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Mens ruby rings are generally purchased as special ocassion jewels. There is surely no reason why you could not wear a mens gold or 925 silver ruby ring as a casual jewel. It is the high price of rubies that, makes many buyers choose them for wedding and engagement rings. Ruby is a pinkish red to red stone that belongs to the corundum mineral family. While men generally stay away from pink and red gemstones, ruby is an exception. The exotic nature of this gemstone combined with a red color that is lavish rather than dainty and feminine, is what attracts men. The gemstone is tough and records a hardness rating of 9 out of 10, on the Mohs scale.The durability of ruby makes it very suitable for mens ruby rings. Men are known to be quite careless with the jewelry that they wear. The impressive hardness and toughness of this gem means that, it can quite easily take care of itself.

If you observe the beauty and grace of a ruby gemstone you would agree that, it is truly awesome and suitable for all ocassions. The robust demand for ruby stems from the fact that, the gemstone has many customs and traditions attached to it. To begin with, ruby figures prominently on the birthstone and anniversary gemstone charts. A men's ruby ring is what you would proudly wear of you were born in the month of July. The rarity and beauty of ruby has made it one of the hottest gemstones throughout history. The desire to earn a valuable ruby was so very large that, the rich and powerful often saw a ruby in every red stone! This explains why some of the priceless rubies in the British Crown Jewelry collections, turned out to be red spinel and not ruby. The gemstone has been a symbol or love and loyalty and retains that symbolism until this day.

While it is true that a ruby ring is a ruby ring no matter the gender of the owner, there are some essential factors that more specifically apply to mens ruby gemstone rings. In this report we will talk about issues that need to be considered when choosing a mens ruby ring. The discussion will be better explained with a few scattered examples of specific ruby gemstone rings suitable for men but, will keep away from a sales pitch. The message is clear, Kaisilver is not the only provider of ruby rings for men. Evaluate designs, options and jewelers before you make a buying decision. Read this report completely and you will be equipped with the right information and knowledge, to demand and get the right ruby ring for yourself.

Physical Properties: Ruby belongs to the corundum mineral family, sapphire another precious gem also comes from the same family. Since the gemstone in a mens ruby ring can be a significant cost component in the total price, you would surely like to know how strong and tough a ruby gemstone is. With a hardness rating of 9 out of 10, you really could not ask for more. Given the right design and craftsmanship, mens ruby rings will not expect too much attention. Expect to find natural inclusions in the gemstone of a mens ruby ring. These are other minerals or substances that might have got trapped into the gem, during the millions of years taken to complete the formation of the ruby. Fissures (cracks) might also be acceptable as long as they are not too glaringly placed to be very obvious when, seen from the top of the gemstone. You do not want a mens ruby ring with a gemstone that has surface reaching fissures, this can weaken the durability of the stone.

Gem Quality: What is the 'best' gem quality that you should choose for a mens ruby gold or silver ring. This is a tough question to answer, the variables are far too many but, we will try our best to explain. These are some of the main features that will influence the price of a ruby gemstone, and price will therefore define quality. Gem color, gem origin, gem treatment, gem sizes and gem clarity. As far as the color of the gemstone for a mens ruby ring is concerned, you should aim for a predominant red color tone. It is okay if a light hue of pink creeps into the red. A 'ruby' stone that has too much of pink should technically be classified as a pink sapphire and not a ruby. We have many requests for ruby rings for men with a large, 'pigeon blood' red gemstone. While it is true that such a gemstone looks stunning, it also happens to be one of the most expensive ruby gem colors. Another important thing about very dark red ruby gems is that, the present mine output delivers such gems with a fair amount of inclusions and fissures. It has been known since ancient times that, Burmese rubies are the best. This long period of popularity has obviously encouraged reckless mining, and you can say that 80% of the 'best' Burmese rubies have already been mined out. It is also quite right to say that, in most cases buyers end up paying premium prices for Burmese rubies that, have a fairly 'ordinary' appearance. From our experience and being fairly close to Burma, we would say that - choose the ruby that looks good to you, make sure that it is natural and then, casually learn from where it is mined. Most men like to wear fairly large gemstone rings, this implies the requirement of large gemstones. The price of rubies (per carat) moves up sharply as the gem size increases, this even when comparing rubies of the same quality but of differing size. You might not want a ruby mens ring with a tiny gemstone but, you will need to get a bit real about the minimum size that you would consider too.  Our recommendation is to keep your desires within the 6mm to 9mm gem sizes. If you wanted to venture into the 10mm ruby gem size, prepare a substantial budget or be ready to accept a visible drop in quality. Ruby treatment is an important factor in the equation of price and quality, we will discuss that in the next paragraph.

Ruby Treatments: Most natural gemstones are treated in some way or the other. The treatment is done to improve their, color, clarity or overall appearance. In the case of gems like turquoise, specific treatments can help enhance the toughness of the stone too. For many centuries, man has learnt that heating rubies improves their color and clarity. The 'simple' heat process as we prefer to call it has been going on since ancient times. The treatment does not weaken the gem and the (beneficial) effects are stable and permanent. Gem experts have fully accepted the process of using the simple heat treatment for rubies. So it is perfectly okay if your mens ruby ring has a gem that is (simple) heat treated. What does pose a challenge is the newer types of ruby treatments that have been introduced in the past decade or a little before that. The beryllium heating of rubies, glass fissure filling and similar treatments are today applied to turn ordinary looking rubies, into stunning gems. We must make specific mention of glass filled rubies since, these stones are very much weaker than simple heated rubies. If you end up getting one of these rubies in your ruby mens ring, keep a few things in mind. Such rubies are correctly referred to as 'composite' rubies since, the glass and ruby components exist side by side and are not fused into each other. Ruby rings that use glass filled ruby gems need special care when being, worn, stored or cleaned. When it comes to buyers with reasonable knowledge of gemstones - simple heated rubies are valued higher than beryllium treated rubies. And glass filled ruby gems are valued lower than beryllium treated rubies. This will remain true no matter, what the big sellers blare out on their television sales channels or advertising blitz.

Metal Options: You could choose a mens gold or 925 silver ruby ring. Men have always been drawn to the classic and confident appeal of silver. It is also the economy factor that, drives the impressive demand for 925 sterling silver ruby rings for men. When it comes to mens ruby gold rings, the fact that the dimensions would call for substantial gold weight weighs on the price tag. A mens silver ruby ring, can be made with healthy metal weight without, metal costs burdening the price point. Technically, rubies would be fine in gold, silver or even in special jewelry based brass alloys. If you limit the ruby treatment to, simple heating or even beryllium treated stones - cleaning a gold or 925 silver ruby mens ring would be quite simple. It is generally expected that mens gold rings have a gold karatage of 14k (very popular) or 18k (lower popularity). While we do get a few orders for mens ruby gemstone rings in pink (rose) gold, the general trend is more towards white or yellow gold. If you choose a silver ruby mens ring we would suggest that, you leave it unplated because, any plating done on silver does not last forever. It is easy to clean and polish an unplated silver ring, you can do it easily and conveniently. Silver jewelry polish lotions, sprays, powders and even silver polishing fabric can be used to do the job. However if you do wish to get a white rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum plating for your mens ruby ring, request for a 1 to 2 micron plating - even this will not last forever though. You might need to pay a bit more for the plating on your silver ring, but that is quite normal.

Kaisilver Rings: You can order your mens ruby ring from Kaisilver with your own design or choose one from our collection. All the jewelry on our website can be made in gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. By assigning the same production experts and craftsmen for the production of gold and silver jewelry, we prove our commitment to quality irrespective of the metal choice. If you decide to buy a mens ruby gemstone ring we would suggest that, you make a evaluate various jewels and jewelry providers. You can always email our experts at to seek advice and clarifications but, will never be obliged to purchase anything from us. Just make sure that your comparison and evaluation process, considers all features and is not based just on external appearance and price.


mens ruby ring An impressive mens ruby ring, the RG215 is an interesting ring that is reasonably priced. The round ruby in the center of the ring is not very large, it is a 5mm round gemstone. The moderate size of the gemstone in this mens ruby diamond ring, allows to budget for a good quality ruby gem at an attractive price. The band width for this ruby ring is 6mm which means that, the gem almost occupies the entire width of the band. With this design structure, the entire ring looks impressive and gives that 'full' luxury appearance. Notice the diamond on either side of the center ruby gemstone, the diamonds have a size of 2.5mm and this is, half the size of the gemstone. So you have a mens diamond ruby ring, where the ruby is of a good grade and the diamonds are impressively proportioned, with reference to the band width gem size. You can order this ruby diamond mens gold ring, in gold or sterling silver. The quality of craftsmanship and gemstone, remains the same for the gold or 925 silver mens ruby ring. The ring is well suited as a ruby wedding ring too though, there is nothing that stops you from wearing it as a casual wear jewel. Since each mens ruby gemstone ring is completely customizable, we can accept request for desig modifications too more.

mens ruby rings gold or 925 silver ruby rings for men This awesome mens ruby gemstone ring perfectly reflects the historic reputation of the gemstone being a symbol of power, prestige and stature. A hefty mens ring in gold or 925 sterling silver with a ruby gemstone in the century. The 7mm round ruby gem, moves the gem classification into the higher price bracket. However if you wish to wear a ruby ring that echoes with luxury and style, the MAN50 should be your final destination. Our recommendation would be to go for a medium grade ruby in the center, a good red color even with a moderate degree of clarity. But if budget is not your limitation then, reach for this mens ruby ring with a good grade ruby gemstone in the center. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the same ring in sterling silver. Modern silver polish lotions and fabrics make it easy to polish tarnish away from silver jewelry. With current gold prices making an illogical upward march in terms of price, it is time that serious jewelry lovers stopped being over enthusiastic about gold jewelry. We can however make this awesome ruby mens ring for you in gold or sterling silver with, the same quality of gemstone and craftsmanship. Get to know more about this ring more.

ruby diamond ring for men If you are looking for mens ruby ring that is impressive and yet not very bulky or heavy, the RG131 mens ruby diamond ring is for you. This ruby ring is available in gold or sterling silver, you have two ruby gem sizes to choose from. The 6mm square ruby gem option will give you, the best deal in terms of size and price. You can however order this same mens ruby diamond ring with a 7mm center gemstone. A size difference of just 1mm, causes the overall volume of the gemstone to move up sharply. And since rubies like most precious gems are sold per carat (weight), you end up paying a substantially higher price. The ring has a fine streamlined look, and the side diamonds add glitter without distracting the main focus of the center ruby gemstone. The center gemstone is firmly mounted with right angled prongs, these also help to protect the corners of the ruby gem from being struck by physical impact. Like all other jewelry from Kaisilver, this mens ruby diamond ring is crafted with a healthy metal weight. You can order this jewel in gold or 925 sterling silver and get, the same quality of gem and craftsmansip as you would expect for the gold ring. We have provided an option where you could choose white sapphires instead of diamonds for the side gems ... more.



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