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Mens Cladagh Ring

Cladagh Ring For Men, 925 Or Silver Men's Cladagh Rings

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If we had to find reasons for talking about a mens cladagh ring, there would be no shortage of reasons. When Kaisilver first made an effective entry into the world of cladagh rings, our experts never really thought that our efforts would be so well appreciated. A few months after we shook up fashion critics and jewelry lovers with our gorgeous cladagh ring for ladies, the queries from men started pouring in. While many of these queries related to making purchases of ladies cladagh ring for their girl friends, or wives - a sizeable proportion of men had questions related to mens cladagh rings. In this report on mens cladagh rings we will talk about the most common questions asked by men to our support team.

mens claddagh ring kaisilver gold or sterling silver
The MAN14 is a men's gold cladagh ring, shown with an amethyst gemstone, this ring can be ordered as a gold or 925 silver cladagh ring for men with the gemstone of your choice ... more.

Can Men Wear A Cladagh Ring: To this question, we will reply a big YES. The meaning and significance of the cladagh ring, makes it suitable for ladies, men, boys, girls - age or sex is no limiting factor. At first thought, you might think that a mens cladagh ring which is basically a heart shaped jewel is not masculine enough for men. This will need to be evaluated with the following background, the meaning and design of the mens ring. We will discuss in detail about the meaning of the cladagh ring but in short we would say that, a lady's or men's cladagh ring denotes, love, loyalty and friendship. These are welcome attributes in any person and will always be appreciated. When you talk about the appearance of a mens cladagh rng not being 'masculine', we would say that the design and dimensions of the jewel will decide just how masculine or feminine it appears. Take a look at the MAN14 Kaisilver mens gold cladagh ring, you will surely not mistake it for a lady's jewel! It is tough, impressive and awesome.

Design For A Men's Cladagh Ring: There are two aspects for the design concept of this historic jewel, the first relates to the features of the cladagh ring, the second aspect is about the dimensions etc of a mens ring. When you talk about the features of the cladagh ring, the hands, heart and crown are basically the essential features of the jewel. This because these are what give the ring it's importance and meaning. When it comes ot dimensions for a gold or silver cladagh ring gor men, we would say that the overall dimensions should include a gemstone with a size of around 8 to 10mm. Similarly the entire height of the ring from bottom of heart to top or crown, should be no less than 10mm (1cm). If you look at the band that goes around the ring, we would suggest a minimum band width of around 5mm for a men's cladagh ring. Not much can be discussed with reference to the ring size, this would depend on the actual finger size.

mens claddagh ring onyx or other gemstone

Kaisilver mens cladagh rings have metal weight that is in the 25 grams to 30 grams range. The healthy metal weight adds to the durability of the jewel and also makes it more comfortable to wear ... more.

 Metal Weight: Most jewelers do not care to talk about metal weight for the jewelry that they make. This is rather sad because, the gold or silver weight for your mens cladagh ring will determine how sturdy it is. A light weight cladagh ring can bend or deform, this could loosen the gemstone in the ring. Talking specifically about gold or 925 sterling silver cladagh rings for men, low metal weight could also make the ring appear dainty and feminine. Generally it is found that Kaisilver jewelry weighs around 40% to 60% more than similar jewelry made by other jewelers, this is true of our mens cladagh rings too. While high gold prices is driving jewelers to design and craft increasingly lighter jewels, this is the basic reason for lack of long term durability. So if you think that you will save dollars by buying a lighter and cheaper men's cladagh ring, just remember that repeated expeses for repairs and replacements will more than wipe off any dollars that you think you saved!

Gemstone or No Gemstone: We would like to clarify one issue regarding the gem stone in a cladagh ring. The first cladagh ring that was made about 375 years ago by an Irish slave, did not have a gem stone at all. However the ring did have the heart, crown and hands - this gave meaning and significance. Having said that we can confidently claim that, adding a gem stone to your men's gold or 925 silver cladagh ring, enhances it's appearance and meaning. It is true that, many people select gems not just for their beauty but, also for the special meaning and 'powers' attributed to them. For example, if you see the MAN33 Kaisilver cladagh ring for men, it has a heart shaped black onyx in the center. Since ancient times it has been believed that, wearing an onyx gem helps a person overcome tragedy and mental distress. There is no doubt that, many men choose the gem stone for their jewelry based on color preference. With this trend, you will notice that black onyx, deep blue topaz, blue lapis, citrine and even blue sapphires are very popular with men. When you talk about gem options for any jewel you cannot forget birthstones, a tradition that has been alive for many centuries. It is believed that setting a birth stone in a mens gold or silver cladagh ring, will protect the wearer from bad luck and misfortune. Similarly, the birthstone is supposed to attract, good health, wealth and luck.

Gem Size: We did mention above that, gem sizes in the range of 8mm to 10mm are suitable for mens cladagh rings. Keeping this in mind, Kaisilver provides this gem size range option for a silver or gold cladagh ring for men. However it is not always possible for a buyer to afford the 9mm to 10mm gem sizes, this is true of specific gems. For example, the MAN14 would be quite affordable with an 8mm or 10mm amethyst gemstone. But if you wanted this cladagh men's ring with a blue sapphire, ruby, tanzanite or emerald - we would suggest that you settle for the 8mm heart shaped gemstone size. This is because a 10mm medium to good grade natural blue sapphire ring could be priced in the 3,500 U.S$ to 10,000 U.S$ price range. This would be true of ruby too, tanzanite and emerald would be a tiny bit cheaper than that. We would like to mention that, Kaisilver can surely procure and custom cut such large rubies, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite for you but - we find that these gems in large sizes are generally beyond most budgets.

claddagh ring for men, 14k or 18k gold mens claddagh ring

The MAN60 carnelian mens ring is a classic mens cladagh ring shown in sterling silver. Kaisilver cladagh rings have the same quality of design, craftsmanship and gems for gold or silver metal options ... more.

Metal Options: There is one interesting thing about mens jewelry, the demand for silver has always outpaced the demand for gold. This is true even when the buyer could easily have afforded a gold jewel. Many men are impressed with the calm and confident look and feel of silver. When it comes to the mens cladagh ring, the trend towards silver rings is clearly visible. Kaisilver mens cladagh rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. We are the only highend custom jewelry provider to offer the same, quality of craftsmanship and gems for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. If you had to order a mens gold cladagh ring, a selection between 18k or 14k mens cladagh rings could be made. While yellow gold is generally preferred by men, we provide options for yellow or white gold cladagh rings. We have a suggestion to make for a silver cladagh mens ring, it is recommended that you avoid rhodium or any other plating for the sterling silver ring. Your jeweler might trick you into believing that a plated silver ring will not tarnish, but this is only half the truth. All platings on silver, no matter who does the plating will wear off after a while. This will leave the ring looking dull and shabby. There is no doubt that a sterling silver mens cladagh ring would tarnish but, there is a simple remedy for this. An unplated sterling silver ring can be polished with any recommended silver lotion or fabric. This will take off any tarnish that might form on the jewel.

Below is a simple and easy reference birthstone chart. You can ofcourse email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any doubts or queries that you might have. Remember that all Kaisilver jewelry is custom made with your choice of design, dimensions and gemstones. All jewelry can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold with options for yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. You can also select sterling silver as the metal option for any jewelry that you order from us. You can view the complete range of mens cladagh rings here.


Birth Stone Chart

birth stone chart
Though pearl is the birth stone for the month of June, moonstone is also designated as the birthstone for June. This is useful when the gem needs to be cut and shaped like a gem. Pearl cannot be cut and faceted like moonstone.


How To Order Your Cladagh Mens Ring.

If you need more information on the above rings, please email our support team at sales@kaisilver.com Do provide details related to metal option, gem option and any other customization requirements that are relevant to the query. The team will be glad to assist you even if you do not intend to make any purchase from us. To order these rings please go to the detailed page here.

Below is a price estimate for the cladagh mens ring with various options. You can request for a price quote based on your specific requirements. Production time is normally 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Shipping is through FEDEX with web tracking. You can let us know if you need to have your cladagh mens silver or gold ring with a gem stone not mentioned here.


Prices With 8mm Gemstone - MAN14, MAN60 and MAN33 Are Priced The Same

Ring Weight 18 to 22 Grams

mens claddagh ring prices

We will let you know if your ring size is very large requiring additional gold weight.


Prices With 10mm Gemstone - MAN14, MAN60 and MAN33 Are Priced The Same

Ring Weight 22 to 25 Grams

mens gold or sterling silver claddagh ring

We will let you know if your ring size is very large requiring additional gold weight.


Who Is Kaisilver.

Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom made jewelry provider. We are proud to have more than 10,000 gem and jewelry buyers spread across the globe as our clients. We have always assured buyers of quality merchandise for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. We can craft all types of jewelry with your choice of designs and gem stones. Our resourceful team includes 7 of the finest designers and the best group of jewelry craftsmen and artisans. Gems are procured directly from leading gem cutters or at the mining sites. Our gem experts closely inspect each gem before it is cut by the best of gem cutting talent. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to stay in business and grow. A glance at some of our Buyer Testimonials will give you an idea of the quality of merchandise and service that we provide. Our support team at sales@kaisilver.com is comprised of gem and jewelry experts rather than smart talking sales staff. We evaluate support staff based on the quality of solutions and advice that they provide to buyers and prospective buyers - there is no pressure to push a buyer to place an order. We will have absolutely no problems if a buyer gets all the required information and advice from us and finally, gives the sales order to another jeweler.


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