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Handmade Silver Rings

Antique Style Silver Jewelry, Made In Thailand

Handmade silver rings and other antique style silver rings and silver jewelry are in high demand among silver jewelry lovers. Handmade silver rings in antique jewelry designs have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other machine made contemporary style silver rings and silver jewelry. Silver rings that are handcrafted are generally artistic silver rings, they are made by master craftsmen rather than machine operators trained to mass produce silver jewelry. The production process is very labour intensive and time consuming, as handmade silver rings need great attention to be given to every small detail. Perhaps one of the most glaring difference between machine made silver rings and handcrafted antique style silver rings, is the gemstones used in the silver rings and silver jewelry. Since handcrafted silver jewellery and hand crafted silver rings would be priced much higher than their machine made counterparts, only good quality gems.

The silver handcrafted rings and other jewelry from Kaisilver is made by very skilled craftsmen from Thailand. Great care is taken to pick designs that have an antique and classic look as such artistic rings are appreciated by most jewelry lovers. All gemstones are handpicked and custom cut by our gemstone experts. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones, we provide a range of gemstone options that no other jeweller can match. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans work on all our jewelry orders under the close supervision of 5 top notch jewelry designers.

Antique style Asian ring, gold or sterling silver

Click For Details Of This Antique Style Ring

The RG213 is the latest addition to our collection of antique ring designs. This ring is an ancient Asian silver ring and can be ordered in both silver and gold. Since each ring is custom made by some of the finest artisans and craftsmen, we are able to provide a high degree of customization and flexibility. Your antique ring can be ordered with gemstones and diamonds too and all ring sizes are available. Two versions of ring dimensions are available and each size has a good weight that is proportional to the ring head height. You can see complete details and design options available for this gorgeous antique style ring by clicking the link below the image.

Handmade Silver Rings Large Size

Click For More Details On HSR03.

The HSR03 is a stupendous multi gemstone silver ring with a bold antique ring design. The ring has a stunning silver weight of around 20 to 30 grams and this helps make this antique ring sturdy and durable. There are four gemstones in this antique ring and the setting has a generous metal weight and firm gemstone mounting. Kaisilver is the only provider, to offer complete customization for single piece orders of such antique jewelry creations. The dimensions of your antique silver or gold ring can be changed according to the gemstone sizes that you choose. This antique ring design is perfectly suited for a family birthstone ring where, the birthstones of all family members can be set in the same ring.

Irish Silver Cladagh Ring

Click For Details Of Silver Claddagh Rings

One of the most meaningful antique rings is the Irish Claddagh ring that has a history that dates back to over 300 years. The deeper meaning and significance of this ancient ring makes it suitable for a birthstone ring, an engagement ring and even a valentine's ring. Kaisilver experts conducted an intense research into the history of this classic antique ring and the findings from this research were used as inputs to design the world's best rendition of this stunning Irish jewel. You can order your Irish Claddagh ring in sterling silver or gold and all gemstone options are available.

custom silver ring, cat ring in sterling silver of gold

Click For Details Of This Cat Silver Ring

This custom silver ring is surely the cutest cat ring that you will ever find. Our talented designers and skilled artisans have created a gorgeous cat silver ring that is suitable for people of all ages. This custom silver ring can be ordered with all gemstone options and each gemstone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts. Since every sterling silver ring is fully custom made, all ring sizes are available. If you are looking for a lady's birth stone silver ring, consider this ring. Millions of mothers and grown up ladies adore cats and it is one of the favourite pets in many homes, this makes the cat ring an excellent choice for a silver mother's ring. The cat ring shown on this page is a sterling silver cat ring with a blue topaz center stone.

Handmade Silver Ring Antique Style

Click For More Details On HSR02.

The HSR02 is a stunning antique silver ring design with a gemstone of your choice in the center. This classic handmade silver ring has small genuine white sapphires around the center gemstone. The ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver and we provide a good metal weight to ensure that your antique style ring is sturdy and durable. Some of our finest craftsmen work on each ring and provide high quality handfinishing, this ensures that your ring is a true high end jewel. The ring is a fine example of the high quality silver and gold jewelry that has made Thai jewelry world famous. Since each ring is completely custom made you can ask for any design changes that you need.

Handmade Silver Rings With Round Gemstones

Click For More Details On HSR01.

The HSRO1 was the first hand made sterling silver ring from Kaisilver and brought immense recongnition and fame to our jewelry. This ring is based on an antique asian ring design and was researched by our team of experts. Like all the other jewelry on our website, this ring is available in sterling silver or gold, and you can choose from an unlimited range of gemstones. If your budget permits, you could order this ancient Asian ring in white or yellow gold and choose to replace the small white sapphires with diamonds. The ring has a good solid construction with a very healthy silver or gold weight, this ensures that the center gemstone and the smaller gemstones surrounding it are all firmly mounted.

Sterling Silver Garnet Rings

Click For More Details On MAN17.

The MAN17 is a classic man gemstone ring with red garnet. It is available in gold and sterling silver. The ring is sturdy, strong and durable and can be custom made with all gemstone options. This sterling silver garnet ring or gold garnet ring for men has a very good metal weight and a firmly mounted gemstone. You can also create a birthstone male ring with your birthstone as the center gem stone.

Who Is Kaisilver?

Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom made jewellery. With a gigantic base of over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans backed by a team of 5 top notch jewellery designers, we can custom make just about any jewellery that you need. Our buyers include fashion models, members of the U.S armed forces, lawyers, government officials, doctors and surgeons, professors, news readers, sportsmen and others from all walks of life. We are directly networked to all leading sources for gemstones in 6 nations and this network gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Every gemstone used in our custom jewellery is handpicked and custom cut by our experts, most of these gems are procured directly from the gemstone miners.

Some Buyer Comments

The ring has arrived. It is absolutely wonderful and looks more like it should be in a museum instead of on my finger. The gem is flawless and the style is timeless. I am very happy. T hank you my friends in Thailand. Feel free to use my comments. All the best, Mr.James Brock, U.S.A

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant. Thanks, Mr. Padgett, William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS, U.S.A

Dear Ms Nok: Just a short note to let you know my friend and I received our Claddagh rings early last month. They are simply magnificent and exceed our expectations. We knew that three diamonds were to be set in the crown of the lady's ring, but you can't imagine the surprise we experienced when the wrapping of the gent's ring fell free. My ring also had three diamonds set in the crown! We weren't expecting that, and needless to say, we were elated. The addition of the diamonds in my ring was a very kind gesture from kaiSilver and is all about a company going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Sad to say, the general public doesn't read or hear too much about that these days. You can be sure my friend and I will spread the word about kaiSilver. Another thing I must mention is the interest shown by total strangers in our rings. You can't believe the many compliments we've received about their styling and beauty. Of course, this naturally leads into the story behind the rings which adds even more luster to them. And of course, I can't close without calling attention to the card signed by you, Ms Tut and Ms Jittrah which offered Congratulations, Love and Best Wishes to my friend and me. I want to express our deep appreciation for that well meaning touch. You ladies made our purchasing experience with kaiSilver a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Trust is not an easy thing to give when conducting business over the Internet, but through your kind and thoughtful efforts, our trust was easily given. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Yours Truly, Mr.Thomas L. Roberts and Peggy A. Hart (My friend), U.S.A

Everyone at Kaisilver, Thank you so very much for the ring you made for my wife. We received it on Friday, and she . absolutely loves it. She wore it all weekend and showed it off to all of our family and friends. The ring is beautiful. I’ll be sure to look you up again the next time I need a beautiful piece of hand-made jewelry. I have no problem at all with you using my comments on your website. Thank you again for the ring and your great customer service. Thank you again. Take care, and God Bless. Sincerely, Mr.Aaron McWilliams, U.S.A

....more comments

How To Order Your Antique Style Silver Or Gold Rings

Do not be in a hurry to confirm and pay for your jewellery. Take your time to read and understand all details. If you have any further queries or doubts please email us at sales@kaisilver.com and we will be glad to clear all your doubts. It does not matter whether the final order comes to us or not. The only important thing is that you make a well informed decision and do not make an impulse purchase. This is the way that we prefer to do business as it helps us bring back the human touch to online selling.

Shipping charges are 25 U.S$ and shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the immense amount of hand work involved in finishing each ring. All gemstones and diamonds are hand picked by experts and every gemstone is custom cut by highly skilled craftsmen. Kaisilver follows some of the strictest quality control standards and each jewel is a true high end masterpiece.

Payment can be made through paypal to our email for paypal INFO@KAISILVER.COM and you can register for a free paypal account at www.paypal.com In recent months many buyers have complained regarding the huge amounts of information that paypal needs to open a new account. To handle this issue, we also accept payments through Western Union Money Transfer. Their website provides information regarding Western Union Agents near you and also accepts online payments from few countries like U.S and U.K. You can visit the website at http://www.westernunion.com In most cases, your bank would also help you with Western Union Money Transfers. You could also make payments through International Money Orders In U.S$. Do let us know if you prefer Western Union as a mode of payment and we will provide you with details for the same.

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Thai Handmade Artistic Silver Rings And Other Silver Jewellery.

Thai Jewellery Has Been Popular All Over The World For Many Years Now. The Gradual Development Of Thai Jewellery Designs And Jewellery Production Technics Has Made Thailand The Virtual Leader On Gemstone And Jewellery Production. A Big Base Of Skilled Craftsmen In Both Gemstone Cutting And Jewellery Making Has Created A Worldwide Market For Jewellery From Thailand.

Kaisilver Has Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstones And Jewellery Manufacturers In Thailand. We Are The Largest Online Provider Of Custom Made Jewellery And Have The Worlds Largest Base Of Gemstones And Skilled Craftsmen Working For Us. We Do Not Indulge In Gimmicks Like Closeouts And Blowouts.

Artistic Antique Silver Designs Are Made Tediously By Hand, Attention Is Paid To Every Single Detail In The Making Of These Old Style Silver Rings And Jewellery. Premium Grade Gemstones Are Used For These Jewellery Designs. Craftsmanship Is Flawless And The Final High End Jewellery Quality Given To Silver Jewellery Cannot Be Found Elsewhere.

Kaisilver Is The Worlds Largest Jewelery Seller, Offering Custom Made Silver And Gold Jewellery Which Is Of Very High End Craftsmanship. We Have Antique Style Designs That Are Handmade Silver Jewerlry Merchandise. These Are Made Of High Grade Gemstones. All The Jewellery On Our Website Can Be Custom Made With Gemstones And Gold And Silver Of Your Choice.

Having Talked About The Excellent Silver Jewelry Available In Thailand, We Advice You To Be Careful When Making Your Purchase Of Thai Silver Or Gold Jewellery And Even Thai Gemstones. A Few Bad Traders Have Ruined The Name Of A Large Portion Of The Thai Jewellery And Gems Industry. Select A Seller You Can Trust. Rely On A Seller You Can Trust. Click Here To Read Some Of Our Buyer Comments And Feedback

Kaisilver Supplies Online Custom Made Jewellery And Gems To Over 17 Nations And Currently Has Over 3,000 Buyers. Most Of These Are Repeat Buyers.

When You Are Looking For Silver Jewellery, Gold Jewellry, Big Gems, Rare Gems, Fancy Cut Gems, Or Any Custom Cut Gems Or Made To Order Jewelry, Take The Bother Out Of Jewelry And Gems Shopping. Shop At Kaisilver. We Bring The Human Touch To Online Gems And Jewelry Selling.

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