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Man Fashion Rings

Custom Fashion Rings For Males, All Gemstone Options

Custom Made In 14k or 18k Yellow or White Gold, All Gem Stone Options
Available In All Ring Sizes.
Fully Customizable As Per Your Requirements

This is a spectacular fashion man ring, with a multi gemstone inlay design. The high end craftsmanship provided for all Kaisilver jewelry makes this a jewel that will be appreciated by all fashion jewelry lovers. No effort has been spared to make this high end male fashion ring and our designers and craftsmen spent a few months before deciding on the layout of the gemstones in this broad band ring. Few jewellers would have attempted this inlay ring design with as many gemstones as shown here. The ring stands tall at around 1cm and has very neat craftsmanship on the outside and even on the inside of the band.

Spectacular fashion man ring with inlay of gemstones.

Upgraded: The gold weight of this mens fashion ring has been upgraded to 25 grams making the ring more durable and more comfortable to wear.

Custom mens fashion ring, this is an inlay ring in gold or silver with gems of your choice. Crafted by skilled craftsmen and bestowed with a handsome metal weight.

Kaisilver provides a high degree of flexibilty for all jewelry and these men's fashion rings are no exception. We have a large section of gemstones that you can choose from and you can even send us images of your fashion men's rings to be custom made. Few jewellers can provide the high quality craftsmanship that is required to make good inlay rings. Infact most fashion male rings that you will find are nothing more than a bundle of compromises! Our jewelry compromises on nothing and you will be assured of a good design, healthy gold weight, hand picked gemstones and craftsmanship that no other seller can come close to.

fashion men's ring in yellow or white gold male fashion ring with multi gemstone

This man fashion gold ring is a perfect example of a high end inlay ring. The gemstones used in this ring are malachite, turquoise, red coral, blue lapis and white mother of pearl. The ring has three diamonds set near the red coral. You can choose from the list of gemstones mentioned in the table below and if you need a gemstone not found in the table, email us at with details and we will send you a price quote for the same. There are certain types of gemstones that can be inlaid in jewelry and we will let you know if the gemstones that you need can be used. All gemstones used in our jewelry are handpicked and custom cut by experts. This is all the more important in inlay rings as it requires a high degree of accuracy. With the possibility of combining gemstones, your fashion men's ring could be matched with clothes of many colors.

With a good gold weight of around 18 to 20 grams, your man fashion gold ring has a head height of around 1.3cm and tapers down to a good 0.75cm behind the finger. This sturdy construction does not come at the expense of good craftsmanship. 3,500 of the world's best craftsmen and artisans work on all our custom jewelry and the attention paid to every detail is truly amazing. Depending on your preference, you can order this ring as a 14k or 18k white gold or yellow gold ring. We recommend 14k gold because of it's hardness, but the final choice will be yours.

What Is An Inlay Ring?
We mentioned above that this male fashion ring is an 'inlay ring', it is important that you know what an inlay ring is. The ring is a solid gold ring like any other ring, but the gemstones in an inlay ring are set by a special process called 'inlay' setting. In this process the gold casting is first made with depressions in the shape of the gemstones to be set. For good quality inlay it is important that the depressions in the gold are not slots, meaning that the gold should not be cut through all the way. Once the casting is completed and the first polish is done, the gemstones are cut into a size and shape that roughly fit the depressions in the gold casting.

In the next process the gemstones are placed in the depressions and stuck with an adhesive. The ring is now left to dry before doing further work on it. Once the glue is completely dry, the process of final polish is done where the gemstones and surrounding gold are polished together. This will be done until the gemstones and gold are on the same level and have a smooth finish. The final result is as you see it, in the MAN29 gold men's fashion ring on this page.

We mentioned above that the depressions in the gold casting should not be cut all the way into the gold. This is because the adhesive will then not have enough surface to bind the gemstone to. A depression will allow more surface area to be in contact with the gemstone and offer a more solid binding. This will result in an increase in gold weight but is advisable. This is an important feature of your man fashion ring with inlay and you should be aware of the benefits of providing a healthy gold weight.

Caring And Cleaning Your Inlay Men's Fashion Rings
The procedure of making your male fashion ring with inlay has been clearly explained above. You will need to follow a few suggestions when wearing and cleaning your inlay ring.
(01) The ring is not meant for very frequent wear and should not be worn when doing a lot of physical activity. This rules out car washing, dish washing, clothes washing and repairing a fence when wearing your inlay male fashion ring. The ring is what it claims to be, a 'fashion ring' and you should wear it on special occassions and store it safely once you get back home.
(02) To clean the ring, wipe it gently with a moist cloth. The cloth should be soft and not have hard objects like pins and buttons attached to it. Do not soak a cloth in water and then apply it to the ring, the cloth needs to be very slightly damp and not soaking or dripping wet. If you do this once in a way, you will not need to use any other means to clean this fashion men's ring.
(03) Do not soak your inlay ring in water, this could ruin the adhesive that is used to bind the gemstones in the ring. It is best to wipe your ring often and not allow excess dirt or grime to collect on the ring. Cleaning solutions and creams are not meant for inlay jewelry and severe cleaning should be handled by a professional jeweller.
(04) Ultrasound cleaners are also not suitable for cleaning your fashion men's ring with inlay work. Ensure that the ring does not get severely scratched or is not subject to impact from hard or sharp objects.

We have deliberately classified this inlay ring as a fashion ring for men. As the name implies, the ring should be used occassionaly and should not be worn all day long when doing physical work or bathing and sleeping. It is an artistic creation and a true work of art, treat it as such and it will give you many years of wearing pleasure. These suggestions apply to all inlay jewelry no matter where they are made. The only difference is that, most sellers do not disclose such information clearly as they fear that it would keep buyers away. At Kaisilver we believe that you have a right to know the facts before making your final decision. We consider ourselves as being more than a jeweller because we are on your side.

Read Kaisilver Buyer Comments

.....received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Florida

....Just wanted to thank you for the perfect pendant!! You do amazing work. I look forward to doing more business with your fine company soon.... Please do use my would be an honor to have it on your website... Thank you thank you!! Take care Trevor Ferrell, U.S.A

Click Here To Read More Feedback From Our Buyers

Ring Features: The intense research conducted into the lifestyle and habits of modern men by kaisilver yielded valuable design information. The input helped us create the world's first high end collection of men's rings. Two years later, we remain the only online provider of high end men's rings and provide complete customization for every single order. This fashion man ring was designed for those fashion concious males who until today, were forced to be satisfied with substandard quality and designs that were loud and gaudy.

(01) All Kaisilver jewelry has good gold weight that is around 50% to 70% more than what other jewellers would offer for similar designs. The durability of this men's fashion gold ring increases with this solid gold weight. For an inlay ring, the extra gold also ensures that there is a proper bonding of the gemstones with the gold. Read the above section on 'What Is An Inlay Ring' and you will appreciate the detail and care that has gone into designing this fashion inlay ring for men.

(02) The gemstone selection and cutting is very precise and critical for inlay rings. Few jewellers can offer you the perfect choice and cut that goes to make a high end inlay ring. At Kaisilver we have an entire section of production devoted to inlay gemstone cutting and setting. A look at the MAN29 photographs above will show you exactly what we mean. Each gemstone needs to be precisely cut and bonded with the gold, if this is not done the overall polishing will not appear as spectacular as you see here.

(03) Not all gemstones can be used for the inlay procedure. There are a few other gemstones besides the gems shown in MAN29. We provide you with maximum possible options and the table below provides even more gemstone selections. If you need a gemstone not mentioned here email us with details at and our designers and craftsmen will reply to your queries. They will also let you know if the gemstone that you need can be used for inlay jewelry. The ring can also be ordered as a male opal inlay ring and the price table provides pricing for opal inlay options.

(04) All Kaisilver jewelry has high end craftsmanship and flawless handfinishing. This is all the more important for the fashion male gold ring shown here. The skills required for the gemstone cutting, the bonding of the gemstone to the gold and the final setting and polishing are hard to find. Infact each inlay ring is an exhibition of tremendous talent at every phase of production. The casting with the depressions to set the gemstone, the depth of the depressions followed by the exact gemstone size and shapes are all critical factors.

(05) All design modifications are possible and you can also send us images of your favourite designs. All jewelry can be custom made in 14k or 18k, yellow or white gold with gemstones of your choice. For men's rings we would recommend 14k gold because of it's hardness. The active lifestyle of today's modern men requires that men's rings are strong, sturdy and reliable.

Just send us details of your requirements and we will have our team of craftsmen and designers work with you for a final design. We do not hire smart talking sales staff eagerly waiting to push you to an 'Order Now' page, we infact do not have an 'Order Now' page at all. Our policy is to provide guidance and suggestions and then lead you to make your own, well informed decision. Email us for any information that you might need at
Ring Weight 25 Grams, Includes 3 Diamonds Of Size 2mm Each.

mens fashion ring pricing, MAN29 mens ring from Kaisilver

We recommend 14k gold because of it's hardness, but the final choice will be yours. Yellow and white gold are priced the same. Gemstones can be combined in any combination that you need. If you need a gemstone not mentioned here, please email us with details at and we will provide you with a price quote for the same.

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What you see here is just a small set of ideas and designs to fire your imagination. The terms fashion and style have no limits and we are willing to travel as far as your imagination can. You can choose any of these men's fashion rings with the confidence that, they will be strong and sturdy and look stunning no matter for what occassion you choose to wear them. You need not limit yourself to the gemstones or designs that you see here and can send us your favourite designs too. Email us your questions and requirements at and we will provide you with all the advice that you need to make a decision. Some of the world's finest craftsmen at Kaisilver will ensure that your dreams turn to reality.

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Kaisilver has proved that you need not burn up your lifetime savings or mortgage your house to get that diamond ring that you always wanted. At the same time you do not need to settle for the light weight, low grade diamond jewelry with diamonds that look like, white opaque pieces of powdered glass. Our designers have worked for months to deliver diamond ring designs that look gorgeous and are yet very affordable. Every ring has high end craftsmanship with good proportional gold weight. You also have the option to combine gemstones and diamonds in the same ring. Click for our diamond engagement rings section Our diamond rings have opened up a whole new opportunity for lovers of diamond rings, who could not afford those rings with massive price tags and yet stayed away from the light weight junk diamond jewelry with substandard craftsmanship. View our designs and feel the difference.

Who Is Kaisilver?

Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewellery. We are directly networked to all the leading gemstone and jewellery manufacturers in Thailand. 3,500 of the finest craftsmen work on all Kaisilver custom jewellery and each jewel is completely custom made. This massive set up gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones and every gemstone we use is hand picked and custom cut. Our buyers include fashion models, lawyers, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, TV news readers, racing car drivers, hotel and resort owners, financial experts, business professionals, housewives, doctors and surgeons and people from all walks of life. You can view some of our buyer feedback at Click Here and realize why most of the world's high end custom jewellery is ordered at Kaisilver.

Ordering, Payment And Shipping Information

Firstly, we are in no hurry to push you through the ordering process. Browse as long as you wish and get all your doubts and queries answered. All queries and orders can be emailed to us at An extremely skilled team of designers and craftsmen will answer each query. The idea is to allow you to make a well informed decision.

Payments are accepted through Paypal and Bank Transfers. We are International Verified Premium Account holders for paypal and you can therefore transact with confidence. Our email for paypal is Please let us know if you wish to use, any of the other payment methods mentioned above and we will provide you with details for the same.

Shipping is by EMS or FEDEX and can be tracked on the web. The shipping charges are 25 U.S$ worldwide. Shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. The merchandise would reach you in around 4 to 5 working days after the date of shipment.

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