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Male White Gold Ring

White Gold Rings For Men

All Jewelry Custom Made In 14k/18k White Or Yellow Gold, All Gemstone Options Available

White gold rings for males are not very common and that is the reason why most white gold ring designs for men, appear to be monotonous and boring. For some reason most gold rings for males have been designed in yellow gold. The reasons for this trend are not very clear, but it could be that white has come to be associated with something light and delicate. The lack of men's rings with good craftsmanship and design is true for both yellow and white gold male rings. A male white gold ring could be worn for a special occassion like an engagement or wedding, it is also a good idea to wear a birthstone male white gold ring. Your male white gold ring could be made as a plain ring with, no gemstone or diamond too.

The notion that, all male white gold rings would appear to be light and delicate is quite wrong. A good sturdy white gold ring for men, with good craftsmanship and good quality gemstones would look as impressive as a yellow gold ring for men. Male white gold rings should ideally have a fairly large gemstone and also be broad and heavy. The gold weight would obviously push up the cost, but is important for the long term durability of the ring.

Kaisilver was the first to create high end gold rings for men. These rings have a very good gold weight and are designed after an intense research on the lifestyle and habits of modern men. All the jewelry on our website is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can also select the gemstone of your choice. All design modifications are available and you can even send in scanned images of your favourite designs for us to custom make. We offer high quality rings in gold or sterling silver. The same range of gemstone options and fine craftsmanship is provided for gold or silver rings.

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White gold male ring, citrine gemstone White gold male band rings Sapphire white gold rings for males
Male white gold ring with birthstone White gold rings for males Garnet white gold male ring
Men's white gold gemstone ring White gold rings for males white gold amesthyst ring for males
White gold male ring with iolite gemstone White gold male ring with etching Male white gold black onyx ring

Male white gold rings would ideally be made as 14k white gold rings. This is because the hardness of 14k gold is ideal for ensuring that, the ring will be sturdy and retain shape for many years to come. White gold is available in 18k gold too and this is a bit softer as compared to 14k white gold. If the white gold men's ring that you need will not be worn very often, 18k white gold would also be a good option.

Now, a little about matching the right gemstone colors with white gold male rings. If you decide to have a male white gold ring, ensure that the gemstone you select goes well with the color of the gold. For example, a very dark and deep blue sapphire would appear almost black in a white gold ring. This is because the white color of the gold will contrast very starkly with the already dark colored gemstone. There are few gemstone colors that you need to be careful about when selecting a white gold men's ring. Dark blue sapphire is one and another is a very deep and dark red garnet. If you are looking for a male ring in white gold with a garnet gemstone, select a garnet with a shallow cut as this would help to lighten the color of the gemstone.

Is white gold more expensive than yellow gold? We offer both white and yellow gold at the same price so this is not an aspect that you need to worry about. Base your decision on your likes and also consider the color of the gemstone being used. The basic requirements of men's rings remain the same for both yellow and white gold rings.

Features Of Kaisilver Male Rings
Classic Design: All these white gold male rings from Kaisilver have been designed after a thorough research into the lifestyles and habits of today's men. A team of designers and craftsmen spent over a month to collect and analyse data.

High End Craftsmanship: These male white gold rings, like all the other jewelry from Kaisilver, have high end craftsmanship. Flawless hand finishing is provided in the final phase of production. Kaisilver created the world's first high end male ring and still remains the leading provider of high end male jewelry.

Gemstones: With direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of quality gemstones, we provide you with all gemstone options for your white gold rings for males and for all other jewelry. Every gemstone is hand picked by experts and custom cut for the jewelry that we make. If you need a gemstone that is not mentioned on our website, email us with details and we will procure it for you.

Good Gold Weight: All our male rings have around 50% to 70% more gold weight when compared to the weight offered by other sellers. This good gold weight ensures that your ring stays in shape and does not bend and twist at the slightest excuse. Good gold weight also allows for firm mounting of the gemstones and diamonds in the ring. All jewelry can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold.

Good Band Width: These white gold male rings have a good band width all around. Even the unseen portion behind the finger has a minimum width of 0.4cm to 0.75cm. Most sellers offer male rings with a very skinny and slim band behind the finger. The good gold weight of our male rings allows us to provide a good band width all around the ring.

Solid Gemstone Mounting: Notice the mounting of the gemstone on these white gold rings for males. The gemstone is bordered with gold all around the edge. This ensures that the gemstones do not loosen and fall off the ring. Prong settings tend to stick in pockets and fabrics, they gradually open up and loosen the gemstone. The gold border around the gemstone also protects the gemstone from side impacts.

Sturdy And Durable: A well researched design combined with good gold weight and an extremely good gemstone mounting, add to the long term durability of the ring. Cheaper rings will be light weight pieces with low grade craftsmanship and you will end up spending a lot of money on repairing and maintaining those rings. Kaisilver rings will pay for themselves in the long run, as they are constructed to last for generations.

Who Is Kaisilver?
If you have not seen us on TV or read flashy advertisements about us, it is because we concentrate on providing complete value for your jewelry. Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry. The most important thing is that, we rely completely on buyer satisfaction to stay and grow in business. This explains our continous efforts to improve the quality of our merchandise and service. We do not indulge in gimmicks as these high pitched publicity stunts finally add to the jewelry price tag. Our constant efforts to satisfy our buyers has brought us over 6,000 buyers in 17 nations. Our buyers include fashion models, government officials, lawyers, financial experts, members of the armed forces, journalists, sportsmen, doctors and surgeons, hotel and casino owners, housewives, professors, students and more.

Some Buyer Comments
hi ms. nee, received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA

Hello and GOD BLESS YOU!!! I just received my bracelet and it is absolutely amazing! The ring is very beautiful too, but I am especially thrilled with my bracelet! I hope to do business with you again one day, and will recommend you to all of my friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! God bless you all. Ms.Cheryl Curtis

Hello, I received the ring today! Thank you very much for the fast delivery. It is one of the nicest rings I have ever seen, and the blue lapis goes with the yellow gold very nicely. The build quality of the ring is excellent, I can't say enough for it. It is a very solid study ring, and I like the nice thick underside of the ring; it is even thicker than that of some large school class rings I have. Please convey to the craftsmen who built the ring, and to everyone I corresponded with; Ms. Nok, Ms. Jittrah, Ms. Wan, and Ms. Tuk my sincere thanks. I enjoyed very much conveying the design to you, and I hope the craftsmen enjoyed making it as well. I will keep up with your website and ring designs, and when the mood strikes, will likely have you craft another ring for me. Sincerely, Mr.H. Albaugh, U.S.A

The ring arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful job. I will be looking at your website over the next couple of weeks to place an additional order. Your workmanship and pricing is excellent. Thanks again, Dr. David Williams

Ordering, Payment And Shipping Information
Firstly, we are in no hurry to push you through the ordering process. Browse as long as you wish and get all your doubts and queries answered. All queries and orders can be emailed to us at An extremely skilled team of designers and craftsmen will answer each query. The idea is to allow you to make a well informed decision.

Payments are accepted through Paypal, Western Union Money Transfers and Money Orders in U.S$. Our preferred form of payment is Paypal as it is safer for you and us. We do not recommend Western Union for first time buyers, the lack of tracking of Western Union payments does not work to the advantage of the buyer. However, if you still prefer to pay through Western Union, let us know and we will provide details for the same. We are International Verified Premium Account holders for paypal and you can therefore transact with confidence. Our email for paypal is

Shipping is through FEDEX and can be tracked on the web. The shipping charges are 25 U.S$ worldwide. Shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time as every jewel is fully custom made and every gemstone handpicked and custom cut. The merchandise would reach you in around 4 to 5 working days after the date of shipment.

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More About Your White Gold Male Ring
There is a wrong notion that white gold is softer than yellow gold. Quite a few people believe that this is the reason, why a male white gold ring would be more delicate as compared to a yellow gold ring. The truth is that if you compare a 14k male white gold ring and the same ring in 14k yellow gold, the hardness remains the same. However, 18k gold is softer than 14k gold. This means that an 18k white gold male ring would surely be softer when, compared to the same ring in 14k gold. Coming to the choice of gemstone for your male white gold ring, it might be a good idea to discuss it with your jeweller. Certain gems like tanzanite, blue topaz, black onyx, red garnet and even amethyst are perfectly suited for yellow or white gold male rings. Certain gems like aquamarine, kunzite and even iolite would look awesome in a male white gold ring.

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