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Big Sapphire Ring, Kate Middleton Sapphire Ring  

An 18 Carat Ceylon Blue Sapphire For Kate Middleton's Wedding Ring 

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When you talk about a big sapphire ring, just how big could the listener expect the sapphire gem stone in the ring to be. To answer this question, you will need to know who the lucky owner of the big sapphire gem stone ring is. If you were referring to the stupendous sapphire diamond ring worn by Kate Middleton for the royal wedding in 2011, then the sapphire was big big!.

In the case of blue sapphire gemstones, the price of the gemstone per carat would increase exponentially as the gem size increased. Explaining this with an example, let us presume that a sapphire ring had a 2 carat blue sapphire of a specific grade "AAA". If you paid about 500 U.S$ per carat, the blue sapphire piece that weighs 2 carats would cost you one thousand dollars. Now let us dream about owning the same "AAA" grade blue sapphire that weighed around 7 carats. In this case the size of the sapphire jumped from 2 carats to 7 carats, the price per carat would be in the range of 2,000 U.S$ to 7,000 U.S$ per carat.


kate middleton big sapphire weddigng ring
The 18 carat sapphire ring was given by Prince William to Kate Middleton. The big sapphire gem stone is surrounded by small diamonds. The Ceylon sapphire ring was originally worn by Lady Diana Spencer.

Modest sized blue sapphires would be in the 2 to 3.5 carat (per piece) range. So if you had a ring with a 5 carat blue sapphire gemstone, you could safely refer to the jewel as a big sapphire ring. Putting a 4 carat and above size sapphire in the big gemstone range, is acceptable by most of us. Back to the Kate Middleton wedding ring, the jewel boasted of an 18 carat blue sapphire gem. This is indeed a huge size for a blue sapphire. Add to this the fact that, the sapphire was a high quality gem from the Sri Lankan mines (ceylon blue sapphire) and you will get a good idea of the tremendous price tag on the jewel.

We mentioned that the gemstone in the Kate Middleton wedding ring was from Sri Lanka, this is one of the most preferred source for blue sapphires. Sri Lanka was fomerly known as Ceylon, many traders continue to refer to these sapphires as ceylon blue sapphires. Of all the locations on the planet that contain sapphire reserves, ceylon sapphires command a premium price. The big sapphire ring worn by Kate had something really unique, it was a huge stone and the quality of the gem was very high.

When talking about big sapphire rings, we are getting to be very specific of the royal wedding ring. Sri Lankan gem experts agree that the blue sapphire in the large gem stone ring worn by Kate, was of Sri Lankan origin. They also claim that this large ceylon blue sapphire was purchased more than 35 years ago at a price of 25,000 U.S$. It is interesting to note that, the same stone is valued at around half a million U.S dollars. Kaisilver experts differ a bit on the current price range, of the gemstone in the big sapphire ring worn by Kate for the wedding. If you had to keep aside the royal vanity and extravagance attached to the gemstone, the market value of the gem would most probably be in the 300,000 U.S$ to 350,000 U.S$ range.

If you observe the above image related to the royal wedding ring, you will see Lady Diana wearing a very similar ring. This was where the Sri Lankan blue sapphire gem was brought about 35 years ago. The large ceylon sapphire and diamond ring worn by Kate Middleton originally belonged to Lady Diana Spencer. Prince William gifted the ring to Kate Middleton, the jewel has beauty and tremendous meaning to the royal family. The structure of the royal wedding ring is quite simple, a large blue sapphire set in 18k gold with diamonds surrounding the center sapphire. The design is simple and yet very memorable, for both Kate and Prince Williams.

For young Prince Williams, presenting the historic jewel worn by his dear mother to Kate Middleton, would surely make him feel that he had brought his mother right into the wedding ceremonies. It is quite common for the normal jewelry buyer to try and save some money when shopping for wedding and engagement rings but, the royal wedding had something interesting to show. The couple decided to wear just one ring for the wedding and engagement. This was most probably done to take off any feeling or appearance of being extravagant. Ofcourse do keep in mind that we are talking about a big sapphire wedding ring that, is worth more than half a million U.S dollars.


Putting A Price On The Royal Wedding Ring: Remember that the value of such royal jewels is generally far more than what the normal market price would be. You might have heard of bags or even shoes worn by celebrities auctioning at astronomical prices. The fact is the some of these might be in a condition that makes them unfit to wear but, it is the story or history of the articles that pulls the bidders in.

So let us talk about the bare market price of the big sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton on the wedding day. This will not consider any premiums that would pile on the price tag due to the famous name behind the ring. All prices are ofcourse estimates based on current market trends and availability.

Gemstone: 18 carat, top grade ceylon sapphire ..... 350,000 U.S$.

Diamonds: 3mm rounds, high grade                    ......   10,000 U.S$.

18k gold, and jewelers crafting charges              .....       5,000 U.S$.

This sums up to around 365,000 U.S$ for the complete ring.

So could you buy a sapphire ring with similar features at this price. The answer is not definite because high quality ceylon blue sapphires in an 18 carat size are not easy to find today. So while not many of us could afford the ring the very few who can, might not be able to get a big sapphire of equal quality.


Suggestions For Getting A Similar Sapphire Diamond Ring: We will not take you on the cheap ring trail spurred by Chinese businesses. Reports claimed that the Chinese were selling thousads of royal wedding ring 'replicas' for 5 U.S$. Probably some cheap alloy and a colored piece of glass at the center. Let us consider situations where you could get a real sapphire ring with a design that matched Kate Middletons's wedding ring.

9x7 Oval Sapphire And 2mm Round White Diamonds. You can see images of two blue sapphires below. Both could be custom cut to a 9x7mm oval shape. One of the blue sapphires BSN-60 is from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), the same place where the large sapphire gem in Kate Middleton's ring came from. The other is a blue sapphire BSN-50 mined in the Thai sapphire mines at Kanchanaburi in Thailand. The gems are being shown here to demonstrate the color of the sapphires, the size would be 9x7mm as mentioned above.

ceylon blue sapphire gem stone for kate middleton royal wedding blue sapphire gemstone thailand

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Blue Sapphire Oval

Kanchanaburi (Thailand) Blue Sapphire Oval


Pricing For The Rings

14k yellow or white gold. 14k yellow or white gold.
9x7mm oval ceylon blue sapphire. BSN-60 9x7mm oval Thai blue sapphire. BSN-50
Gold weight 8 to 10 grams,. Gold weight 8 to 10 grams.
Diamonds 2mm rounds, good grade. Diamonds 2mm rounds, good grade.
Custom made in all ring sizes. Custom made in all ring sizes.
Price 5,000 U.S$. Price 3,000 U.S$,
Add 400 U.S$ if you need 18k white or yellow gold instead of 14k. Add 400 U.S$ if you need 18k white or yellow gold instead of 14k.


10x8mm Oval Sapphire And 2mm Round White Diamonds. It is important to understand that, a 10x8mm size for a natural blue sapphire implies a big sapphire. Prices of sapphires and rubies, take a steep price rise (per carat) as the gem sizes increases. Expect to pay a hefty increase of around 1,500 U.S$ over the prices shown for the 9x7mm oval sapphires in the above table.

You could ofcourse choose other gem options for the ring, prices would then depend on the stone that you choose. If you are really interested in getting a custom jewel like the famous, Kate Middleton sapphire ring or any other jewel, do contact our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com . They are fully equipped to come up with useful suggestions without you having to commit to any purchase. The production time is normally 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment.

The above report is compiled by the experts at Kaisilver, the world's leading online custom made jewellery provider. We custom make all jewellery in gold or sterling silver with gems of your choice. You can provide us with your own designs to be custom made or choose from our large collection. All gemstones used in our jewellery are procured directly from the mines and custom cut by us. We also custom cut all gems in the shape and size that you need. There is no minumum order requirement for value or quantity, even single gemstone orders are welcome. You can buy just the loose gemstones or request for a complete custom jewel to be crafted in gold or sterling silver. The design for your jewelry can be yours or ours.


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