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Tanzanite Rough Supply Position

Tanzanite Not Set To Become Extinct Soon

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We hear it quite often, Tanzanite rough almost depleted in the mines, Tanzanite about to become very expensive, tanzanite this and tanzanite that. Some smart sellers who have big advertising budgets even suggest that, you buy a 1 carat tanzanite gemstone and watch it's price grow. So how true are these stories, should you as a casual gem and jewelry buyer really buy tanzanite to treat it as an investment. Is tanzanite rough going to be unavailable after a few years.

tanzanite rough before heating

The above image shows rough tanzanite before heating on the left. The same gemstone acquires a gorgeous violet-blue color after it is heated. Almost 95% of the tanzanite rough that is mined is heat treated to enhance the color and clarity of the stone.

One of the largest Tanzanite mining organizations has clearly stated in 2011 that, the Tanzanite mines have rough that can last at least for the next 20 years. The real like scenario will be even better than this because, the estimate presumes that mining will be at the current pace. However in real life, the demand for tanzanite has always shown ups and downs. There will be times when mining is slowed down to drag with the market conditions.

Do not jump to the conclusion that the price of your tanzanite will increase by 5 to ten fold in the next 20 years. For one thing, Tanzanite does have a few avid fans but it does not enjoy the kind of celebrity status that, ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond does. So if the price of tanzanite rough and polished stones does show a steep upward price trend, the market might just shrink and not wait for prices to drop.

Another important thing is that dozens of gem traders across the gold and especially in India and China, are holding a few tonnes of Tanzanite rough in stock. And fairly substantial quantities of cut and polished tanzanite gems too. Some of these big guns can create a partial and temporary vacuum in the supply of tanzanite, this could trigger a fair degree of price rise. But do not rush to buy the gems at that point of time, you will notice that the price will drop in a couple of months or a year after that artificial scarcity is created.

The purpose of compiling this article is not to reduce your excitement of owning this beautiful gemstone. Buy a few tanzanite gems or a tanzanite jewel if you like this gem, it is truly beautiful and looks awesome in yellow or white gold. But treat it as a fashion accessory wthout harboring any serious dreams, of it making you super rich any time soon.

Kaisilver can custom make all types of tanzanite jewelry, in 14k or 18k gold. We can infact custom make silver tanzanite jewelry too. The designs for your tanzanite rings and other tanzanite gem stone jewelry can be yours or ours. We procure all tanzanite gems from the Tanzanian mines and custom cut the gems ourselves. This will not only reduce multiple commissions through multiple middlemen but, also ensure that you get a natural tanzanite gemstone and not a factory made substitute. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.


tanzanite heart ring gold or silver

The Tanzanite Claddagh Heart Ring ... RG143.

mens tanzanite gem stone ring with diamonds custom

Strong And Sturdy Mens Tanzanite Rings ... MAN61.

tanzanite diamond ring white gold or yellow gold

Tanzanite Yellow or White Gold Ring ... RG214.


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