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Tourmaline is a group of minerals that encompasses gems in virtually all colors of the rainbow. The Sri Lankan's named it 'turamali' - a word that could translate into English as 'stones with mixed colors'. Turamali initially referred to a group of color stones and not just tourmaline. Colorful tourmaline gems have been used as attractive pieces for thousands of years, and the reddish variety also known as rubelite, has in the past been mistaken for ruby. England in the Victorian era made wide use of schorl, the black variety of tourmaline in mourning jewelry. Interestingly it was the mining term for 'unwanted rubble' which was used to name black tourmaline - the rubble was also called schorl.

Stepping into today, tourmaline rings are highly desired objects of style and fashion. The fact that jewelry savvy buyers can never get enough of this colorful gem can be proved by one fact - the steady increase in the price of the gemstone. Climbing gold prices have been responsible for the rise in prices of gems like tourmaline, aquamarine and the more exotic garnets. As wearing fine gold rings became more of an expensive luxury, reputed jewelry houses turned to tanzanite, aqumarine and tourmaline rings. This in a way helped weigh price tags down by exempting the very high priced gems like ruby, sapphire and emerald. Kai Silver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider saw a handsome spurt in the demand for pink and green tourmaline rings. Both men and women turned to tourmaline gemstone rings, and quality sterling silver tourmaline rings were no longer out of style.

The overall demand for colored gemstones has never been so robust as seen in the past few years. With bridal jewelry becoming increasingly bored of the whiteness of glittering diamonds, young couples have begun scouting bridal rings with colorful gems - tourmaline gained in demand once again. Colors can reflect moods, they can also positively alter moods. Pink is the color of joy and happiness, green is always associated with life, growth and freshness. It is therefore no suprise that, pink and green tourmaline rings are keeping most highend jewelry providers busy. A few decades ago, pink tourmaline walked into the birthstone charts - the gem was designated as the October birthstone along with opal. Men wanted tourmaline birthstone rings too but, were a bit cautious about pinks - they embraced green tourmaline. It was not long before 'tourmaline' was hailed as the October birthstone, irrespective of it's color.

Armed with a hardness of 7.5-8 (out of 10), tourmaline is all geared to take care of itself. You need not be overly concerned about the stone in your tourmaline ring getting damaged through normal wear and tear. While you could expect ladies to fuss and pander their jewelry, expect nothing of the sort from men. But with this rather impressive hardness rating, both men and ladies can safely and confidently wear their tourmaline gemstone ring - and gracefully accept the admiration showered on the jewel by friends and family.  

Kaisilver Tourmaline Rings: Since all our jewelry is fully custom made with your choice of gem, design, dimensions and metal - there is nothing llike a typical Kai Silver tourmaline ring. You could even send us your own ring design concept, we will work together to finalize specifications and quote you a fair price. And if you like any of the gorgeous gemstone rings on our website but, prefer it to wear a tourmaline gemstone - email us the item number at and our team of experts will guide you through the process of ordering. And remember that you could order a gold or 925 sterling silver tourmaline ring and rest assured of equal gem and craftsmanship standards for both metal options. Below are few of our tourmaline rings, take a look and read more about each of them on the links provided.  


mens green tourmaline ring

Rising prices of both pink and green tourmaline have made it increasingly difficult to price men's tourmaline rings moderately. The talented designers at Kaisilver hit the right spot when working on the MAN63 men''s green tourmaline gemstone ring. The 7-8mm square green tourmaline gem is in a position to offer both quality and an attractive price point. Since we can craft a mens tourmaline ring with your choice of design, you could request for a tourmaline gemstone ring that holds an oval or round tourmaline gem too. Men generally prefer darker shades of green when it comes to rings and this, is exactly how the MAN63 custom ring is equipped. Since we offer equal quality of gems and craftsmanship for mens gold and silver rings, you can make the metal choice by keeping your preference and budget in mind. Since not many tourmaline stones are cut in a square shape, this green tourmaline ring strikes a higher note in terms of style statement. The ring is available as a regular band ring with a uniform band width all around and also, as in a tapering style - another feature that you can choose to match your preference. There is more information related to this durable and awesome mens tourmaline ring here.  


pink tourmaline claddagh ring A fitting tribute to one of the most colorful gems in history, a pink tourmaline ring flaunting a finely cut heart shaped pink tourmaline. While this is surely one of the better pink tourmaline rings that you will come across, it is also a jewel with a tremendous meaning. It was around 4 centuries ago that an Irish slave hand crafted the first claddagh ring for his beloved. The ring is today respected as one of the most meaningful gems in history and is widely sought after, as a wedding or engagement ring. Kaisilver is rightly credited as the best source for claddagh rings that, retain all the features of the famous ring first made many centuries ago. While it is pink tourmaline that was originally added to the birthstone list for the month of October, modern jewelry lovers and gem traders today consider tourmaline of all colors as October birthstones. If you love pink gems and are not keen to shell out big money for pink sapphire - consider pink tourmaline. The RG232 tourmaline claddagh heart ring is crafted in gold and sterling silver by some of the finest jewelry craftsmen and artisans, each tourmaline gem is thoroughly inspected and tested before being custom cut to set in the ring. It is time that you read more about this tremendous jewel here.


green tourmaline gemstone ring Another variation of the highly acclaimed claddagh gemstone ring, the RG175 does complete justice to the beauty and deeper significance of the historic jewel. A splendid green tourmaline ring with a heart tourmaline gemstone. While pink tourmaline gemstone rings are generally preferred by ladies, it is green tourmaline that can be seen in jewelry for men and ladies. The Kaisilver claddagh ring maintains the significance of the first claddagh ring made around four hundred years ago. Shown here as a tourmaline claddagh ring, this jewel is custom made in gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. The bezel setting envelops the entire border of the green tourmaline gem thus, protecting it from side impact. Your green tourmaline ring will give you years and decades of wearing pleasure and can generally take care of itself. If you had to compare other green gems like peridot, chrome diopside and emerald, green tourmaline ranks above all of them in terms of durability and toughness. You can wear or gift this tourmaline ring for just about any occasion. The meaning of the jewel has in recent years, made the claddagh ring very popular as an engagement ring. It is also ideally suited for a birthstone ring or a Valentine's day exclusive gift.  We have compiled complete information on the RG175 Kaisilver claddagh ring here.


big tourmaline ring

A hefty men's tourmaline ring with a big green tourmaline gemstone, the large 11x9mm oval tourmaline gemstone is firmly secured in a sturdy gold or silver ring. We have invested a metal weight of 22-25 grams in this big men's ring, larger ring sizes might require additional metal weight. This tourmaline gemstone ring is for men with a true passion for bold and quality gemstones. You can order your MAN136 Kaisilver men's tourmaline ring in 14k or 18k gold, we also offer a selection of white, yellow and rose gold. This well crafted tourmaline ring is perfect for casual or formal wear. The tough design and construction ensure that, the jewel can take good care of itself. Green tourmaline with its impressive looks and good durability, offers great value for your money. You could even pass your tourmaline ring to the next generation as a heirloom jewel. We maintain the same quality standards for gold and 925 silver jewelry, you can therefore make a choice based on what you like and what you plan to spend, get more information ... here. .  


tourmaline ring

A gorgeous tourmaline ring, can be ordered with a green or pink tourmaline gemstone. Sleek rings are convenient to wear, we have combined comfort and durability into this green tourmaline. You could order a gold or 925 silver ring with a square tourmaline. For tourmaline gold ring, you could pick 14k or 18k gold. Don't forget that there are always three gold color options for you to choose namely white, yellow and pink. The great thing about all Kaisilver custom jewelry is that, uniform quality standards are maintained for gold and silver pieces. If you are shopping for a wedding or engagement ring, the RG233GT custom tourmaline ring will serve you well. Green is the color of peace and harmony, it is one of the most soothing colors bestowed on us by nature. Since each tourmaline ring is completely custom made, we can accommodate all requests for design changes. For example, you could request for a round or oval gemstone instead of the square stone shown in the image. We tell you all about this ring ... here.


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