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Precious Opal Gems

Confusing Opal Terminology

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Precious opal is a term that can confuse many opal gem lovers. Buyers would surely want to know whether they opals they plan to purchase or have already purchased, are precious. The word 'precious' somehow seems to imply that, an opal gemstone that is not prefixed with the word precious, has a much lower value. Let us discuss the term precious in more detail.

You might have noticed that opals often show a fine display of color flashes, colors of the rainbow and more. This is referred to as color play, and is something most gem lovers expect opals to 'perform'. A natural opal which shows this amazing phenomenon, is referred to as a precious opal. An opal gemstone that is not natural or that, does not have the color play effect would not be classified as a precious opal gem. So are opals that do not show this effect, less valuable, this is the important question on the minds of many buyers. A similar situation arises when you talk about solid opals, another complicated reference to opal gems.

What would you call a gorgeous natural untreated pink or green opal gemstone from the Peruvian mines. These gems are adored for their serene, gentle pastel shades. Pink opal set in rose gold or white gold, has a beauty and grace that even the most expensive black opal jewelry could not match. For gem lovers, who love the plain pink shade of this opal, it would surely be one of the most precious gemstone in their collection. But the importantly interesting thing about these opal gems is that, they do not do any color stunt and play. They just sit their with a calm confidence and seduce even the most ardent gem or jewelry lover with their sheer color and grace. So you could not technically refer to these opals as precious opals.

Another good example is the stunning fire opal gemstone, some of the finest fire opals are found in Mexico. The mining location of most Mexican fire opal is in the vicinity of what are now, dormant volcanoes. The words fire and color play as used to describe opal gems is not applicable to fire opals, the term fire in their name implies another feature. This is another valuable type of opal that unfortunately cannot be called a precious opal gemstone. The word 'fire' in a fire opal gemstone refers to the orange or reddish-orange color for the gem - the color of fire and flames.

A popular opal option is the assembled variety of opal gemstones. An opal doublet or opal triplet gemstone would be grouped into this category. In the case of an opal doublet, a piece of natural opal is bonded to a dark base. The base is generally cut from a piece of black onyx or boulder rock. To make an opal triplet gem, a thin slice of precious opal is sandwiched between, a transparent top and a dark opaque base material. The entire bonding process is manually performed, and adds to the beauty and toughness of the gemstone. More importantly, opal doublets and triplets make good looking opals more affordable. The interesting thing is that, the dark base material used in doublets and triplets, enhances the effect of color play and flashes posessed by the piece of natural opal included in the assembled stone. So would you be right in classifying an opal doublet or an opal triplet gemstone as a precious opal. There is a grey area here, some gem experts insist that an opal needs to be a solid opal and also show the color play effect, inorder for it to be classified as a precious opal gemstone. Leave jargon aside and make your own decision as long as, you know what type of opal you are getting. Paying the right price for the opal that you get is also important, so deal with a reputed gem or jewelry provider.


We do hope that the term precious opal is now well understood by gem lovers who have read this report. While some gem buyers might swear that, precious opal gems are better than opals that are not precious - keep in mind that some very fine natural opals never show the color play phenomenon. Before you make a purchase of opal gems or jewelry, read this report, understand the content and then make up your mind. Should you still have any doubts or queries, send an email to our experts at sales@kaisilver.com The team is trained and encouraged to do more than just sell. The primary objective is to inform and educate gem buyers and lovers. Having done that, the buyer is allowed to make a well informed and peaceful buying decision.



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