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This is an important report on the current Internet Scams that you should be aware of. No jewelry related issues or sales talk is being trumpeted here as this report is released in the public interest. Please send this URL to as many people as you know, it is the kind of information that anyone and everyone using the Internet should be aware of.

Beware Of These Internet And Email Scams

Every now and then we hear about email frauds and Internet threats. Our network and security experts hurry to protect out computer systems and ensure that all staff is informed about the possible dangers. This week we decided to summarize some of these Internet threats into a brief newsletter. The idea is to let as many people as we can, know about the lurking dangers. This kind of frank disclosure is unheard of for an Internet seller, but we thought that it was our duty to let you know. You can do a good deed by forwarding this link to as many people as possible. The idea is to stay informed and keep others informed too. All you need to do is copy this URL and email it to a friend or relative. They will be grateful that you cared.

The Nigerian, Get Rich Easy Scam
By far, the most rampant form of spamming with evil intentions. These emails have a variety of subjects but the overall operation remains the same. The writer of the email has access to millions of U.S$. It is safe and easy to move that money out of his country, all he needs is your bank account details and the rest is a breeze. You are promised a share that could mean anywhere between 3 million U.S$ to 10 million U.S$ for your simple and easy efforts.

The money is supposed to belong to a rich dead person or someone who signed one of those corrupt 100 million dollar contracts in his country. Or a foreigner who left the country and forgot to take those 50 million dollars with him. The explanations are these and many more and basically play at the greedy attitude of mankind.

Beware of this fraud, you will disclose your bank and other details. You will also be asked to cough up a few thousand dollars for various 'legal' expenses. You pay up hoping for those millions of dollars that never come in.

Your Paypal Account Needs Updating, Scam.
Another very dangerous email that you should be aware of. An email arrives and informs you that a doubtful transaction was noticed on your paypal account. This could expose your paypal account to many fradulent activities. Your paypal account will be suspended if you do not click a particular link on the same email and update your paypal account information. The intention is to bleed your paypal account of the funds.

On opening the email you will notice very authentic looking content. The Paypal logo and other prompts appear just as they would appear on the paypal website. But the danger is hidden in those links that you are prompted to click. These links do not link to the paypal website at all. They infact lead to another sinister website that records all your confidential information.

It is fairly easy to avoid being duped, never enter your paypal account by clicking on a link in emails. Always, type the full website URL in your browser and access your account. Once you have finished working on your account, make sure that you logout from the account too.

Your Bank Account Needs Updated Information, Scam.
This is very similar to the Paypal scandal mentioned above. The precautions to be taken are also the same as advised for the Paypal fraud scam. In this case you have a better control on the problem, as you can always choose to call up your bank and get the issue cleared. Never ever send confidential information regarding your bank via email. If email is the only way in which your bank accepts correspondence and directions, dump the bank and get another one.

Your Email Has Been Hacked And We Want To Help, Scam.
This scam is like a thief dressed as a saint! The email informs you that your email address has been hacked by someone. You can be in all sorts of trouble if you do not (a) Click a link and update the details or (b) Install an attachment that came with the email. This attachment is supposed to take care of the situation.

Avoid following any instructions from such emails. The dangers are that, your username and password will be pocketed by the sender of the email. What is more dangerous is that, the attachment would most likely be a program which once installed, resides on your computer and transmits confidential information to someone with bad intentions.

I Love Your Website And Want To But Tonnes Of Merchandise, Scam.
The writer in this email seems to be desperate to buy merchandise from you. Not just a piece or two but dozens of whatever you sell. The email goes on to wonder if you would ship to Nigeria or Indonesia. The writer is in a big rush and needs your merchandise right away, also asks about you accepting credit cards for payment. There may also be mention about making payment the moment you ship through FEDEX and provide him the tracking number.

Delete such emails without hesitation, you will lose your merchandise and your money if you ever make the mistake of shipping merchandise in response to these emails. You will never get paid and even if you do get paid, it would be through a fake or robbed credit card. You will soon get a charge back notice from a bank and will have to bid goodbye to your money.

There will surely be numerous other frauds and scams unleashed on the Internet. The earlier Internet threats were largely viruses, but the new threats are more serious. The new threats are financial frauds that seem to thrive on weak legislation in tackling them. Being aware of the possible threats is the best way to stay safe.

If you had your house burgled you would most probably fix additional locks and alarm systems in and around the house. It is unlikely that you would give up living in it altogether. The Internet is a part of our everyday life, we cannot give it up altogether and we cannot blindly embrace it.

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