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This section compiles some of the most important and interesting issues related to gemstones and jewelry. It is not often that you come across suggestions and honest views that are addressed directly to the casual gem and jewelry buyer. Most journals and online magazines on related topics are meant for the industry.

We bring you news and developments that will directly affect you as a consumer. These are frank and honest topics and reveal things that many jewelers would not like you to know. It is generally felt that revealing all facts to the gem and jewelry buyer, would dampen the purchase intent of the prospective buyer. This might be true in some cases but, is a selfish attitude on the part of manufacturers and traders.

We sincerely believe that the buyer has a right to be informed. Once equipped with the right information, the gemstone or jewelry buyer is more likely to make the right decision. It is this longterm buyer satisfaction that will be good for the buyer and the seller or manufacturer. There is no doubt about this theory and we will strive to stay on this path.



Tanzanite Supply: The gemstone is not about to become extinct any time. Exaggerated price levels are more likely to reflect hoarding of rough tanzanite stock ... more. Cleaning Emeralds: The use of ultrasonic cleaners to clean emeralds is not recommended. The waves generated by the device can shatter the gem stone or ruin the gem ... more.
Bi-Color Amethyst: What exactly is bi-color amethyst. We are not talking about ametrine that combines citrine and amethyst in the same gem stone ... more. Opal Doublets: What is an opal doublet, does an opal doublet gem stone serve any purpose with reference to beauty or durability of the opal gem stone ... more.
Ethopian Opals: When these opals are soaked in water, they become plain and lose their beauty, fortunately this can be reversed as the gem stone  dries ... more. Tanzanite: Has this gorgeous gem made it to the list of birthstones? Why do most birth stone charts not talk about Tanzanite as the December birthstone? Get the facts ... more.
Tanzanite Treatment: While most tanzanite is heated to enhance color and beauty, another treatment can sometimes be applied to the gem, become aware of this ... more. Big Sapphire Ring: An 18 carat blue ceylon sapphire gem stone ring for Kate Middleton. Can you get a big sapphire ring at an affordable price, check out the full report ... more.
Mens Cladagh Ring: Suggestions and issues related to cladagh rings for men. Choose a cladagh mens ring to suit your style and budget. Get valuable tips and suggestions ... more. Cleaning Diamond Rings: The right way to clean a diamond ring will enhance the beauty of the jewel. Cleaning diamond rings the wrong way can ruin even an expensive ring ... more.
Big Tanzanite: A huge tanzanite rough gem stone weighing about 12,000 carats has been found. Will the final cut and polished tanzanite gems be very big? Here is the report ... more. Big Jade: A temple in Thailand displays a big jade rough gem. This big jade stone is not expected to be cut and polished, but large cut and polished jade can be expected  ... more.
Gents Claddagh Ring: Issues related to gold or silver claddagh gents rings. Also whether, the claddagh ring is really suitable for gents. Kaisilver experts give their opinion ... more. Antique Emerald Ring: A 400 year old emerald gold ring is salvaged from an ancient Spanish ship. Why did the emerald not get damaged afer being soaked for centuries ... more.

Blue Lapis: The natural inclusions present in blue lapis are very interesting, Lack of knowledge about the structure of blue lapis gems, makes gem and jewelry lovers unaware of it's true worth ... more.

Wedding Bands: Deciding the band width for wedding band pairs. A number of factors influence the decision, our report details the essentials that need to be considered ... more.
Three Diamond Rings: These are diamond rings suitable for many occasions, the past, present and future concept is just one of the reasons why 14k or 18k gold rings with three diamonds are worn ... more. Big Heart Pendant: The dimensions and design of a large heart shape pendant would be influenced by many factors. It could be a plain or gem stone heart pendant. The cost of a big heart pendant could be customized ... more.
Blue Heart Pendant: It is very true that few ladies or girls would refuse a blue gem stone heart pendant. Blue gems actually appeal to both men and ladies. We look at the gem options that you could consider when looking for a blue heart gemstone pendant ... more.   Old Sapphire Ring: Believed to have been made somewhere in the 7th to 11th century, this old sapphire gold ring has attracted world wide interest. Kaisilver experts comment that, the rather small and ordinary quality of the blue sapphire makes an interesting study ... more.
Mens Claddagh Ring: One of the very few heart shaped mens rings that you will find. A mens gold or 925 silver claddagh ring is one of the most meaningful jewels that you will find. Adding a gem stone to a claddagh ring for men, is a good option ... more. Colored Diamonds: The differentiation between natural and treated color diamonds is important. You need to know the difference in availability and price of diamonds that have enhanced color and diamonds that are colored naturally. This Kaisilver report helps you ... more.
Do Men Wear Topaz: A commonly asked question, do topaz gems suit men. This detailed report from the Kaisilver experts, provides some awesome insight into topaz gemstones and why men love topaz jewelry ... more. Small Sapphire Rings: Kaisilver explains how quality can work to your advantage when you choose a gold or 925 silver sapphire gemstone ring with sapphires that are not very large. When looks go beyond price tags ... more.
Jade Rings: A report on gold and silver jade gemstone rings that you must read before, buying a jade ring. Learn how to evaluate options for your jade ring ... more. Solid Opal: What does solid opal mean, the meaning of solid opal can be confusing. Our report tells you the meaning of this term. Learn why all opals are not solid opals ... more.
Birthstone Cufflinks: How to choose the right pair of gem stone cuff links. Gold or silver cufflinks with birthstones are a great way to enhance the meaning of gem cufflinks ... more. Onyx Jewelry: Black onyx gemstones appear awesome in gold or 925 sterling silver onyx jewelry. We give you some valuable suggestions for onyx gem stone jewelry ... more.
Demantoid Garnets: A variety of green garnet blessed with a fire that exceeds that of a diamond. Demantoid is rare and quite expensive. Read about this amazing gem ... more. Lab Alexandrite: Why does a lab created gemstone get such a wide acceptance. We discuss the driving forces that have made lab created alexandrite gems very popular ... more.
Turquoise Rings: A gemstone that has been known for thousands of years. We explain the essential elements of turquoise gems and how to care for your turquoise ring ... more. Jade Jewelry: Very popular but rarely understood, we present an indepth report on jade gemstone jewelry and explain why, dyed jade is widely acceptable by jade buyers ... more.
Precious Opals: The confusing terminology used to describe some opal gems, needs to be clearly explained and understood. Opals that are not precious can be equally valuable ... more. Fire Opal Rings: Understanding the gemstone is essential inorder to choose the right fire opal ring. We tell you what you need to know about, fire opal gems and fire opal rings ... more.
Mens Amethyst Rings: Options and facts related to the gemstone in your amethyst mens ring. We equip you with useful information that helps you evaluate options ... more. Gem Certification: Authenticating the specific origin of a gemstone is a challenging task. In the case of certain gems, an origin from a specific location could enhance gem value ... more.
Mens Tanzanite Rings: An exotic gemstone that is rarer than a diamond. Awareness of quality and style among men has raised the standards for mens rings, we tell you all about tanzanite gold and 925 silver rings for men ... more. Mens Ruby Ring: Surely one of the most desirable gemstone options for a mens ring, ruby has been known for several centuries. While most men would like to have a gold or 925 silver ruby with a large ruby gem, price and budgets will eventually have a say ... more.
Bridal Jewelry Trends: The desire to get color into wedding and engagement rings is here to stay. Young couples inspired by the color and beauty of natural gems realize that, there is far more to color than the 'big three' ... more. Sapphire Engagement rings: Highly preferred for it's rarity and beauty, sapphire is also a tough and durable gem. Discover the suitability of sapphire rings for special occasions, a utility packed Kai Silver report ... more.
Rutilated Quartz Ring: A commonly found gem quartz, gets a tremendous lift in beauty, value and interest when it is sometimes found to have those fine rutile needles. Check what makes rutilated quartz rings really special ... more. Mens Peridot Ring: A hefty and handsome peridot ring for men. The MAN64P takes the big selling Kaisilver mens ring design concept to the next level. We present the mens diamond peridot ring in gold or sterling silver ... more.
Mens Green Gemstone Rings: What are your gem options for a mens ring with green gemstone. We discuss various green gems and talk about their relevance to mens gold or silver rings. Get to know more about mens green gem rings ... more. Peridot Rings: The attraction for green gemstone rings never seems to drop. Peridot rings, with their untreated gemstones are very popular for men and ladies. We present the finest custom peridot gemstone rings in gold or 925 sterling silver ... more.
Mens Lapis Ring: The behind the scene story of how dangerously this gorgeous blue gem is mined in the treacherous Afghan mountains. The thrill and risk of hunting for blue lapis lazuli, thousands of feet above sea level in Afghanistan ... more. Feng Shui Gemstones: With Kaisilver custom jewelry being crafted with fine gem quality stones, the need for feng shui gems calls for a 'different' type of quality. Give emphasis to gem stones that are natural and possibly untreated ... more.
Japan Jewelry Recovery: The Japanese interest in gems and jewelry has been on the rise. The aftermath of the devastating earthquake followed by the tsunami and scary nuclear disaster, has brought changes in the mindset of the Japanese buyer. Jewelry with meaning that tells a story is in demand ... more. Two Tone Gold Wedding Ring: The decision to choose the metal color for your wedding ring to match your wedding dress is a wise one. Kaisilver provides an excellent suggestion where, your wedding ring always looks good against your wedding dress and special day attire. The historic two tone claddagh ring, ... more.
Sapphire Ring: A stunning blue sapphire gold or 925 silver ring with three blue sapphire gemstones, the ring is perfect for a wedding or engagement ring. You could also request for a mix of gem stones in your ring ... more. Wedding Band Essentials: We take you through the important issues that you should evaluate before choosing a wedding band ring. Checking price and appearance alone is not the right way to make a buy ... more.
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Mens Claddagh Ring: The meaning of the claddagh ring is applicable to everyone, both ladies and men can wear claddagh rings. Understand the issues involved in wearing a plain or gemstone cladagh ring for men ... more.    
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Tourmaline Rings: The increased populalrity of colored gemstone rings has put significant pressure on the price point of pink and green tourmaline gemstone rings. With many high profile jewelry houses now scouting tourmaline gemstones, price rises can be easily understood ... more. Moonstone Rings: Historically believed to have been formed from frozen moon light, moonstone is one gem that boasts of a loyal following. Kaisilver explains your options for a gold or 925 silver moonstone ring. You will also learn that white moonstone is not the only option for your custom made moonstone ring ... more.


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