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Thai Gemstones

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Click Here For Gorgeous Heart Shape Topaz Gemstones.

Click Here For Emerald Gemstones.

PT001 Awesome 4 Carat Clear, Clean Genuine Pink Tourmaline Gemstone.
Would Make A Gorgeous Pink Tourmaline Gemstones Gold Ring Or A Pink Tourmaline Pendant. We Can Also Procure Green Tourmaline And Other Tourmaline Gemstones For You. Infact Kaisilver Can Procure All Gemstones For You And Also Custom Make The Jewellery With These Gemstones.

Price Just 400 US$ + Shipping. Add 25 U.S$ For Shipping. The Shipping Charges Can Be Combined.

This Is An Excellent Blue Sapphire Oval Gemstone, Ideal For Any Kind Of Sapphire Gold Jewellery. Order A Blue Sapphire White Gold Ring With Diamonds. We Can Also Make A Matching Set For You With Sapphire Earrings And Gold Sapphire Pendant.

Kaisilver Has Just Signed A Contract With One Of Thailand's Biggest Gems Cutter For Ceylon Blue Sapphires And Burmese Rubies. These Are Top Quality Ceylon Sapphire And Ruby From Burma. Contact Us With Details Of All Ruby And Sapphire Requirements, We Can Also Make The Gold Jewellery With These Gemstones For You. If You Need High End Blue Sapphire Wedding Or Engagement Jewellery Or Burmese Ruby Wedding Rings, See Some Interesting Design Ideas At Our High End Jewelry Section. Click Here For The High End Jewellery Section.

We Have Just Signed A Contract With Thailand's Biggest Gems Cutter Of Blue Ceylon Sapphire And Burma Ruby. Please Contact Us With All Your Requirements For These Gemstones. These Are High End Gemstones Suitable For Wedding Rings And Rings For Engagements.


All Amounts Mentioned Are In U.S Dollars.

For Queries & Orders:

Kaisilver Has Factory Direct Contracts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellery Manufactuers In Thailand. This Gives Us Access To A Virtually Unlimited Range Of Both Gemstones And Custom Made To Order Jewellery. Through Our Massive Supply Network For Gems and Jewellry We Have The Worlds Largest Base Of Skilled Craftsmen. Inspire Of Our Size We Welcome Even The Smallest Orders.

The Gemstones And Jewellery That You See On Our Website Are A Small Fraction Of The Merchandise That We Have Access To. We Can Procure Or Custom Make Any Gemstone Or Jewellery That You May Need.

Information regarding shipping/postage charges :At KAISILVER, you are free to combine your purchases from our auctions on E-bay, Yahoo and our website to gain economies of scale on your Shipping Charges. This is something which few dealers would dare or care to do.

All Shipping Charges are based on 150gms of merchandise, this would be around 750 carats of gemstones. You can combine jewelry, gemstones and any other merchandise from KAISILVER. For your reference 1gm = 5carats.

Regarding Payment : The preferred form of payment on our Auctions and website is . We have an International Verified Premier Account status with PAYPAL. Our e-mail address for PAYPAL is :

We see the following advantages in using PAYPAL:
(1) Easy and fast to use once registeration is complete.
(2) Fully functional in all the countries we ship to.
(3) No charges to be paid by the buyer for sending payment, we as the seller bear all commission charges.
(4) The buyer is fully protected as he/she never has to disclose to us details of his/her credit card or bank account.
(5) Once registered, the buyer can use a credit card or a bank account to transfer funds to us.
For more details about PAYPAL, visit their site at .

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