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Old Sapphire Ring

Interesting Find, An Old Blue Sapphire Ring

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There was a very interesting report in July 2011 about an old sapphire ring being found in the U.K. The jewel was found by Micheal Greenhorn a railway technician and metal detectorist. A Kaisilver team latched on to the story and tried to get as much information as possible, the report makes an interesting read.

Though no exact date related to the production of this old blue sapphire ring can be determined, researchers estimate that it belonged to the 7th to 11th century. This estimate is based on studies conducted on other old jewely found in the vicinity over the past few decades. It is quite sure that this old sapphire gold ring belonged to

old sapphire ring
An old sapphire ring, though presumed to belong to Anglo Saxon or Viking royalty, the center blue sapphire is not a very extravagant or exotic gem.

The above image shows the old sapphire gemstone ring found in the U.K. There are some very interesting observations related to this old sapphire gold ring. Though researchers have yet to determine the exact history of this ring, most of them agree that it would have belonged to some ancient royalty. Kaisilver experts have a comment to make, if this is indeed a ring from ancient royalty - a mere 6mm round blue sapphire gem in the center seems to be quite modest.

Remember that in the 11th or 12th century, sapphires would be much more abundant than they are today. You would expect a ancient royal jewel like this blue sapphire ring, to have a stupendous blue sapphire at least in terms of carat weight. You might have heard of the 2011 royal wedding in Britain. An enormous 19 carat high quality ceylon blue sapphire and diamond ring, was gifted by Prince William to his bride Kate Middleton. That is the kind of jewelry that royalty has come to be associated with.

There are even more interesting facts about this historically significant old blue sapphire ring. Along with the round cabachon blue sapphire gem, the jewel also has pieces of red glass. Keep in mind that this is red glass and not red ruby or red spinel. And this for a royal ancient ring, is quite strange. This has prompted Kaisilver gem experts to determine that, the wearing of this old gold ring was more for it's meaning and significance rather than, to show proclaim the wealth and power of it's wearer.

To understand the significance of this old blue sapphire ring, we will need to go a bit deeper into the beliefs and traditions attached to the sapphire gemstone. Remember we need to take this in the context of ancient times, the time when this old gemstone ring was presumed to have been made and worn. 

One thing that many historical records reveal is that, sapphires had supernatural powers to protects the royals. Kings, queens and members of royal families were supposed to be safe from physical harm and safe, from being over thrown if they wore a sapphire gemstone. It is most likely that this was attributed only to blue sapphire gems. This is because gemological sciences had not developed in those ancient times. It was the time when people presumed that all blue gems were sapphires, all green gems were emeralds and all red gems were rubies! Even the British crown jewels had red spinels that were mistaken for red rubies!

Another interesting belief about sapphires that had widespread support was that, a sapphire could protect a person from being poisoned. It is sometimes thought the records also implied that, a sapphire could combat and cure a poisoned person. The Kaisilver research team came across ancient sapphire related writings that, claimed that a genuine sapphire could kill a spider if the creature came too near to the stone! If the sapphire was a fake or for some reason depleted of it's special powers, the spider would remain unaffected even if it was in close vicinity of the sapphire. 

If you are interested in the technical specifications of this old sapphire ring, get to know the details right here:

- The metal used to make this old blue sapphire gold ring was basically gold. Since pure gold is quite soft to make durable jewels, it has always been a practice to add other metals into gold to make a sturdier gold based alloy. The alloy in this ancient sapphire gold ring has a very high gold content, it is 90% gold, 8% silver and 2% copper. Just by comparison you might want to know that, 18k gold which is well known today has a gold content of just 75%. 

- The dimensions and metal weight are quite interesting too. The front of the ring is an impressive 25.5mm which is about 2.5cm or about 1 inch. This is surely not a small ring, however despite the large front face, the blue sapphire cabachon stone in this old gold ring is just 6mm. One feature that the Kaisilver team gave importance too was the gold weight. Kaisilver has always mentioned that, the metal weight of a jewel needs to be proportional to it's dimensions. The old sapphire ring is provided with a metal weight of just 10.2 grams. In our opinion this weight is grossly insufficient to make the jewel strong and sturdy. Also remember that the fairly high gold content (90%) in the alloy also means that the metal is not too hard. We would have suggested a minimum gold weight of around 20 grams for this jewel. A closer look at the image of the old blue sapphire gem stone ring shown above will confirm that, the metal weight was insufficient for the dimensions. Some of the borders especially those on the star shape design surrounding the center round sapphire, seem to be bent and distorted. 

This report on old sapphire rings does not aim at selling you something. We have compiled this report as a general information write-up. While many news journals and even TV stations reported the find of this old sapphire gold ring, none of them provided the kind of detailed analysis that we did. The Kaisilver team basically summarized discussions and debates that went on in our internal meetings that specifically related to this topic. We do hope that you have enjoyed the presentation got as involved and amazed with this important find.

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