Jewelry. The Price For The Pendant In Style TUR03 Sterling Silver Earrings With Turquoise And Pink Tourmaline Would Be Just Will Be Just 150 U.S$. This Is An Excellent Price Considering That This Silver Jewellry Is Handmade And Hand Finished By Very Skilled Craftsmen. The Silver Turquoise Ring In RG04 Is Priced At 100 U.S$. The Handmade Silver Earrings And Sterling Silver Ring Will Make An Awesome Set. Shipping Will Be 25 U.S$ By FEDEX Or EMS, For Any Amount Of Jewellery Or Gemstones That You May Purchase.

TUR05 Is A Gorgeous Big Sterling Silver Ring. The Design For This Turquoise Ring Is Such That The Size Of The Center Oval Turquoise Can Be Changed To Increase Or Decrease The Size Of The Ring. Notice The Smaller Oval Turquoise Gems On Either Side Of The Center Stone In This Turquoise Silver Ring. This Is An Unusual Design With Great Care Being Given To Every Aspect Of The Design. This Kind Of Design Would Normally Be Expected In More Expensive Gold Jewelry, However At Kaisilver We Are Keen On Making Silver Jewelry With The Same Craftsmanship And Gemstone Quality That Goes Into The Making Of Gold Jewelry. There Are Many People Who Love To Wear Silver Jewelry, These People Buy Silver Jewellry Because They Love It And Not Because It Is Cheaper Than Gold Jewellry. This Ring Has A Big Center Oval Turquoise 14x10mm, The Smaller Side Turquoise Gemstones Are 8x6mm Ovals. Ofcourse The Dimensions On This Ring Can Be Varied By Changing The Size Of The Turquoise Stones. There Is Really No Need To Settle For Machine Pumped Substandard Silver Jewellery, With Low Grade Gemstones. Kaisilver Works To Bring Class, Style And Value To Silver Jewellry.

Pricing: This Large Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring In The Dimensions Shown Would Weigh Over 8 Grams And Is Priced At Just 95 U.S$. Once Again A Perfectly Created Handmade Silver Ring With Turquoise. The Craftsmanship On This Ring Equals That Of Any High End Gold Ring. Shipping Will Be 25 U.S$ By FEDEX Or EMS, For Any Amount Of Jewellery Or Gemstones That You May Purchase.

Some Gold Jewelry From Kaisilver. Click Below.

Gold Jewellry And Gold Rings * More Gold Jewellery Designs * Made To Order Jewellery, For Male Jewellery And More. * Gold Heart Jewellery And Heart Gemstone Pendants. * Big Topaz Pendant in Gold. * Birthstone Jewellery And Birth Stone Charts. * Antique Style Asian Princess Rings. * Hand made Sterling Silver Rings. * Clladagh Gold Rings With Gemstones.

How To Order Your Jewelry

Send us an email with with your requirements. We will contact you immediately with a detailed description and information regarding any rebates available at that time. We are in no hurry to rush you through the order process, so please ask us for any additional information that you may need. sales@kaisilver.com

Shipment Will Be Made Within 3 To 4 Weeks Of Order Confirmation And Receipt Of Payment. All Our Jewelry Is Handfinished By Some Of The Best Jewelry Craftsmen In The Industry. All Gemstones Are Custom Cut. We Have Some Of The Strictest Quality Check Standards And Goods Are Inspected At Every Stage Of Production. We Therefore Request This Time To Create Jewelry That Has Been Admired In Over 17 Nations And By Over 3,000 Buyers.

Shipping Charges Are 25 U.S$ For Shipping By EMS Or FEDEX. You Can Combine Shipping Charges With Other Purchases.

Payment Can Be Made Through Paypal Or Money Order In U.S$. Our Email For Paypal Is info@kaisilver.com You Can Register Free For Paypal At www.paypal.com Also, Read More About Paypal At http://www.kaisilver.com/paypal01.htm

A Little About High End Silver Jewellery.
Custom Made Silver Jewellery Is Quite Rare To Find. Most Sellers Prefer The Higher Profit Margins In Gold. Silver Jewelry Is Generally Dumped In The Market As Closeout Sales And Blowout Sales. Genuine Silver Jewelry Lovers Are Often Disapointed At The Lack Of Good Silver Jewellry Designs. Incases Where Good Designs Can Be Found, Crude Craftsmanship Is Often Visible. Besides This Gemstone Silver Jewelry Generally Uses Either Imitation Gemstones Or Poor Quality Semi Precious Gems. Made To Order Silver Jewelry Is Almost Not Possible These Days.

Not Everybody Wears Silver Jewelry Because It Is Cheaper Than Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewelry Of High End Quality And Craftsmanship Is Always Appreciated By Avid Silver Jewelry Lovers. Custom Made Silver Rings Would Be Gorgeous If Good Quality Gemstones Are Used And Also Craftsmanship Equals That Of Gold Jewelry. Kaisilver Is Dedicated To Making Custom Made Sterling Silver Jewelry Of High Quality. Our Gemstones Are Selected By Experts And Craftsmanship Equals That Of High End Gold Jewelry. We Can Custom Make Silver Rings, Silver Earrings And Sterling Silver Pendants With Good Quality Gemstones Of Your Choice. Our Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Handmade And Handfinished By Skilled Jewelry Craftsmen. Great Attention Is Paid To Gemstones Used. Strict Quality Control Ensures That Only The Best Merchandise Gets Shipped. Our Feedback And Buyer Comments Will Prove Our Claims. Click For Buyer Comments And Feedback Recently We Have Received Queries And Orders For Ruby And Sapphire Silver Wedding Rings. So It Is Not That Only Cheap Gems Go Into Sterling Silver Jewelry. Octognal Shape Emerald Silver Rings Have Also Been Selling Well.

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