Male Onyx Rings, Custom Made Black Onyx Gemstone Rings For Men

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Male Onyx Rings

Custom Onyx Gemstone Rings For Men

A stupendous Onyx Male Ring with gemstones from Kaisilver. Good gold weight, excellent craftsmanship and your choice of initials for this high end Male Onyx Ring. The design and structure for this onyx gemstone ring for men is created after studying the lifestyle and habits of today's male.

The ring is sturdy and durable and at the same time has a very elegant look and feel. We have not compromised on quality or style to achieve the kind of durability that the ring posseses. The gemstones are hand picked by experts and custom cut, the strictest quality standards are followed when mounting the initials on the black onyx. We have not relied on simple glue to hold the initials firmly on the onyx gemstone.

This onyx gold ring for men is totally custom made, so you can select the gemstones of your choice and also choose from sterling silver, or 18K or 14K white of yellow gold. You can also ask for an modifications in the design that you need. These male onyx rings for example, could be made without the gemstones on the two corners. You could also choose to have the gems in your onyx ring mounted flush with the ring, instead of getting them to protrude outwards as shown in the image here.

This is a spectacular Initial Gold Ring in gold or sterling silver. The design and structure of this male onyx ring ensure that your ring will last for generations. The mountings of the alphabets uses an advanced technique where a pin at the bottom of each alphabet actually penetrates a hole in the black onyx. Read details mentioned lower down in this page.

Male Onyx Rings
Weight upgrade:   The weight of the gold ring has been ugraded from 20 grams to around 28 to 30 grams. This adds to the durability of the jewel and also makes it more comfortable to wear.

A handsome male onyx ring with multiple gemstones, the MAN16 male ring combines, good design, good craftsmanship and durability in a single ring. This onyx gemstone male ring is crafted by some of the finest craftsmen and can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. The round gemstones are based on your choice and can be set flush with the face of the ring or, with a raised border as shown in the image.

Custom Onyx Rings For Men Mens Onyx Gemstone Ring

Select The Intitials Of Your Choice
High End Individually Crafted Gold Or Silver Initials. Sturdy mounting, as the initials are very firmly mounted in this male black onyx ring. Select the initials and the font of your choice.
You can select the initial and font of your choice. These initials are then created with high end craftsmanship in gold or sterling silver. Each initial is finished to perfection by very skilled craftsmen. The initials are mounted on the black onyx gem stone using a special technic. In this method each initial has a small pin on the underside of the initial. This pin is made to pass through a small hole in the black onyx. On the underside of the ring the pin is bent, to hold the initial in place. The underside of the onyx ring is then covered in gold. Most sellers use just glue to fasten the initials, this does not help to make the ring durable and sturdy.

Good Gold Weight Makes The Ring Sturdy, Durable And Long Lasting
Gold weight for your male onyx rings is around 50% to 100% more than that offered by other sellers. This ensures strength and durability for your mens black onyx gemstone ring. Also Keeps the gems firmly mounted.
We have created this male onyx ring with a massive gold weight of 20 grams. This is a very good weight for a male ring as, it allows a large sized ring with firmly mounted gemstones to be made. The gold initials mounted on the black onyx gem stone are thick at around 1mm. This is a true high end black onyx gold ring for men and no compromise has been made in gold content or design.

Broad Band All Around
The ring starts with a broad head height of 2cm, it reduces gradually but is a good 0.75cm even behind the finger. This adds to the strength and durability of this gold onyx ring.
The broad band for the ring is possible because of the healthy gold weight of the ring. This also ensures that the ring can withstand a resize if required. The onyx gemstone ring shown here will stay in shape for a long time to come and will not bend and twist out of shape at the slightest excuse.

Gold Or Sterling Silver With All Gemstone Options
Your onyx mens ring can be ordered in 14K or 18K white or yellow gold. You can also select sterling silver. All jewelry whether gold or sterling silver, have high end craftsmanship.
This custom made onyx gold ring for men can be ordered in 14K or 18K gold. The price for yellow or white gold remains the same. You also have the option of sterling silver for your onyx ring. Further, all gemstone options are provided and you can select any combination of gemstones that you wish. Regarding the mounting of the round gems, you can select them to be mounted with a slight protrusion as shown in the image above or, request them to be mounted flush with the head of the ring (no protrusion).

High End Craftsmanship and Hand Finishing
This gents onyx ring like all the jewelry from kaisilver, has high end craftsmanship. In the final phase of production, every ring is hand finished to perfection by some of the world's best craftsmen.
Both silver and gold male onyx rings have the same high end craftsmanship. Attention is paid to even the smallest details and expert craftsmen hand finish each piece of jewelry. The good gold weight, sturdy design and constructions and the expert craftsmanship go to create this high end masterpiece.

We have provided exhaustive details of the male onyx ring on this page. The idea is to make you understand the true value of a high quality jewel and make the right decision. Most buyers would be impressed by external looks alone and not be aware of other features that work to make the ring more sturdy and durable. The jewelry produced by Kaisilver is truly high end and no effort is made to dump low grade junk on buyers by, bombarding them with high pitched advertising stunts. You can read the complete report on the value of our jewelry and realize how the big department stores and television shops take innocent buyers for a ride.

Dimension And Details For This Gold Onyx Initial Ring
This very sturdy and elegant black onyx male ring has a head height of 2cm, the portion op the band behind the finger is 0.75cm. The black onyx gemstone squares are 8mm in size. Each of the initials mounted on the black onyx squares are around 6mm to 8mm in height. The minimum weight of this onyx ring is around 20 grams.

Though your male onyx ring can be custom made in 14K or 18K gold, we recommend 14K gold because of it's hardness. The gemstones in this ring are 6mm round faceted gemstons and can be mounted in a protruded or flush setting. You can choose a combination of any gemstone that you prefer. The ring can also be made without these round gemstones. Since the ring is completely custom made, all ring sizes are available.

For any changes and modifications that you might need for your male onyx ring in gold or sterling silver ring, email us with details You can even send us images of your own gold ring and other jewelry to be custom made.

Pricing And Gemstone Details For The Onyx Male Rings
Minimum Ring Weight 28 to 30 Grams, Ring Head Height 2cm, Band Height Behind Finger 0.75cm.
mens onyx initial ring, custom ring in gold or silver

The male onyx ring is priced the same for white or yellow gold. We recommend 14k male onyx rings as 14k gold is harder than 18k gold and this makes your ring more sturdy. The final choice is yours as, we provide options for both 14k and 18k gold. Sterling silver male onyx rings will not be plated with rhodium or any other metal. You can request for rhodium or gold plating on sterling silver at no additional charge but, please remember that all plating on silver will wear off with time. Please email us at with details if you have specific requirements or need a gemstone not mentioned here. In cases where your ring is very large, we will let you know if additional gold weight is required to maintain the same level of durability.

Who Is Kaisilver?
With over 6,000 buyers in 17 nations, 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans and direct contacts with the world's leading gemstone manufacturers, we are the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewellery. We custom make all types of jewelry and you can choose our designs or send us your images and sketches. We have direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones and every gemstone that is used in our jewelry is closely inspected before being custom cut. A team consisting of designers, gemstone experts and craftsmen make sure that every design is researched before being released into our collection. Our jewelry typically weighs around 50% to 60% more as compared to what other jewellers would offer for the same design. Good metal weight is the most important factor that determines longterm durability of a jewel.

Our buyers include lawyers, members of the U.S armed forces, doctors and surgeons, financial experts, fashion models, sportsmen, housewives, students, professors and others. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to grow and do not indulge in gimmicks like high pitched advertising. We always strive to bring back the human touch to online selling. You will be impressed with the professional advice and straightforward attitude of our customer support staff.

Ordering Male Onyx Rings Or Other Kaisilver Jewellery
At Kaisilver, we have worked very hard to bring back the human touch to online selling. We do not rush you to the 'order now' page and infact do not have such a page at all. We encourage you to get complete information regarding the product that interests you and then make a well informed decision. Email us all your queries and doubts at our team of experts will answer them in simple and non-technical terms. You will not be pressurized into placing an order and infact, need not make any purchase from us at all. Since all jewelry is fully custom made, all design modifications are possible. If you need something totally different, send us images or sketches of your requirements and we will work out a specific quote for it.

For payment you can use Paypal or Western Union Money Transfer. We are International Verified Premium Account holders of Paypal and you can therefore transact with confidence. Our email for paypal is if you are a first time buyer on our website we would suggest that you use paypal and not Western Union Money Transfer. Most first time buyers feel that all sellers who accept Western Union Payments are waiting to run away with their money! We really do not have the time or inclination to convince you how honest and reputable we are. If you still prefer to use Western Union, please let us know and we will provide details for the same.

Shipping will be done through FEDEX within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time as every jewelry is fully custom made and involves an immense amount of skilled craftsmanship. Every gemstone is handpicked and closely inspected by our experts before being custom cut. You will be provided with the FEDEX tracking number the moment the parcel ships.

Man Gold Rings Custom Made
All Rings Custom Made With Gemstones Of Your Choice In Gold Or Sterling Silver

Click The Images For Details
Kaisilver is the only provider of high end male rings online. Our custom man gold rings are designed after researching the habits and lifestyles of today's men. No compromises have been made on gold content, gemstones or craftsmanship. Our rings weigh around 50% to 70% more than what other sellers offer for the same design. The rings are created with strength and durability in mind. Every ring is custom made, gemstones are hand picked by experts and custom cut by extremely skilled gemstone cutters. You can choose any gemstone of your choice and order these male rings in 14K or 18K yellow or white gold. We even offer sterling silver as a choice and both gold and silver rings have the same high end craftsmanship.

Band Man Gold Ring Saphire Man Gold Ring Male onyx ring, the Irish Claddagh ring with black onyx
mens onyx diamond ring black onyx ring for men gem stone ring for men made to order

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More About Your Male Onyx Rings
Durability is an important factor for all men's rings, this is because men take far less care of their jewelry as compared to the ladies. A healthy gold weight for your male onyx rings would the starting point to create a sturdy and durable ring. A light weight male onyx gem stone ring would be cheaper to start with, but frequent repairs would add to the final price. The ring would bend and dent easily and this could result in the gemstones loosening or dropping off. If you are on a limited budget, go for a silver male onyx ring with good weight rather than a low weight male gold onyx ring.

Avoid choosing male onyx rings where the gemstone protrudes well beyond the surface of the ring. The gemstone could chip or scratch due to physical impact, also ensure that the edges of the onyx gemstones and other pointed corners are well protected. Jewellers are aware of this danger but, insist on making male onyx rings with exposed gemstone edges and corners. This is done to keep gold weight to a minimum and therefore flaunt 'friendly' price tags, do not fall for this gimmick. Fancy cut onyx gem stones look awfully attractive but need to be low profile and well protected in the setting.

You can order the same MAN16 male onyx ring without the round gemstones if all you want is an onyx gemstone ring. The round gemstones provide an option to make the male onyx ring as a multiple birthstone ring so, consider this possibility. The round gems in this male onyx gemstone ring could be mounted with a raised border (as shown in the image) or set flush with the level of the ring.

We would like to mention a very important note on mounting the gemstone in our onyx gemstone male ring. We have already mentioned that, a good metal weight will ensure that the gemstones can be firmly mounted with a metal border all around. Beware of male onyx rings where, the gemstone is set in the ring using a glue. All types of glue will weaken with time and the rate at which the effect of the glue wears off would depend on the temperature, moisture content, glue composition etc. This is a very cheap gimmick played by even big jewellers so watch out. There is no reason why a gold or silver male onyx ring should have the gemstone fixed with glue.

The ring as shown on this page is basically an initial ring for men. Another option would be to replace the alphabets (initials) with any other symbol or character of your choice. The Yin yang symbol, lightning or a zodiac sign are some of the interesting options for such a male onyx ring.