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Star Sapphire Man Ring

Diffused Star Sapphire Ring For Men

Is Diffused Star Sapphire Really Sapphire?
How Is Diffused Star Sapphire Made?
Is Diffused Star Sapphire As Strong As Sapphire?
Is The Treatment Process Permanent?

This brief report on diffused star sapphire anwers all the above questions. Complete information is provided in simple and non-technical terms. The objective is to provide you with all the facts and let you make a well informed decision. The diffused star sapphire is one of the gemstones where sellers prefer to withold information from prospective buyers. Sellers feel that buyers would not buy this wonderful gemstone if they knew the truth. Kaisilver has always believed in ensuring that the buyer has complete information on merchandise that is being bought.

Is Diffused Star Sapphire A Sapphire?

One of the most commonly asked questions related to diffused star sapphires. The answer to this question is a yes. Diffused star sapphire is basically a sapphire gemstone. There is a treatment done on the gemstone but the fact remains that the gemstones is indeed a sapphire gemstone.

How Is Diffused Star Sapphire Made?

We will try to be as non-technical as possible in answering this question. The diffusion process of star sapphires starts with picking a sapphire gemstone. The treatment is then done to bring the star effect on the surface of the sapphire gemstone. The main point to remember here is that, the star effect is only on the surface of the gemstone and does not extend to the entire gemstone. The resulting diffused star sapphire gemstone has a very deep blue color. In certain cases the star sapphire takes on a black color and is referred to as a black diffused star sapphire.

Is Diffused Star Sapphire As Strong As Sapphire?

As explained above, the gemstone that is used in the diffusion process is a genuine sapphire. Sapphires have a hardness that is second only to diamond and this hardness does not diminish with, the diffusion process used to make diffused star sapphires. Diffused star sapphires are ideal for male rings as the gemstone is available in fairly large sizes.

Is The Diffusion Treatment For Sapphires Permanent?

The sapphire gemstone is itself an extremely durable gemstone with a hardness of 9 (as measured on the Moh's scale of hardness for gemstones). The diffusion treatment applied to the gemstone does not reduce this durability. However, as explained earlier, the diffusion treatment for diffused star sapphires extends only to the surface of the gemstone or a millimeter into the gemstone. This means that your diffused star sapphire cannot be recut or repolished. In real life situations, buyers almost never recut or repolish gemstones set in jewelry. So this is not a significant limitation of the diffused star sapphire gem stone. The sapphire gemstone by nature is very scratch resistant and will very rarely have the need to be recut or repolished.

More Design Ideas For Your Diffused Star Sapphire Man Rings
Click The Images For Complete Details And Pricing Of Each Ring

men's star sapphire ring big star sapphire man ring design oval star sapphire men's rings

Not so long ago, men were debating whether they should be wearing engagement rings at all! Times have quickly changed and today most men decide to wear engagement rings. Given this, it is no surprise that the high end man engagement rings from Kaisilver are hot favourites with modern men. These rings combine style, high end craftsmanship, durability and provide an unlimited range of gemstones for your man engagement ring. All rings can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold and you can even select a two tone gold option.

Special Features Of All Kaisilver Men's Rings

Kaisilver created the world's first collection of high end men's rings. Our rings are individually crafted by some of the world's best craftsmen. We are directly networked to all the leading gemstone and jewelry producers in Thailand and 5 other countries. Below are the highlights and special features of our high end custom men's rings.

Ideally Designed: Your star sapphire man ring and all the other men's rings on our website are designed keeping in mind, the active lifestyle of today's men. A team of Kaisilver designers and craftsmen did an intense study on the modern lifestyle and habits of men, the findings from this study are input into all our man ring designs.

Quality Craftsmanship: This star sapphire men's ring and all the other jewelry on our website is not mass produced. Each jewel is worked on by experienced craftsmen and passes through some of the strictest quality checks, at each phase of production. Flawless hand finishing is done in the final stage of production. The whole process is time consuming but no compromise is made on quality of material or craftsmanship.

Your Choice Of Gemstones: Our massive network that extends to virtually all gemstone and jewelry producers, gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Each gemstone is hand picked by gem stone experts and custom cut. If you need any gemstone not mentioned on our website, email us with details and we will procure the gemstone for you.

Long Term Durability: Our man rings weigh around 50% to 70% more as compared to similar merchandise offered by other jewellers. This allows the gemstones to be set more firmly and also prevents the ring from bending and twisting at the slightest impact. Along with a ring design that has been well resarched and this extra gold weight, your Kaisilver ring will last for generations with minimum fuss and maintanence costs.

Good Band Width: These male engagement rings have a good band width all around. Even the unseen portion behind the finger has a minimum width of 0.4cm to 0.75cm. Most sellers offer male rings with a very skinny and slim band behind the finger. The good gold weight of our men's rings allows us to provide a good band width all around the ring.

Ordering, Payment And Shipping Information

Firstly, we are in no hurry to push you through the ordering process. Browse as long as you wish and get all your doubts and queries answered. All queries and orders can be emailed to us at An extremely skilled team of designers and craftsmen will answer each query. The idea is to allow you to make a well informed decision.

Shipping is by EMS or FEDEX and can be tracked on the web. The shipping charges are 25 U.S$ worldwide. Shipping will be within 3 to 4 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. The merchandise would reach you in around 4 to 5 working days after the date of shipment.

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