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Mens Amethyst Rings

Your Amethyst Mens Ring - Evaluating Options

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If you had to briefly summarize the features of a mens amethyst ring, you would talk about a gold or silver mens ring with amethyst gemstone, generally a large amethyst gemstone. Many men choose their amethyst ring with just those criteria, a major compromise is made on many other essential features. Looking at the scenario from the view point of the jeweler, things look rose - a less fussy buyer is like a dream come true. In this report on amethyst rings for men, we will turn the tables. While we provide some constructive suggestions and tips to the buyer, we will make jewelers sweat a bit for getting an order. So with due apologies to our gem and jewelry trading community, here we go.

Amethyst Information: Getting to know the gemstone in your ring is a good starting point, it is from here that you should launch your search and evaluation project for your amethyst mens ring. Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstone from the quartz family. Like other quartz gems, the gemstone exhibits good toughness and wearability. Keep in mind that the gemstone in your amethyst ring, would have been formed millions of years ago - it has maintained it's shape and form until today and with a little care will, give you a lifetime of wearing pleasure. The Mohs scale used to measure the hardness of gems, gives an impressive rating of 7 to amethyst. While we would not suggest that you bang and bash your amethyst mens ring, rest assured that the gem can take care of itself with minimum care and attention.

Amethyst Color: The base color of an amethyst is purple, this could range from a very pale lavendar color to a much thicker purple. The popularity of mens gold and 925 silver amethyst rings is significantly influenced by the fact that, the gem color is not flashy or too feminine. While amethyst is reasonably priced especially if you consider, the good features of the gem, the price of an amethyst will generally move up as the color becomes more saturated. The very pale color amethyst gems have never commanded a healthy market. They do have their share of beauty when cut in fancy shapes with innovative cuts and grooves. It is the medium purple color gems that, are favorites for amethyst jewelry. You will find medium color gems in not only mens amethyst gemstone rings but also, in some fine jewelry for ladies. It is the darker-medium color gems that find their way into fine amethyst mens rings. Having said that, we have received a number of repeat orders for mens amethyst rings with the really dark amethyst stones. When choosing the gem color for your silver or gold amethyst ring for men, request for the gem color image from your jeweler. We would say that medium color amethyst is generally a safe choice but, taking a better look at gems that are either very dark or very light is advisable.

Amethyst Origin: While gems like Colombian Emeralds, Burmese Rubies and Sri Lank Sapphires, have a market charisma that weighs heavily on their price tag, here is what we would suggest for amethyst gems. You will often hear terms like Brazilian Amethyst and African Amethyst, in the gem and jewelry markets. Keep in mind that the reference to location here (Brazil, Africa) does not mean to refer to their mining location. It has today become common to refer to light and medium color amethyst stones as, Brazilian Amethyst. Similarly, the darker amethyst gemstones are commonly referred to as African amethyst. When choosing the gem for your mens amethyst ring, firstly make sure that it is procured from a reliable sourse. The gem should be natural and not a manmade piece of glass or resin. Get the color shade clear with your jeweler, requesting for a simple color comparison image of 3 - 4 amethyst gems would save a lot of confusion. Don't agree on paying a premium price for the gem unless, you are going for the really rich and dark purple amethyst variety.

Clarity And Zoning: For this report we will refer to clarity as the existence or absence of inclusions or even fissures (cracks) in the gemstone. It is natural for gems to show flaws as their size increases, this is a rule with all natural gemstones. However what differs is the, definition of 'large' gems - this could vary from gem to gem. For example a 3 carat fine Burmese ruby would surely classify as  big or large ruby gem but, you could hold a 10 carat lemon quartz and not be surprised with it's size! When it comes to gem size in mens amethyst gemstone rings, the 8mm to 10mm size is the most common size range. This would put the gem weight in the 3 carat to 5 carat range. It is fair to expect an eye clean gemstone for a mens amethyst ring in this size range. By zoning we mean, color zoning - the uniformity of color across the whole gem. Amethyst like we mentioned before is a type of quartz and quartz in it's purest form, is white (colorless). It is the presence of certain impurities or rare elements in the rock that give quartz a specific color. Since the gemstone itself takes several thousand years to be formed, it is common for purities to be isolated in certain parts of the rock that is finally formed. Natural amethyst sotnes often show light and dark purple color shades in the same gem. The color zoning gets more prominent in darker purple amethyst stones. So while you might find some color zoning in the gemstone of your amethyst ring, make sure that the color zoning is not very apparent when seen from the top (table) of the gemstone.

Faceted Or Smooth: Most of the amethyst mens ring you come across would have faceted gemstones, this is true of the collection that we present below for your preview too. However it is possible to get a custom made mens amethyst ring with a smooth (cabachon) gemstone. Some useful tips on cabachon amethyst rings for men here, keep them in mind. The general practice with amethyst manufacturers and cutters is to, set aside lower quality stones for cabachon gem and bead production. This is true not only for amethyst but, almost all other gemstones too. We do not expect that you would accept a low quality amethyst in terms of low color or clarity for your mens cabachon amethyst ring, so this is what you would need to do. Find a custom jewelry provider who controls the entire production process. This would include, gem cutting and ring production. Next, make it clear that your amethyst mens ring, needs a good quality smooth amethyst gemstone and give an idea of the gem size. One thing that you will need to avoid is to go for a cabachon amethyst stone that is cut very high. Such a gem can protrude well beyond the surface of the ring and is prone to getting damaged by hitting agains hard surfaces.

Metal Options: When choosing the metal for your mens amethyst gemstone ring, assess your budget and personal preferences. Amethyst itself looks awesome in all gem colors and can stand up, to the cleaning processes involved in both gold and 925 silver mens amethyst rings. The impressively increasing demand for mens silver amethyst rings is backed by some interesting reasons. Many men do not like the flashy look of gold jewelry, this makes silver an attractive option for them. Mens amethyst rings with a classic design concept, seem to get an impressive lift in style when crafted in 925 sterling silver. Budget and economics does influence most purchases, this obviously works in favor of sterling silver mens rings. If you do decide to go for a mens gold amethyst ring, our recommendation is for a 14k white or yellow gold ring. 14k gold with a slightly higher degree of hardness as compared to 18k gold, will in the longterm work positively for the durability of the jewel. Having said that, we must say that sufficient metal weight can make sufficiently durable 14k or 18k mens amethyst gemstone rings. As far as the gold color for a mens gold amethyst ring goes, the once popular yellow gold option seems to be making way for an impressive trend towards amethyst white gold mens rings. At kaisilver we provide the same care, attention and quality of craftsmanship and gems for gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Amethyst Birthstone: The popularity of wearing birthstone jewelry runs across age, gender and nationalities. The February birthstone amethyst, is very often worn in the form of amethyst rings. You could choose a simple, sturdy amethyst birthstone mens ring in gold or 925 silver. While a limited budget might seem like a big limitation, we would suggest that you explore various options without, accepting too many compromises on metal, gemstone and quality. A good quality 8mm amethyst gemstone in a fine sterling silver mounting, might not be cheap but, do you really want to wear a cheap low grade jewel. At the same time, go for a lavish gold amethyst mens birthstone ring if your budget permits. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your amethyst birthstone ring, will not vary depending on the price of the ring.


Keep the above information at hand when you look for a mens amethyst ring. It is not possible for you to read, comprehend and remember all the valuable information presented above. So keep a tab on the link of this web page and reference it whenever relevant. And if you really feel that the information goes beyond sales hype and works in the interest of the buyer, recommend the page to your friends and collegues. Below are some fine mens amethyst rings for your preview, take a look and equip yourself with the right information. Where you finally purchase your mens gold or 925 silver mens amethyst ring from is up to you, we would be glad as long as you get a good ring at a fair price.


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Highlights Of Kaislver Amethyst Mens Rings

Custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Sterling silver is also an option. All ring sizes are available.
Healthy metal weight ensures longterm durability, our mens amethyst rings have a minimum weight range of 20 to 25 grams.
The researched design for our mens rings, offers a sturdy jewel and firm gem mounting.
Not mass produced, some of the finest craftsmen and artisans work on each jewel. The same quality of craftsmanship is assured for gold or 925 silver mens amethyst gemstone rings.
We provide all gem stone options, each gem is carefully inspected before being precisely cut. You are not restricted to gems that you see on our website.
All design modifications are possible since, you can even send us your own designs to be custom made.



Birth Stone Chart

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Though pearl is the birth stone for the month of June, moonstone is also designated as the birthstone for June. This is useful when the gem needs to be cut and shaped like a gem. Pearl cannot be cut and faceted like moonstone.



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