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Thai silk is today very popular in the U.S and Europe and really needs no introduction. Thai silk made it's start in small households where people wove silk to supplement income from farming. As word of the beauty and grace of silk from Thailand spread, demand for Thai silk grew worldwide. This led to the development of the Thai silk industry which today, brings in substantial foreign exchange earnings to the country. Silk from Thailand is of a very good quality and the gorgeous designs and colors have impressed fashion designers from every part of the globe. On this website you will find a stunning array of Thai silk scarves in various colors and patterns.

Kaisilver Thai silk scarves are all handpicked and inspected by experts. You will find a wide range of designs and colors in our silk scarves and many of the designs emphasise on the traditional side of life in Thailand. The elephant for example, has played a prominent part in the cultural background of the country. This is the reason why you will find many Thai silk scarves with elephant designs. Our experts procure these Thai silk scarves from leading silk producers in Thailand. Being in direct contact with these silk producers in Thailand, we get preferential access to high quality merchandise and a unique range of designs and color. You are sure to find something to suit your liking if you spend some time browsing through our silk scarf section.

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Thai silk, gorgeous scarves from Thailand Thai life, design for this Thai silk scarf

Traditional thai life depicted on Thai silk scarves Silk from Thailand, with village life depicted

Elephant shown on this silk scarf from Thailand Thai silk scarves with traditional designs

Elegant Thai silk scarf Traditional Thai patterns for this silk scarf from Thailand

Vintage Thai silk scarf Gorgeous scarf styles on Thai silk

Nature flower design, Thai silk scarf Numerous patterns for your Thai silk scarfs

Vintage silk from Thailand Thai silk

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Specifications For Our Thai Silk Scarves: All scarves on our website are made from Thai silk. These scarves are square in shape and measure around 30 inches on each side. Every Thai silk scarf is handpicked and checked by our experts. We do not stock low quality merchandise that is picked up from reject quality scarves. We get preferential access to good quality Thai silk scarves manufactured by Thailand's leading silk factories. You will therefore find a mind boggling range of designs and color combinations that no other seller can match.

How to order your silk scarf: Firstly, do not be in a hurry and make an impulse purchase. Do not make payment until you receive our confirmation email. Browse through all the pages of gorgeous silk scarves that we have put up for you. Keep a pen and piece of paper handy and note down the numbers of the scarves that interest you. Email us your list at and we will send you a price quote for the scarves that are available at that point of time. If you have a paypal account, let us have your paypal email address too and we will send you an invoice through paypal. You can then follow the easy instructions in the invoice and make your payment. An important request is for you to make your payment promptly, the moment you receive our reply email for the silk scarves that you are interested in. The reason is that, we reserve the scarves that you have selected, for you the moment you receive our confirmation email. We will hold the scarves for 2 days for your payment. If payment is not received within this time we will release the scarves for other buyers to select.

Pricing for these scarves: The first scarf is priced at just 50 U.S$ and every subsequent silk scarf is priced at 40 U.S$ each. This is a very reasonable price for these gorgeous Thai silk scarves, each piece is handpicked and closely inspected by our silk experts. These are not low grade silk scarves that have been left over from export orders! We work directly with manufacturers to procure our stock of scarves and get preferential access to all silk merchandise.

The shipping charges for express mail service to U.S.A is 15 U.S$ for upto 3 scarves and each additional scarf is charged at just 2 U.S$. Parcels shipped through express mail to the U.S can be tracked on the website the moment they reach the U.S. We also provide FEDEX shipping options worldwide and the shipping charges for U.S, U.K, Australia and France are 25 U.S$ for upto 6 scarves and each additional scarf is charged at just 3 U.S$. Your parcel will ship within one week of order confirmation and receipt of payment, it will normally reach you within 4 to 5 working days after the date of shipment. This time schedule is applicable only for merchandise selected from the website. For specific custom made orders, time schedule will be mentioned to you well before confirming the order and receiving payment.

Payment options: We accept payments through paypal and are International Verified Account holders with paypal. Our email for paypal is You can also make payment through Western Union Money Transfer and this can be done either through one of the Western Union agents near you, or online from U.S and U.K. Visit the Western Union website at and locate an agent near you. If you are located in the U.S or U.K, online transfers can also be made from the website. Please let us know if you prefer to make payment through Western Union and we will provide you with details for the same.

For special request custom orders we can produce silk scarves as per your requirements and designs. Prices will depend on volume orders and we can also provide plain silk scarves in various color shades. These scarves are used for handpainting by many silk artists in the U.S and various parts of Europe. Send us your requirements at and we will provide you with detailed information including price quotes.