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Tanzanite Birthstone, The December Birthstone?  

The ICA Promoted Tanzanite As The Birthstone For December In 2002 

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Tanzanite the lovely blue-violet gemstone has made a fairly recent entry into the world of gems and jewelry. It is interesting that though most birthstone charts do not recognize tanzanite as a birth stone, the ICA has a different opinion. In the year 2002, The International Colored Gemstone Association decided to designate Tanzanite as the December birthstone. It is important to understand that, the listing of tanzanite as a birthstone does not take the other conventional december birthstones out of the charts.

Had tanzanite been widely accepted as a birthstone among jewelry buyers, it would be one of the very rare birthstones. We can say this with confidence as, tanzanite gems are mined in just one location on our planet. Tanzania the African nation has the only deposits of rough tanzanite that exist on earth. This ofcourse does mean that, Tanzanite is rare which in turn puts pressure on the market price of tanzanite.

So should you go for a tanzanite jewel if you were looking for jewelry with the December birthstone. We will make a small explanation here and let you make your own decisions.  The history and tradtion of birthstones has existed for many centuries. Gem and jewelry lovers prefer the more established december birthstones, this does not mean that Tanzanite is not pretty or attractive. If you like tanzanite, go ahead and get yourself some tanzanite gem stone jewels. If you happen to need a December birthstone and also liked Tanzanite, use the gemstone as the December birthstone.

Kaisilver provides custom tanzanite gemstone jewelry in gold or sterling silver. We procure gems directly from the miners and do the custom inhouse. You are ofcourse welcome to order just the loose tanzanite gems in shapes and sizes that you require them. Your Kaisilver tanzanite gem stone jewelry can be made with the design and gem stones of your choice. Our support team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to help you with any information or guidance that you might need related to gems and jewelry.


Some Custom Tanzanite Jewelry From Kaisilver


tanzanite heart ring gold or silver

The Tanzanite Claddagh Heart Ring ... RG143.

mens tanzanite gem stone ring with diamonds custom

Strong And Sturdy Mens Tanzanite Rings ... MAN61.

tanzanite diamond ring white gold or yellow gold

Tanzanite Yellow or White Gold Ring ... RG214.

tanzanite gold ring order

Tanzanite Gold Diamond Rings Custom ... RG225.



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