Silk Scarves Made From Pure Thai Silk, Thai Silk Neckties.

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Silk Scarves Made From Pure Thai Silk, From Thailand. Each Of These Thai Silk Scarfs Is A Design Of Art. Beautiful Designs In Smooth Blending Colors. The Edges Of These Scarves Are Hand Stitched. They Would Make Excellent Silk Gifts For All Occassions. Teenage Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Graduation Gifts. Ofcourse They Are Probably The Best Gifts For Mothers Day. Don't Let The Cheap Price Fool You, These Are Made Of High Quality Silk Frabic And Represent Some Of The Finest Traditional Arts Of Thailand. We Are Not The Cheapest Source For Silk Merchandise, But We Are One Of The Few Online Dealers Offering 100% Genuine Thai Silk Scarves and Neck Ties. The Best Quality Of Thai Silk Comes From The Hilly Areas Of Thailand, The Climate Is Ideal For Silk Making And The Silk Artisans Have Worked On This Art For Many Decades Now. These Are Not The Mass Produced Pieces Of Silk Offered By Bug Brand Names. Each Silk Scarf Is Unique In It's Design, Color And Style.

How To Buy: Firstly, You Need Not Buy Anything. But If You Would Like To Buy Any Of The Merchandise, Note Down The Number Of The Item And E-mail Me At: I Will Check Whether The Items You Selected Are Still Available And E-mail You Back With The Payment Details.

Tourists To Thailand Have Been Fascinated By The Huge Buddhist Stupas And Temples, The Gemstones, The Jewellery And Thai Silk. Unfortunately There Are Cases Where Their Dreams Have Been Shattered By Greedy Sellers Trying To Make A Quick Buck And Peddling Fake Or Substandard Gems Jewellery And Silk. This Is A Source Of Shame To All Of Us. At Kaisilver We Try To Take The Bother Of Shopping For You, Leaving You To Walk Lazily On The Sun Soaked Beaches Or Diving Into The Blue Water Expanse. Eating Your Hearts Out With tropical Fruits And Seafood. For Your Shopping, All You Need To Do Is To Visit Us At And Tell Us What Interests You. We Will Ship It To Your Doorstep. Our Factory Direct Contracts Give Us Immense Bargaining Power And We Pass On The Benefits To You. Our Team Of Dedicated Designers, And Purchase Executives Will Do The Quality Testing For You.

Pricing for these scarves: The first scarf is priced at just 50 U.S$ and every subsequent silk scarf is priced at 40 U.S$ each. This is a very reasonable price for these gorgeous Thai silk scarves, each piece is handpicked and closely inspected by our silk experts. These are not low grade silk scarves that have been left over from export orders! We work directly with manufacturers to procure our stock of scarves and get preferential access to all silk merchandise.

The shipping charges for express mail service to U.S.A is 15 U.S$ for upto 3 scarves and each additional scarf is charged at just 2 U.S$. Parcels shipped through express mail to the U.S can be tracked on the website the moment they reach the U.S. We also provide FEDEX shipping options worldwide and the shipping charges for U.S, U.K, Australia and France are 25 U.S$ for upto 6 scarves and each additional scarf is charged at just 3 U.S$. Your parcel will ship within one week of order confirmation and receipt of payment, it will normally reach you within 4 to 5 working days after the date of shipment. This time schedule is applicable only for merchandise selected from the website. For specific custom made orders, time schedule will be mentioned to you well before confirming the order and receiving payment.

Payment options: We accept payments through paypal and are International Verified Account holders with paypal. Our email for paypal is You can also make payment through Western Union Money Transfer and this can be done either through one of the Western Union agents near you, or online from U.S and U.K. Visit the Western Union website at and locate an agent near you. If you are located in the U.S or U.K, online transfers can also be made from the website. Please let us know if you prefer to make payment through Western Union and we will provide you with details for the same.

Before You Buy:

Thai Silk Is Known All Over The World. It Was Many Decades Ago That Thai Silk Scarves Made Their Entry Into The High Fashion Corridors Of Italy And France. The Quality Of Thai Silk And The Beautiful Designs Have Won Admirers From Global Fashion Concious Buyers. The Thai Silk Scarfs You See On Our Website Represent Some Of The Best Scarves In Material, Color, Design And Quality. At kaisilver We Work Directly With Thai Silk Manufacturers In Remote Thai Villages. We Help To Keep The Tradition Of Thai Silk Alive By Promoting An International Market For Silk Merchandise. You Will Always Be Assured Of Top Quality Genuine Silk Merchandise When You Shop At Kaisilver.

Despite The Fact That You Need To Take Special Care When Washing Silk Fabrics, The Sheer Beauty Of Silk Makes It Worth The Extra Effort. A Thai Silk Scarf Draped Around Your Neck Will Make A Fashion Statement On It's Own And There Would Really Be Need To Wear Any Other Jewellery. But If You Should Decide On Jewellery To Be Worn With Thai Silk Scarves, Then Let It Be Pearl Gold Jewellery. Pearls Like Silk Are Purely Natural And Complement Each Other. Click Here For Gorgeous Pearl Necklaces And Pearl Jewellery In Gold.

You Could Buy These Gorgeous Silk Scarves From Thailand For Yourself Or As Gifts For Someone You Love. They Are Suitable For All Ages Including Teenagers. Get Out Of The Beaten Track Of Videos, And Cds As Gifts And Gift A Piece Of Art. Depending On The Design And Colors You Could Also Use These Scarves From Thailand As Gifts For The Elderly. One Of The Best Gift Ideas For Mothers Day Celebrations. Click Here For Traditional Crafts, Painted Ceramic Gifts, Pewter Wares.

Silk Scarfs Were Formerly Used Only In Countries With Cold Climate. They Were Used To Keep The Neck Warm. Later The Large Number Of Silk Designs Available Pushed Scarves Into The Fashion Arena. Silk Provided The Much Needed Beauty To Scarves, Silk From China And Thailand Were Found To Be Of Top Quality And Were Fast Recognized By Leading Fashion Houses All Over The Globe. The Silk Industry In Thailand Took Shape And Developed In Leaps And Bounds. Today Thai Silk Is One Of The Major Foreign Exchange Earners For Thailand. Silk Exports Have Rarely Been Hit By The Slowdown In Thai And Overseas Economies. Today Silk Scarves Are Worn For Their Sheer Beauty And Not Just The Warmth Which They Were Expected To Bring To Those Who Wore Them. Click Here For Jewellery Designs To Go With These Silk Scarves. If You Are Interested In Buying Silk In Thailand Or For That Matter Doing Shopping For Gemstones, Jewellery, Pearls, Ceramics, All Of Which Are Very Famous In Thailand, Shop At We Keep Only Genuine Merchandise And Of Very Good Grades in Both Material And Workmanship.

Until Recently Good Quality Silk Scarves Made From Pure Silk Were Considered To Be A Luxury Women Accessory. However Today You Can Have Genuine 100% Pure Thai Silk Scarves At A Down To Earth Price. Our Silk Experts Ensure That Only The Best Quality Silk Scarves Enter Our Website. You Really Don't Need To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars Today. keep That Extra Dollars Away To Be Invested In Jewellery Perhaps. If You Are Preparing For A Wedding Or Engagement You Might Want To See Our High End Gold Jewellery Section. Click For High End Wedding Rings, Jewellery And More From Thailand. All Silks Are Washable Silks, But You Need To Know The Right Way To Wash And Iron Your Silks. Click For Information Regarding Washing Silk, Cleaning Silk Scarves And Ironing Silk. Whether You Buy Silk For Daily Wear Or As Fashion Wear To Match Your Jewelry And Dress Style, You Will Always Find Designs And Styles To Suit You At Kaisilver. You Will Also Find That We Are The Most Reliable Source For Genuine Thai Silk Scarfs.

In Certain Parts Of Europe And Latin America, Silk Scarves Were Traditional Folk Costumes. One Can Literally Picture Young Ladies Dancing To The Lively Music From Bag Pipes And The Harmonica, Scarves Covering A Portion Of Their Head. The Knee Long Skirts And Shoes With Long Stockings Have All But Vanished, However The Tradition Of Wearing Silk Scarves Has Grown Popular By The Day. Infact I Remember Reading An Entire French Catalog A Few Years Back That Explained In Details The Ways And Options To Knot A Silk Scarf.

Silk Is A Tradition In Thailand, Due To The Hard Efforts Of The Silk Artisans And Support From The Thai Government As Also The Royal Thai Family, Silk From Thailand Has Managed To Get The International Recognition That It Deserves. Young Thai Fashion Designers Have Also Worked Their Skills To Perfection And Silk Fashion Shows Are Held Many Times During The Year. This Brings Out The Best In Silk Fashions And Keeps Silk In The Limelight For The People Of Thailand, Both Young And Old. The Blend Between Old And New Can Be Most Clearly Seen In Thai Silk Fashions. A Traditional Thai Silk Shirt Is Worn Over A Pair Of Faded Fashion Jeans. The Tall, Slim Models Walk Proudly As They Present This Tantalizing Fusion Between Thick And Hard Denim With The Smooth, Lightness Of Silk.

STY01 - Necktie Price Per Piece 25 US$.

Male Fashion Has Always Taken A Back Seat As Women Have A Blinding Range Of Fashion Garments, Fashion Jeweller And Other Fashion Accessories. There Is However One Fashion Accessory For Males That Plays A Major Role In Defining The Personality Of A Male, And That Is The Neck Tie. Thai Silk Ties Are Neck Ties That Are Worn By Some Of The Most Fashion Concious Males Throughout The World. Neckties Have Come Through Gradual Evolution Since The Past, First It Was Bowties With White Shirts, Then These Bow Ties Were Worn By Butlers, Soon After That Anyone Who Wore A Bow Tie Was Mistaken For A Butler. Then Came The Plain Color Ties, Simple Pieces Of Cloth Actually, Washable, And Heavy Fabric Allowed Them To Even Wipe Drops Of Coffee Spilt On Office Tables. Then The Detectives And The Police Officers Started Wearing These Plain Color Neckties And Soon Anyone Wearing One Looked Like An Over Weight Policeman Or A Upcoming And Struggling Private Detective. There Was Only One Way Out For Those Fashionable Males In Society And That Was Not To Wear A Necktie Or A Bow Tie. Open Shirts, Hairy Chests, T-Shirts, Blazer Coats With Open Shirts Showed Of Gold Chains, Jesus Christ Pendants, And Such Parnaphelia.

STY02 - Necktie Price Per Piece 25 US$.

Then Came A Change On The Male Fashion Scene, Male Fashion Trends Started Pointing Towards Printed Ties, Neckties With Fine Prints Mostly Pin Stripe Neck Ties, These Were Narrow Neck Ties With Small Tie Knots On The Top. The Almost Always Went Below The Waist. Things Were Never Same Again For Male Neck Tie Fashions, Prints Grew Bigger, Fabrics Grew Better, Crease Resistant Neck Ties With Flashy Prints, Broad At The Bottom Went Perfectly With The Bell Bottom Trousers That Were A Rage At The Time. Then Came Silk Neck Ties, Silk Fabric Was Imported From China And Thailand And Made It's Way To Fashion Houses All Over The World. Th Light Silk Fabric With A Variety Of Designs Flooded Shop Windows. Suddenly Board Meetings Got More Lively And Colorful.

STY03 - Necktie Price Per Piece 25 US$.

Today Suits With Silk Neckties Are The Rage. Unfortunately There Are A Whole Bunch Of Fake Silks Too And It Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult To Tell The Real Genuine Silk Ties From The Fakes. At Kaisilver We Work Directly With Leading Manufacturers Of Thai Silk Scarves And Thai Silk Neckties. So You Are Sure That You Get The Beauty And Style Of Natural Silk. Out Silk Neckties From Thailand Are Suitable For All Occassions. Wedding Suits, Engagement Suits And Formal And Casual Wear Will All Look Much Better With These Neck Ties Made From Pure Silk.

STY04 - Necktie Price Per Piece 25 US$.

The Silk Ties That You See On Our Website Will Make Gorgeous Wedding Gifts As Well. You Could Gift Them On Fathers Day Too. The Brighter Styles Would Be Ideal For Graduation Gifts. It Is Not Necessary That Silk Ties Should Be Worn With Silk Shirts, Cotton Or Polyester Shirts Would Look Better If You Wore A Necktie. Just For Your Information, The Age Of The Broad Neckties Are Gone And So Are The Days Of The Very Narrow Neck Ties. What We Now Have In Fashion Are The Medium Sized Neck Ties With Medium Sized Knots On The Top. No Matter How Expensive Your Wollen Suit Is And How Many Hundreds Of Dollars You Spend On Your Leather Shoes, You Need Not Spend heavily On The Pure Thai Silk Neck Ties From Thailand. Genuine Silk At Affordable Prices Is What You Can Expect To Get From Us. We Have Made A Quite Fashion Statement For Over 500 Males Spread Over 17 Countries. It Is Time You Realized What You Are Missing. If You Are Planning A Wedding On An Engagement, We Request You To Have A Look At Our Design Suggestions For Male Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings For Males. We Can Custom Make These Male Jewellery Designs As Per Your Choice Of Gemstones And Gold. You Can Even Send Us Your Digital Images For A Price Quote. Click For Custom Made To Order Male Jewellery Designs Kaisilver Is The Biggest Online Provider For Custom Made Jewellery And Gemstones. Through Our Network Of Leading Gems And Jewellry Manufacturers In Thailand We Have Access To The Largest Range Of Gemstones And Jewelry And The Worlds Biggest Base Of Skilled Craftsmen.

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