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When it comes to mens green gemstone rings, you have a range of gemstones to choose from. It is not common for jewelry buyers to choose a gemstone by color rather than, by a specific gem type. We talk about green gems for men rings because, there are some specific characteristics of mens rings that, make the gem selection a critical process. A range of natural gems can be found with a green color, each of these gems has specific physical characteristics. The gemstone in a mens green gemstone ring, could be selected based on the significance or meaning of a specific gem - birthstones are a good example of gems being picked based on significance.

Since natural gems generally take thousands of years to be formed, each gemstone has it's own degreen of hardness and durability. Given the fact that, men do not take too much care of the jewelry that they wear, gem durability and hardness has special significance. At Kaisilver we custom make mens rings with all gem options, and this is done for both gold and silver rings. In this report, we briefly explain some typical characteristics of a few green gemstones. The information is generally more related to mens rings with green gemstones.  


mens green peridot gemstone ring An impressive green gemstone ring for men, the MAN64P is shown with a green peridot gemstone and diamonds. This custom mens ring, can be made in gold or sterling silver. If you plan on going for a mens green gem ring in gold, you can choose yellow or white gold. You also have the option for a 14k or 18k mens green peridot gem ring. For men who are deeply interested in the gemstone that they way, the fact that peridot is a natural gem that is never treated, has special significance. A silver green gemstone ring for men, could be left unplated or ordered with a yellow, white or rose gold plating. With peridot listed on the birthstone charts as the birthstone for August, you would also look for this green gemstone ring if you were born in the month of August. Peridot is one green gem that, looks stunning in all metal colors. The gemstone has been known for thousands of years and was in the ancient days, often mistaken for emerald! You can read all about this awesome mens green gemstone ring here.


green tourmaline gemstone ring for men If you prefer to have a mens green gem stone ring with a darker green gem, the MAN63 gold or silver green tourmaline ring for men, is a great choice. Tourmaline as a gemstone, is available in a range of colors. Green tourmaline is very popular when it comes to mens gold or silver green gemstone rings. Tourmaline is much rarer and therefore more expensive as compared to peridot. The image shows a handsome mens green tourmaline gemstone ring with, a square tourmaline in the center. If you wish to have a green tourmaline in your mens ring, look for a gem size of around 7mm, 8mm or 9x7mm. The price of tourmaline, rises rapidly when the size moves beyond 9mm. This gem is generally found in a darker shade of green, and this deep color saturation seems to impress men. While many people consider tourmaline to be the birthstone for October, the fact is that it was pink tourmaline, that was added as an October birthstone in the late 1990s. We have more detailed information related to the MAN63 mens green tourmaline ring here.


mens emerald gemstone ring, an option for a mens green gem stone ring Emerald is one of the green gem options for a mens ring, this is a gemstone that has been associated with royalty and power since ancient times. Emerald is a green variety of beryl, and is also the birthstone for March. In their eagerness to sell mens emerald rings, many jewelers forget to tell you some essential details about the gem. Emeralds are formed in natural conditions that are extremely testing and volatile. This results in some typical features seen in the gem. Visible inclusions and fissures are always present in natural emerald gems. You need to keep this in mind when wearing or cleaning a mens emerald ring. If you see the MAN71 mens green gemstone ring shown here, the jewel is has square emerald gems - these gems are neither too tiny nor too large. In a real life scenario, the design of the ring, the type of gem mounting used and even the modest size of the emerald gems help, to enhance the toughness of this mens green gemstone ring. The chances of the stones getting hit by direct physical impact or chipping on the edges is drastically reduced. Get all details related to this mens emerald ring here.


mens green jade gemstone ring

An affordable green jade gemstone ring for men, this sturdy ring is available in gold or 925 silver and you can request for the ring size that you require. By sourcing this rare gem from very near the mining locations on Burma (Myanmar), we are perfectly placed to pick few modestly priced untreated Burmese jadeite jade. Fine jadeite is very expensive and can be priced in the 1,500 U.S$ to 3,000 U.S$ per carat range. Since such a hefty price tag would put a men's green jadeite ring beyond the reach of most of us, we concentrate on sourcing both untreated and dyed (treated) Burmese jadeite jade that is not extravagantly priced and yet natural and authentic. Having said that we can also provide this sturdy men's green gemstone ring with a high quality (Imperial) jadeite gemstone, this if you have the budget to match. Each green jade gemstone ring is completely made to order so, you choose the gem, design, metal (gold or silver), ring size and the overall dimensions of the ring. Get complete information about the MAN125 green jade gemstone ring for men ...  here.


mens green gem ring, green jade ring for men While jade is available in a range of colors, it is green jade that has impressed gem and jewelry lovers. A mens green gemstone ring with green jade, would boast of a gem that is very tough. The internal structure of jade is made of fine micro-crystalline fibers that are meshed into each other. When man first found jade many centuries ago, he used it to make weapons, tools and arrow heads. Today, jade is one of the most popular gems to be used in jewelry. The MAN10 mens jade ring is just one of the design concepts that you could choose for your mens green gem ring with jade. Just keep in mind that, we can custom make just about any jewel for you with the design, metal and gem of your choice. While this mens green jade gemstone ring is shown with a stone that has a brighter shade of green, many men prefer the dark rustic green that is most often seen in nephrite. You should know that, jadeite and nephrite are both classified as jade. Given the toughness of jade, you could order a gold or 925 silver mens jade gemstone ring. We have more information on this ring here.


We are aware that there are many more green gemstones that, could be used for mens rings. We can custom make a mens ring for you with any gemstone of your choice. The design for your mens green gemstone ring could be yours or ours and rest assured that, both gold and 925 silver mens rings will have the same quality of material and worksmanship. Other green gem options for mens rings could include green sapphire (expensive), green tsavorite (expensive), green demantoid (expensive). When it comes to mens green gemstone ring with gems like green apatite, green fluorite and even green chrome diopside - you should know that these gems do not have sufficient toughness that is expected for gems set in mens rings.  

Kaisilver Rings: We custom make all types of rings and jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver. You can choose a design from our website and request for design modifications or, send us your design idea in the form of a sketch or image. We handpick and custom cut every gemstone that is used in our jewelry, you are therefore not limited by gem type, size, shape or cut. Do contact our support experts at for any requirements or queries that you might have. We do not mind if you purchase nothing from us and finally make buy your jewelry from another jeweler, all we want is for you to make a well informed buying decision. 



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