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kaisilver gems and jewelry resource

Jade Jewelry

Essential Information Related To Jade Gems And Jewelry

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Though jade has been known for a long time, the initial interest in this stone was not related to jade jewelry. The inherent toughness of jade due to it's internal structure made the stone useful in making tools and weapons. It was some time later that jade came to be presented and accepted as a gemstone. You will today find all types of gold and sterling silver jade gemstone jewelry. The gemstone jade, covers two stones - jadeite and nephrite. So when you talk about jade jewelry, the gemstones in the jewelry could be either jadeite or nephrite.

We spoke about the toughness of jade, something that is obviously welcome in the world of jewelry. A tough gem will need lesser fussing and worrying about. If you had to check the hardness of jade on the Mohs scale, you would arrive at a rating of around 6-6.5. Now this is an average reading and not anything spectacular but, this gem has an ace hidden up it's sleeve. The internal structure of jade gemstones is made up of, thousands of thin fibres, these are woven into each other. It is this structure that gives an impressive degree of durability to the gemstone in jade jewelry.

Now let us say something about the color of jade, this is an interesting topic. Many people are of the impression that jade is available only in one single color - green. This thought is encouraged by the fact that, most of the jade jewelry seen in the markets are made with green jade gemstones. The fact is that, jade is found in many other colors. A light purple to lavendar color of jade is a favorite with some jade gemstone lovers. Yellow, black, white and yellow are some of the colors in which jade gemstones are found. If you had to restrict yourself to natural jade that have these fancy colors naturally, you would end up with a very small selection. This is because not much of the jade rough that is mined is found in colors besides, green.

In the above paragraph we referred to natural jade with fancy colors naturally, let us elaborate on this. If you take a look at yellow, red, and lavender jade in the markets you will notice that, they seem to be quite freely available. But, we did say that such gem colors for natural jade are rare. So where do these generous quantities of colored jade gems in the markets come from. The truth is that more than 80% of the jade used in jewelry is dyed to enhance it's color. You could say that the process of dyeing jade enables large scale production of jade jewelry. Jade treated in this way can produce hundreds of gems that have the same color spread and saturation. More importantly it makes colored jade more affordable, the same color when found in natural rough jade will cost 50 or even a 100 times more. The dyeing of jade is so widespread that, dyed jade has gained wide acceptance.

We could say that for those buyers looking for affordable jade gemstone jewelry, the availability of dyed jade is indeed very welcome. But what you need to know is that, dyeing is not the only type of treatment available for jade gems. Another method used to enhance the beauty of jade is the fissure filling process. In this form of jade treatment, silica based compounds, or resins and plastics are used to seal the fissures that exist in lower grade jade. This type of treated jade is much cheaper than untreated or dyed jade gems. The seller is expected to clearly inform the buyer when, such fissured filled gems are used in jade jewelry.

So what about those of us who want a natural and untreated jade gemstone, what are the options. First for the majority of us who would be on a limited budget but are still keen to get a natural and untreated gemstone for our jade jewelry. Natural jade that is a bit patchy on color and has a few blemishes is quite affordable. If you manage to find a custom jewelry provider who controls the entire production process including gem cutting, your request for an untreated jade stone at a moderate price would not be tough to execute. On the other hand if you are one of those few who have a generous budget allocated for your jade gemstone jewelry purchase, go for a fine jade gem with good color spread and almost no flaws - and importantly, natural and untreated. Since such a gemstone would be quite expensive we would suggest that, you insist on a certificate of authenticity even if it means paying for the certification.

A sizeable number of people wear gemstone jewelry for a tradition or belief in gems. This is what often brings requests for jade jewelry where, the gemstone comes into direct contact with the skin. They believe that, the effectiveness of the gemstone is enhanced when it touches the skin. In the case of a jade ring, the gem is expected to touch the finger from the lower side. Jade pendant orders often come with such requests too. A good jeweler who is able to customize all features of the jewel can easily fulfill such requests. An ideal way to achieve this is for the gems used in jade jewelry to be custom cut with, a slight bulge (curve) on the lower side of the gemstone too. You obviously do not want the gem to have sharp edges and points, that could put pressure on delicate skin.

We have compiled the abore report with a view to educate and inform, the idea is not to push a sale through. We are neither the only source nor the cheapest source for jade jewelry, so keep your options open. But if you should every have any doubts or need additional information on jade, do feel free to contact us - you can make the purchase from any source but it is unlikely that, any gem or jewelry provider would be as informed or as open to share information as we do. Our team would be glad to answer any questions that you might have related to gems and jewelry. Since you do not need to make any purchase to get the benefit of our expertise, email us at sales@kaisilver.com and we will be glad to help.


We can custom make jewelry in gold or 925 silver with gemstones and designs of your choice. Below are a few inspiring ideas for your jade gemstone jewelry. Keep in mind that a complete control over the production process allows us to modify every aspect of these jewels to suit your preference. We will gladly work with your own designs and assure equal quality in terms of design, gems and craftsmanship for both gold and silver custom jewelry.


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