Claddagh Ring With Green Tourmaline Gemstone

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Green Tourmaline Claddagh Ring

Silver And Gold Tourmaline Claddagh Rings

Custom Claddagh Rings In 14k and 18k White Or Yellow Gold, With All Gemstone Options

This claddagh ring with green tourmaline is a true high end jewel. The claddagh ring with it's humble beginnings in a small fishing village (named claddagh) in Ireland, has today become one of history's most meaningful jewels. The Kaisilver green tourmaline claddagh ring on this page is not mass produced, it is crafted by some of the world's finest craftsmen and artisans. An intense research into the history, meaning and tradition of the Irish claddagh ring by our team of experts, ensures that we make the best rendition of this legendary jewel.

The green tourmaline claddagh ring shown here has a tradition that dates back to over 300 years. Robert Joyce a slave from Ireland is credited with the origin of the Irish claddagh ring. Robert was a fisherman from a small Irish village named Claddagh. The boat in which he was sailing was captured by pirates and all those aboard were sold as slaves. Robert was sold to a rich goldsmith and learnt the trade while working for his master.

cladagh green tourmaline ring
pink tourmaline claddagh diamond ring
Upgraded: The design of the green tourmaline claddagh ring has been upgraded. This has infact been done for all Kaisilver claddagh rings. The gold weight is now around 8 to 10 grams and this makes the rings more durable and also allows more sturdy mounting for the gemstone. Like always, these claddagh rings can be ordered in all sizes with a gemstone of your choice. You can select white or yellow gold in 14k or 18k. Pricing details are provided in the table below. This is a gorgeous pink tourmaline claddagh ring. The crown in this ring has diamonds in the crown. The diamonds are of size 2.5mm (1 piece) and 1.5mm (2 pieces). The ring is available in gold or sterling silver, you can choose a yellow or white gold tourmaline claddagh ring. The diamond option will increase the price by 100 U.S$ from the prices shown in the tables below. The image shows a medium pink color tourmaline, you can request for a very pale or deep pink color tourmaline too.

During his tenure as a slave Robert never stopped thinking of his beloved in the Claddagh village. On being released from slavery, Robert Joyce returned to his village and presented the ring to his beloved. They were soon married and lived happily ever after. Your Claddagh tourmaline ring has certain features that carry a lot of meaning. You will notice, the hands clasping the heart, the heart and the crown above the heart. The heart means love, the hands show friendship and the crown signifies loyalty.

Some of the world's finest craftsmen and artisans create the best rendition of the claddagh ring for Kaisilver. Very rarely will you get the intense detail on the fingers and band as provided in Kaisilver claddagh rings. Skilled craftsman work on every ring individually and no effort is spared in making every ring a high end masterpiece. The image on this page shows a deep green color tourmaline mounted in the claddagh ring. You can choose the gemstone of your choice for your Claddagh ring.

The design of this claddagh green tourmaline ring is ideally suited for a birthstone ring. The deeper signifiance of the claddagh ring helps to enhance the meaning of the birthstone ring. Green tourmaline does not represent any zodiac sign and is therefore not a birthstone. You can look up your birthstone on the birth stone charts that we have compiled for your reference.

Birth Stone Charts For Your Reference
Month Born Zodiac Sign Birthstone
January Capricorn Garnet
February Aquarius Amethyst
March Pisces Aquamarine
April Aries Diamond Or White Zircon
May Taurus Emerald
June Gemini Pearl
July Cancer Ruby
August Leo Peridot
September Virgo Sapphire
October Libra Opal
November Scorpio Citrine or Topaz
December Sagittarius Turquoise

Claddagh, The Most Prominent Irish Wedding Ring
The deeper history and significance of the Claddagh ring and also the fact that the first Claddagh ring (presented by Robert Joyce to his beloved) resulted in marriage, have made this ring the most popular Irish wedding ring. As word of the meaning of this Irish ring spread, people in nations far off from Ireland have also started adopting the Claddagh ring as an engagement or wedding ring. Kaisilver has created a special premium version of the Claddagh ring that has diamonds in the crown. This design can be seen below RG141 and is very suitable for a claddagh wedding ring or an engagement claddagh ring. According to Irish tradition the claddagh ring worn by a mother, is passed on to her daughter on the daughter's wedding day.

tourmaline gemstone claddagh rings green tourmaline Irish claddagh ring

As already mentioned above, the cladagh ring can be ordered with any gemstone of your choice. The ring can be ordered in 18k white or yellow gold and all sizes are available. Sterling silver is also provided as an option and both silver and gold cladagh rings have highend craftsmanship. Since each cladagh ring is individually made, all design modifications are possible. Suggestions include, rings with no crown or rings with a gemstone that is round or oval and not heart shaped.

Why Buy Kaisilver Claddagh Rings
(01) Buy from the world's leader Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry. With our network of virtually all leading gemstone and jewelry producers in Thailand, we have a gigantic base of skilled craftsmen that exceeds 3,500 craftsmen and artisans. This massive network also gives us direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones.

(02) The best rendition of the Claddagh ring A team of our designers and craftsmen researched the history, meaning and significance of the Irish Claddagh ring. Our claddagh rings therefore retain all the features of the original Irish legend, improvements have also been made by adding gemstones and providing high quality craftsmanship. Kaisilver claddagh rings are the best rendition of this traditional Irish ring.

(03) Premium craftsmanship is provided for all our jewelry and we do not mass produce these claddagh rings. Some of the world's finest craftsmen carefully create each claddagh ring paying utmost attention to even the smallest detail. You will notice the detail on the hands and band of our claddagh rings. In the final phase of production flawless hand finishing is provided for each ring. Strict quality checks are made at each phase of production and the same quality is ensured for both silver and gold claddagh rings.

(04) Yellow or White Gold claddagh rings can be ordered. You can choose the gold color based on your preference or, select a gold color that will match the color of the gem stone that you choose. For example, a very dark colored gemstone would appear almost black when contrasted with a white gold setting. In such a case yellow gold would be a better option. You can also choose from two tone gold and the final choice is always yours.

(05) All gemstone options are available for Kaisilver jewelry. Our direct access to over 200 million carats of gemstones will allow us to satisfy all your gemstone preferences. You need not limit yourself to the gemstones that are mentioned in the table below. We do not indulge in close out and blow out gimmicks and each gemstone is hand picked and custom cut by experts.

(06) Gemstone protection is provided by bordering the entire gemstone with gold. This design protects the gemstone from side impact. There is an additional gold weight required for this solid gemstone mounting but, the increase in cost is worth it. We have avoided the use of prong settings as, prongs tend to stick in pockets and other places. This causes the prongs to open up and loosen the gemstone.

(07) Good gold weight is provided for all Kaisilver jewelry. Our jewellery typically weighs around, 50% to 60% more as compared to what other sellers provide for similar designs. This healthy weight ensures that your claddagh ring will not bend and dent out of shape at the slightest impact. As mentioned above, the good gold weight also provides for a more sturdy gem stone mounting.

(08) Long term durability is built into the design and construction of your Kaisilver green tourmaline cladagh ring. There is really no point in buying a cheap claddagh ring that will later cost you dearly in repairs and maintanence. Our claddagh rings are premium quality and the good gold weight and solid gem stone mounting makes them, more durable. The design avoids the use of prongs for setting the gemstone and uses the more solid option of bordering the entire gem stone with gold.

(09) Stupendous buyer feedback will assure you of the high quality merchandise and service that we provide. Kaisilver buyers include fashion models, resort and hotel owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, formula one racing drivers and people from all walks of life.

Some Buyer Comments
I Got The Ring !!!!!! Beautiful, Perfect, Excellent! This is how I describe you guys. The ring was more beautiful than the sample you did for me. Also, the customer service that you provide is out of this world. I have never experience anything like it. Your quick response time in answering all my questions was what motivated me to buy from you. Keep it up! I look forward in doing business with you again. Thank you. Ms. Dionne LLorente, FL, U.S.A

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant. Mr Padgett William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS, U.S.A

Dear Ms. Nok-I have received my ring and I LOVE IT!!!!!. Thank you so much for the personalized care you took in making it and communicating with me. Nick and I are thrilled with the results, and would love to one day travel to your country to thank you in person. Ms.Mary Manspeaker, U.S.A

...more feedback

Pricing And Gem Options For The Claddagh Rings

Kaisilver claddagh citrine ring
Please send us your questions and doubts at and we will provide complete answers and explanations to ensure that you make a well informed decision.

White gold and yellow gold is priced the same. In the case of sterling silver jewelry, no rhodium or other plating is done. While gold or rhodium plating can be provided for silver jewelry at no additional charge, please remember that all plating will wear off with time. Both silver and gold jewelry has the same high end craftsmanship. Our team of experts will let you know if your ring size requires a weight that is more than mentioned. For an additional 150 U.S$, you can add a few genuine diamonds in the crown of your Calladagh ring. The diamonds are round 2.5mm (1 piece) and 1.5mm (2 pieces).

Please send us your questions and doubts at and we will provide complete answers and explanations to ensure that you make a well informed decision.

Custom Gemstone Jewelry, Irish Rings
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custom jewelry gold cladagh rings custom jewelry Irish rings custom jewellery, traditional cladagh rings

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Claddagh Wedding Ring With Diamonds
Claddagh Wedding Ring
The RG141 design is a splendid choice for a claddagh wedding or engagement ring. You can order your claddagh emerald ring with diamonds in the crown and also choose the two tone gold option where, white and yellow gold are combined in the same ring. An emerald claddagh ring with this design would look gorgeous as, the diamonds in the crown add a classic glitter to this legendary jewel.
Click for complete details.

Sturdy Male Claddagh Rings In Sterling Silver Or Gold
All Gemstone Options Available
men's claddagh rings claddagh ring for man
This ring has now been upgraded to a weight of 20 grams. A sturdy and durable man claddagh ring in 14k or 18k gold with a gem stone of your choice. This design is very suitable for a gemstone size of upto 8mm. Very good gold weight and a firm gemstone mounting make this ring a great choice for today's active men. for details
This is another great design for a gent's claddagh ring. Once again, a very healthy gold weight of around 20 grams to 25 grams ensures that the ring has a high durability. Suitable for gem stone sizes that are around 10mm. The ring is shown here with an onyx gemstone but you can always select the gemstone that you prefer. for details

Ordering Your Green Tourmaline Claddagh Ring Or Other Custom Jewellery
Do not make a rush purchase, our website is designed to provide you with the maximum possible information regarding the product. We encourage you to send in your questions and doubts and these will be answered by a human being and not by a computer generated auto responder! You need not be limited to what you see on our website as all jewelry is customized as per your specifications. You can email us at   and we will ensure that you get answers to all your questions.

Payments can be made through Paypal or Western Union Money Transfer and our email for paypal is  We are International Verified Premium Account Holders of paypal and you can therefore transact with confidence. Western Union Money Transfers are considered as spot cash payment and we often have special offers and promotions for payments made through Western Union. You can make Western Union Money Transfers online from many countries like U.S, U.K, Canada etc or find an agent near you from their website at   Let us know if you prefer Western Union as a mode of payment and we will provide you with details for the same.

Shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time as our high end jewels require an immense amount of skilled craftsmanship. Besides this, every gemstone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts and this is a very important task that cannot be rushed. Strict quality control checks are done at each phase of production and no flaws are tolerated. Your shipment will be done through FEDEX and you will be provided with a tracking number the moment your parcel is shipped. We do not compromise on quality in a bid to compete on price.

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More Information About Your Green Tourmaline Claddagh Ring

The RG175 shows a classic Kaisilver claddagh ring with a genuine, eye clean custom cut green tourmaline gemstone. If you like the looks of the green tourmaline claddagh ring shown here you should know that there are other options for a green gemstones too. At Kaisilver, each gemstone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts and with ready access to over 200 million carats of gems, you have an unlimited choice.

Another green gemstone claddagh ring could be the claddagh peridot ring, the gemstone will be a lighter and brighter green and a good quality gemstone with no inclusions. The price of this ring would be a bit cheaper as compared to the claddagh tourmaline ring and you can check prices in the above price table. Besides peridot, another very popular ring is the emerald claddagh ring. Emerald is a gorgeous gemstone and is more expensive than both peridot and green tourmaline. The interesting part about genuine emerald gems is that you will always find that the gemstone has natural inclusions in it. This would differentiate your claddagh emerald ring from the peridot or green tourmaline claddagh gem stone ring, as the quality of peridot and green tourmaline that we use is always eye clean. Emerald gems are available in different grades and prices vary accordingly (see above price table), but no matter which grade you choose, natural inclusions will always be present.

Other Green Gemstone Claddagh Ring Options
In Gold Or Sterling Silver With All Gemstone Options

green gemstone claddagh ring, emerald claddagh green gemstone peridot rings
Emerald Claddagh Ring for details
Peridot Claddagh Ring for details

Besides the green tourmaline claddagh ring, there is another attractive tourmaline color that is suitable for lady's claddagh rings and this is the pink tourmaline claddagh ring. Once again with a genuine, custom cut gemstone. A Pink tourmaline claddagh ring would look stunning if set in white gold as it has a classic feminine appearance and white gold enhances the gentle look of the ring.

If you are considering wearing your green tourmaline claddagh ring as a wedding or engagement ring, you could consider choosing genuine diamonds for the crown. This will add to the beauty of the ring and the price difference is really not much as it adds just 100 U.S$ to the prices mentioned above. The diamond claddagh tourmaline ring has one round diamond of size 2.5mm and another two round diamonds of size 1.5mm. This is a very good option and will ensure that you have a gorgeous claddagh wedding or engagement ring at a modest price. For the men's claddagh ring, the additional charge is a bit higher at 150 U.S$, because the round diamonds used are a little larger and include, one diamond of size 2.5mm and another two diamonds of size 2mm (instead of 1.5mm).

All the information on this website is the sole property of and may not be copied or published without our explicit permission. We are not interested in any affiliate programs and are also not interested in any advertising options, so please exclude us from related communication.