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Buyer Comment I Got The Ring !!!!!! Beautiful, Perfect, Excellent! This is how I describe you guys. The ring was more beautiful than the sample you did for me. Also, the customer service that you provide is out of this world. I have never experience anything like it. Your quick response time in answering all my questions was what motivated me to buy from you. Keep it up! I look forward in doing business with you again. Thank you. Ms. Dionne LLorente, FL, U.S.A Click Here To Read More Feedback From Our Buyers

Man Sapphire Rings

Highend Man Sapphire Rings. Handpicked Gemstones and Good Gold Weight For All Rings For Men. Sturdy And Durable To Keep Up With Your Active Lifestyle. All Rings Are Available In 14k or 18k White Or Yellow Gold With Gemstones Of Your Choice.

Sapphire Man Rings, White and Yellow Gold

The majestic color of blue sapphires has made sapphire men's rings a favourite for a long time now. A man sapphire ring in white or yellow gold looks great and the ranges of blue in which blue sapphires are available make it an ideal choice for a man's ring. The most common shapes for sapphires in blue sapphire men's rings are round and oval. A much rarer sight are sapphire men's rings with square or octogonal shaped blue sapphires. Sapphire gemstones are hard and come second in hardness to only diamonds. This and a heavy gold mounting will make your man sapphire ring very durable and sturdy.

man sapphire ring

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When you choose your men's ring with sapphire, ensure that the design incorporates features that will keep your sapphire ring in good shape, for a long time to come. Review the price of your sapphire man ring with reference to the long term costs involved. If, all you look for is low price, you will be left with a light weight ring that bends and twists out of shape at the slightest excuse. The low gold weight will also result in a weak gemstone mounting. If your sapphire man ring has prong settings for the gemstone, the prongs could easily open up and loosen the gemstone. The long term cost of maintaining your cheap man sapphire ring will far outweigh the money saved in buying a low priced bargain. A weak gemstone mounting could make you lose the sapphire gemstone and this would be a sad ending.

Sapphire man ring

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The MAN21 ring shown above is a classic example of the superior quality of Kaisilver men's rings. This yellow gold sapphire man ring has a center oval sapphire gemstone that is bordered with gold all around. The weight of this ring is a healthy 25 grams. Notice, how the gold content increases near and around the head of ring. This is done to ensure that the gemstone remains protected and also to keep the ring in shape for a long time.

Man's sapphire rings

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When you look at a man ring, notice the portion of the band that goes behind the finger. Most rings will have band width of around 2mm to 3mm behind the finger. These men's sapphire rings and all the other men's rings from Kaisilver, have a minimum bandwidth of 0.4cm or 4mm behind the finger. This gives your sapphire man ring a nice gradually tapering band. The healthy gold weight allows rings to be made with a good band width. Ideally the portion behind the finger should be proportional to the head of the ring. Other jewellers are not able to ensure this as, gold content is squeezed to please markets with cheaper merchandise. At Kaisilver we compromise on nothing and this policy is reflected in our high quality jewelry.

Man ring with sapphire gemstone

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The MAN23 man sapphire ring has a very neat band that is neither too wide nor too narrow. The center gemstone in this sapphire ring for men is surrounded by small diamonds. Like all the other jewelry on our website, this ring is available in both yellow and white gold with all gemstone options. The high end craftsmanship that is common to all Kaisilver jewelry, adds a brilliant touch to this classic men's sapphire gemstone ring. This ring would look great in white or yellow gold. The ring is well suited as a male wedding or engagement ring.

Sapphire men's rings

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If you are looking for something bold and strong, then MAN15 is your ring. This diffused star sapphire ring has a large diffused star sapphire in the center. The ring would look awesome as a yellow star sapphire ring or as a star sapphire ring in white gold. This star sapphire ring for men can be made with a high polish band or a band with a brushed dull finish. The hardness of the sapphire and the good gold weight for this men's sapphire ring would ensure that the ring lasts for generations. Like always, you can select 14k or 18k gold, though we highly recommend 14k gold because of it's hardness. The final choice is ofcourse yours.

Sapphire men's rings

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Good designs for man sapphire rings with multi gemstones are not many. The MAN54 is one of the few impressive men's multi gem stone rings that we have seen. The center sapphire gemstone is an oval 9mmx7mm gem and you can choose from two grades of sapphires. The image shows the man sapphire ring with rubelite gemstones on the side, you can ofcourse select the gemstone of your choice for the center and side gems. The heavy gold mounting ensures that the gemstones are firmly mounted and provides good longterm durability for the man sapphire ring. Since all these man sapphire rings are fully custom made, you can request for any design changes or order a completely different design. While a 14k man sapphire ring would be more sturdy, we offer options for both 14k and 18k gold.

Essentials Of A Good Man Sapphire Ring

Good Gold Weight: This is a requirement of all man rings and not just man rings with sapphire. Good gold weight plays a major part in providing a good gemstone mounting and also for keeping your ring in shape for a long time to come. Heavy gold rings are not just about being masculine and huge. The long term costs of maintaining a ring will be reduced if it is built sturdy and strong at the first time. Your Kaisilver sapphire ring or any other men's ring from Kaisilver, would have a gold weight that is 50% to 70% more than what other jewellers would provide.

Sturdy Gemstone Mounting: Your sapphire man ring would best have the gemstone mounted with gold all around the gemstone. Prongs used to set the gemstone would not be advisable as, the prongs tend to get stuck in pockets and fabric. Prong settings save on gold weight but that is where the goodness ends. The prongs tend to loosen over time and could even cause the gemstone to fall off. Your sapphire men's ring would ideally be mounted with gold all around the gemstone. This would provide a protection against side impact and also ensure that the gemstone does not drop off.

Researched Design: Men's rings have come a long way from the earlier heavy metal pieces with substandard craftsmanship. It was the high end men's rings from Kaisilver that transformed the quality and style of men's rings. A team of dedicated designers and craftsmen spent many months researching the lifestyle and habits of modern men. The inputs were used to design our men's rings.

High End Craftsmanship: Given the active lifestyle of today's men, rings for men need to be sturdy and have a good weight. It was Kaisilver who proved that this strength need not come at the expense of style and craftsmanship. This man sapphire ring and all other rings from us are individually made by some of the best craftsmen in the trade. Each piece is handfinished to perfection in the final phase of production. We do not indulge in gimmicks like close outs and blow outs where, substandard light weight junk is peddled in poshly decorated discount stores and super malls.

Long Term Durability: This man sapphire ring may appear to be more expensive as compared to merchandise from other sellers. But you need to look at the long term expense when going for cheaper bargains. The cheaper rings would have around 50% to 60% less weight than this ring. The gemstone mounting would be flimsy and the craftsmanship would come no where near to what we provide. The cheaper ring would bend and twist at the slightest excuse and you would have a running cost of repairs and modifications. Our rings with their good gold weight and solid gemstone mounting, backed by a well researched design, are extremely sturdy and durable and will last for generations.

Wide Choice And Options: Since each ring is individually made by expert craftsmen, we provide a mind boggling range of options. All gemstone options are available and every gemstone is hand picked by experts and custom cut for each ring. All ring sizes are available and you can even request for design changes for your ring. You can also choose from 14k or 18k yellow or white gold, a two tone combination of yellow and white gold is also provided at no additional charge.

More Classic Men's Ring Designs From Kaisilver
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Kaisilver is the only provider of high end male rings online. Our custom man gold rings are designed after researching the habits and lifestyles of today's men. No compromises have been made on gold content, gemstones or craftsmanship. Our rings weigh around 50% to 70% more than what other sellers offer for the same design. The rings are created with strength and durability in mind. Every ring is custom made, gemstones are hand picked by experts and custom cut by extremely skilled gemstone cutters. You can choose any gemstone of your choice and order these male rings in 14K or 18K yellow or white gold. We even offer sterling silver as a choice and both gold and silver rings have the same high end craftsmanship.

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