Gold Gemstone Rings, Made To Order Gold Rings And Gold Jewellery From Thailand.

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New Gold Gemstone Rings And Gold Jewllry Designs From Kaisilver..

We Present An Exclusive Collection Of Gemstone Rings In Gold. These Rings Can Be Made To Order And Are Manufactured In Thailand. Kaisilver Is The World's Largest Online Provider Of Custom Made Jewellery And Gemstones. We Have Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellry Manufacturers In Thailand. Through This Network We Have Access To The Largest Range Of Gemstones And Jewellery And The World's Largest Base Of Skilled Craftsmen. We Welcome Even The Smallest Orders And All Jewellery Has High End Craftsmanship. Designs For All Gold Rings And Other Jewellry On This Website Can Be Modified As Per Your Requirements. You Can Also Send In Your Scanned Or Digital Images For Us To Custom Make.

Since All The Gold Rings And Other Gold Jewellery On This Page Is Meant To Be Custom Made, No Prices Have Been Quoted Here. You Can Choose The Type Of Gold As 18K White Gold Or 18K Yellow Gold, Select Your Gemstone Preferences Too. We Will Then Work Together With You And Decide On The Weight Of The Gold Ring Or Other Jewellery And Also The Size Of The Jewellery And Gemstones. After, This We Will Work Out The Best Equation Between Quality And Price For You.

How To Order Your Jewelry

Send us an email with with your requirements. We will contact you immediately with a detailed description and information regarding any rebates available at that time. We are in no hurry to rush you through the order process, so please ask us for any additional information that you may need.

Shipment Will Be Made Within 3 To 4 Weeks Of Order Confirmation And Receipt Of Payment. All Our Jewelry Is Handfinished By Some Of The Best Jewelry Craftsmen In The Industry. All Gemstones Are Custom Cut. We Have Some Of The Strictest Quality Check Standards And Goods Are Inspected At Every Stage Of Production. We Therefore Request This Time To Create Jewelry That Has Been Admired In Over 17 Nations And By Over 3,000 Buyers.

Shipping Charges Are 25 U.S$ For Shipping By EMS Or FEDEX. You Can Combine Shipping Charges With Other Purchases.

The Gold Rings And Other Gold Jewellery That You Order Will Be Different From The Jewellery Supplied By Other Gemstone And Jewellery Sellers. Kaisilver Has The Biggest Network Of Gemstone And Jewellery Manufacturers In Thailand. Thailand Is The Heart Of The World Gems And Jewellery Trade. All Our Gemstones Are Handpicked And Pass Through Strict Quality Controls. The Jewellery Production Is Checked At Every Stage. Our Master Craftsmen And Gem Pickers Are Some Of The Most Skilled Craftsmen In The World. We Do Not Indulge In Gimmicks Like Closeouts And Blow Outs. We Ensure That You Get The Best Value For Your Hard Earned Money. We Bring The Human Touch To Online Selling. Shop With Kaisilver And Discover A Pleasant Shopping Experience That You Never Believed Would Ever Exist Online Or Offline.

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High End Irish Cladaugh Rings
The best rendition of the ancient Irish Cladaugh Ring. High end craftsmanship with handfinishing by some of the world's best craftsmen. You can select the gemstone of your choice, and also choose to include diamonds in the crown. Completely custom made cladaugh rings and available in all ring sizes. With it's rich tradition and deeper meaning, the cladaugh ring is the ideal choice for a wedding ring, engagement ring, valentine's ring and even as a birth stone ring.

Irish Cladaugh RIng With Tanzanite

Click For Details And Pricing Of This Gorgeous Ring

What You See Above Is An Exquisite Design For A Gemstone Ring In White Gold Or Yellow Gold. The Ring Could Be Gold A Gemstone Band Ring Too As The Width Of This Ring Is Wide Throughout The Ring. This Gold Ring Can Be Made Using Good Quality Gemstones As The Gems Are Relatively Small Pieces Of Premium Cut Gems. The Image You See Here Is A White Gold Pink Tourmaline Ring Which Could Also Be Made As A Pink Tourmaline Ring In Yellow Gold. The Options Are Many For Gold Rings Of This Type. Also Consider The Idea Of Making This A Multi Stone Gold Ring By Combining Gemstones Like Pink Tourmaline Amethyst, Citrine Etc. A White Gold Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring Or A Yellow Gold Ruby Ring Could Be Custom Made In This Design. Gold Rings With Emeralds Would Also Be A Great Choice. Depending On Your Budget Use Gemstones That Suit Your Taste And Style. Gold Rings With Peridot Or Topaz Or Citrine Or Garnets And Amethyst Gemstones Would Not Be Very Expensive. Looking For A Higher Priced Gold Ring, Then Make This A Gold Ring With Rubies In White Or Yellow Gold Or A Blue Saphire Gold Ring In White Gold. A White Or Yellow Gold Ring With Tanzanite Gemstones Can Also Be Made. There Is Another Medium Priced Gemstone Range Which Could Be A White Gold Ring With Pink Tourmaline Or Green Tourmaline Gems. Aquamarine Could Also Be Selected In Yellow Gold. This Design Has A Good Gold Weight And Can Therefore Be Custom Made As A Wedding Band Ring Or An Engagement Ring Too. The Choice Of Gemstones Is Unlimited And You Can Even Mix And Match Gems, So Follow Your Imagination And Our Skilled Craftsmen Will Work The Magic For You. Also Remember That The Design Can Be Modified As Per Your Requirements, So You Can Add Or Reduce The Number Of Rows Of Gemstones In This Gold Ring, Change Gemstones, Order It In White Gold Or Yellow Gold etc.

A Great Example Of A Gold Ring With Multiple Colored Gemstones. Fancy Gold Ring Design. Once Again Make This As A Yellow Gold Ring Or A White Gold Ring With Gemstones Of Your Choice. The Ring Can Be A Male Or Female Gold Ring Depending On The Gemstones You Choose. A Male Ring Would Perhaps be Made With Just One Or Two Coloured Gemstones. A Female Gold Ring On The Other Hand Can Be Made With Upto Three Colours Of Gems. Ofcourse The Final Choice Of Gemstones For This Spectacular Gold Ring Is Yours. Once Again The Design Has Good Gold Weight And Can Be Used A A Gold Band Ring As Well. The Gemstones In This Gold Ring Are A Bit Bigger And The Height Of The Ring Is Almost 1cm. You Can Reduce The Height By Reducing The Size Of The Gems Or By Reducing The Number Of Rows Where Gemstones Are Set To Two. An Interesting Design Modification For This Gold Ring With Gemstones Would Be To Have The Gemstones As Round Instead Of Oval. The Picture Here Shows The Ring As A White Gold Garnet, Citrine And Peridot Gemstones. You Can Choose The Gold Color As Yellow Gold Or White Gold. Select The Gemstones Of Your Choice Depending On Your Budget. An Interesting Combination Would Be To Have A White Gold Or Yellow Gold Ring With One Row Of Oval Or Round Rubies, And Then The Middle Row Of Small 2mm Round Diamonds And The Last Row Of Round Or Oval Shape Blue Sapphire Gemstones. Another Choice Would Be To Go For All Round Gemstones And Have The Ring As A White Or Yellow Gold Emerald Ring With Diamonds, So Use A Row Of Small Round Emaralds At The Top And Bottom And Fill The Middle With Small Sparkling Diamonds. You Can Also Use Small High Grade White Sapphires Instead Of Diamonds If You Are On A Limited Budget. Tanzanite White Gold Rings Or Yellow Gold Rings With Tanzanite Gemstones Have A Very Large And Loyal Following, Since The Gemstones In This Gold Ring Are Not Very Big You Can Afford To Use Better Grade Tanzanite Gemstones, Make The Bottom And Top Row With Small Round Tanzanite Gemstones Of Good Quality And Put Diamonds Or White Sapphires For The Center Row. These Are Some Of Our Suggestions But Remember That Everything Can Be Made As Per Your Requirements, So Do Not Limit Yourself To Our Suggestions Of Gems And Design. At kaisilver You Can Even Send Us Your Digital Images And We Can Custom Make The Jewelry For You With Your Choice Of Gold And Gemstones.

A Classic Heavy Gold Ring With A Fancy Cut Gemstone. This Ring Can Be Made As A White Gold Gemstone Ring Or A Yellow Gold Ring With A Gemstone. The Gemstone Shown In The Image Is A Big Round Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone With A Fancy Cut. The Surface Of The Gemstone Is The 'Checkerboard' Cut And The Many Faces Ensure That The Gemstone Sparkles. Single Gemstone Rings Like The Gold Ring Shown Here Can Be Made As A Male Ring Or A Female Ring Depending On The Size Of The Center Stone. For A Male Gemstone Ring In Yellow Gold Or White Gold Choose A Gemstone Of Around 9mm Round To 12mm Round. For A Female Gold Ring With Gemstone Choose A Stone Of Size 6mm Round To 8mm Round. This Blue Topaz Ring Can Also Be Made As An Amethyst Gold Ring Or A Garnet Gold Ring And Infact A Yellow Citrine Ring In White Gold Would Look Great Too. The Center Stone Can Be Fancy Cut As Shown Or Be A Simple Round Cut, You Can Also Try A Smooth Cabachon Cut Gemstone. For Gemstone Rings In Gold Or Silver With Similar Design There Is An Important Consideration Involved And That Is About The Metal Weight In The Ring. In The Case Of A Gold Ring With A Gemstone Mounted As Shown In The Image, The Mounting That Covers The Entire Edge Of The Gemstone Can Be A Significant Portion Of The Final Price Of The Gemstone Ring. So When Selecting The Gemstone Remember That The Bigger The Center Gemstone The More The Metal Weight Involved.

The Ring Can Also Be Made As A Green Jade Ring In Yellow Or White Gold, A White Gold Ring With Round Ruby In The Center, A Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire Ring With A Round Blue Sapphire Center. An Aquamarine Ring With Round Aquamarine Gemstone In The Center Would Look Great In White Or Yellow Gold. Green Tourmaline Can Also Be Used For This Gemstone Ring. For A Ladies Ring Select A Pink Tourmaline Of Size Around 7mm And Choose Yellow Or White Gold For The Mounting./ A Premium Grade Round Tanzanite Ring Can Also Be Ordered. However If You Select Tanzanite Remember To Get A Good Grade Medium To Dark Piece. If Budget Is A Major Consideration Order A Round Amethyst Ring In Yellow Gold. Black Onyx Or Spinel Or Turquoise Can Be Another Good Choice To Make This Round Gemstone Ring In Gold.

You Can Select Just About Any Gemstone That You Like And Order All Jewelry In White Or Yellow Gold. Also This Particular Design Is Being Offered In Gold And Sterling Silver. All Jewelry On Kaisilver Is With Highend Craftsmanship And Use The Best Quality Gemstones For The Price You Pay. The Silver Version Of This Ring Will Be Hand Crafted To Perfection And Will Not Have Any Rhodium Or Other Plating.

Another Good Ring Design That Is Ideal For A Multi Stone Ring. The Ring With Gemstones Shown Above Can Be Made As A White Gold Ring With Similar Colored Gemstones Like A Gold Emerald Ring Or A Yellow Gold Or White Gold Sapphire Ring Too. A White Gold Ruby Ring Would Also Look Awesome. Given The Small Size Of The Gemstones In This Ring You Could Make A Ring With Good Quality Precious Or Semi Precious Gems. This Is Because Small Sized Gemstones Would Be Reasonably Priced Per Carat. If You Are Watching Your Budget Then Select Some Of The Colored Gemstones Shown On The Ring In This Image. The Ring Has Garnets, Aquamarine, Peridot And Other Gemstones. Gemstone Rings That Use Big Center Gems Can Be Quite Expensive As Most Gemstones Will Be Higher Priced Per Carat For Bigger Sizes. However Using Smaller Gemstones In The Designs Will Ensure That You Get Good Quality At A Much Cheaper Price.

A Very Simple And Elegant Design. Could Be Used As A Wedding Band Ring Or Engagement Band Ring. The Gold Ring Has A Square Center Gemstone. The Sides Of The Ring Near The Center Gemstone Has Small Diamonds Set In It. The Width Of This Band Ring Can Be Varied Depending On The Size Of The Center Square Gemstone. Some Gemstone Suggestions For This Ring Would Be A White Gold Or Yellow Gold Square Ruby Ring. If This Is Being Made As A Wedding Ring Or An Anniversary Ring Or An Engagement Ring Select A High Grade Ruby Like A Rectangle Burmese Ruby Gemstone. A Good Quality Blue Sapphire Square Ring Can Also Be Made. If The Blue Sapphire Is Very Dark, Then Opt For A Yellow Gold Blue Saphire Ring. Using White Gold For A Dark Blue Sapphire Ring Would Make The Contrast Between The White Gold And The Darkness Of The Blue Saphire Very Stark And Would Cause The Center Blue Saphire Gemstone To Appear Almost Black. On The Other Hand If You Select A Brighter Or Lighter Blue Sapphire Then White Gold Could Also Be Used. A Square Emerald Gemstone In This Ring Would Also Be A Good Choice. Choose A Square Tanzanite Gemstone Too And Make A Square Tanzanite Gold Ring In White Or Yellow Gold. Other Choices In The Medium Price Range Would Be A Square Shaped Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring Or A Square Green Tourmaline White Or Yellow Gold Ring. A Yellow Gold Ring With A Good Quality Square Aquamarine Would Also Be Very Attractive. If You Are On A Tight Budget Order A Square Amethyst Gold Ring, Or A Gold Ring With A Square Shaped Red Garnet Gemstones. Square Blue Topaz Gold Rings In All Shades Of Blue Would Be A Good Choice Too. A Deep Yellow Citrine Gemstone In This Ring Design Could Also Be Ordered.

A Very Intricate Gemstone Gold Ring. The Design Draws Inspiration From Nature And Is A Classic Example Of A Gold Flower Ring. However This Gemstone Ring Bears Close Resemblance To A Splash Of Water. The Small Round Gemstones In The Center And The Marquise Shaped Gemstones Towards The Outer Ring Give A Bold And At The Same Time Fresh Appearance To This Gemstone Ring. Use Your Imagination And Select The Gemstones Like Always Kaisilver Will Custom Make This Ring For You In Just About Any Gemstone That You May Choose. A Good Suggestion Would Be To Use Blue Topaz In This Ring, Infact You Can Even Combine Two Blue Color Tones Of Blue Topaz In This Gorgeous Gold Ring. The Center Of The Ring Can Be Made Of Small Light Blue Topaz Gemstones And The Marquise Shapes Could Be A Darker Shade Of Blue Topaz Like Swiss Blue Topaz Or London Blue Topaz Gemstones. In White Gold This Gemstone Ring Can Be Made As A Pink Tourmaline Or Green Tourmaline Gemstone Ring. A High End Red Garnet Or Rhodolite Gemstone Ring Can Also Be Made In Yellow Or White Gold. Citrine Gems, Amethyst Gemstones And Any Other Gemstones That You Fance Can Also Be Used.

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About Gemstone Rings.

Gold Rings With Gemstones Or Infact Even Silver Rings With Gemstones Are The Most Popular Type Of Rings Seen The World Over. Gold Gemstone Rings And Other Jewellery With Gemstones Need Careful Designing To Bring Out The Beauty Of The Gemstones That Are Set In The Gold Or Silver. Gemstone Jewellery Is A Very Intricate Form Of Jewellery And Attention Needs To Be Paid To Over Detail. Gemstone Rings Or Other Jewellery With Gemstones Need To Consider Factors Like The Metal, Some Gemstones Look Good On Silver Jewelry While Other Gems May Not Be Suitable For Silver Gemstone Jewelry Because Of The Color Combinations Or Because The High Price Of Certain Gemstones Make Them More Suitable For Gold Jewelry.

Points To Consider When Ordering Gemstone Rings Or Other Gemstone Jewelry.

(1) When Considering Gemstones Pay Attention To The Type Of Metal You Use. As A General Suggestion, Lighter Colored Gemstones Look Good With White Gold. For Example White Gold Gemstone Rings Using Amethyst Gemstones Would Look Better With A Medium Purple Colored Amethyst Gemstone Rather Than A Very Dark Amethyst Gemstone. The Color Contrast Between White Gold And A Very Dark Purple Amethyst Gemstone Would Be Too Much And The Amethyst Would Look Almost Black. For Yellow Gold A Dark Color Gemstone Would Still Look Attractive. So If You Have A fairly Dark Blue Sapphire Gemstone, Choose Yellow Gold Rather Than Make A White Gold Dark Blue Sapphire Ring. The Same Applies For Sterling Silver Rings With Gemstones.

(2) Another Important Considerations For Making Gemstone Gold Rings And Other Gemstone Jewelry Is That Of Pricing Of Gemstones. Certain Gemstone Rings And Jewellery Like Gold Ruby Rings, Sapphire Rings And Jewellery In White Or Yellow Gold, Emerald Gold Rings, Tanzanite Rings And Jewellery Can All Be Quite Expensive. Especially High Grade Gems In This Category Can Be Priced Anywhere Between 300 U.S$ To 1,000 U.S$ Per Carat. Smaller Sized Gemstones Are Cheaper Than Larger Sizes. Keep This In Mind When Selecting Designs For Your Gold Rings And Jewellry With Gemstones. But Fortunately There Is Another Class Of Gemstones That Are Not Very Expensive, These Give You Options Like Red Garnet Silver And Gold Rings And Other Jewellery With Garnets. Amethyst Gemstone Rings And Amethyst Bracelets Are Another Option. Citrine Is Another Good Choice For Rings And Jewellery That Have Gemstones. White Topaz, Blue Topaz In All Shades Is A Good Choice Too. These Gems Would Not Be Too Expensive In Sizes Upto 2 to 4 Carats Per Piece. Infact These Gemstones Are Well Priced Even For Silver Gemstone Rings And Other Gemstone Jewellry In Silver Like Silver Gemstone Earrings And Silver Bracelets With Gems. Another Category Of Gemstones Is In The Medium Price Range Pink Tourmaline Gemstone Rings, Green Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry, Aquamarine Gold Rings And Other Aquamarine Gemstone Jewellery. This Category Includes Gemstones In The 20 U.S$ To 200 U.S$ Per Carat Range.

(3) Using Diamonds To Highlight And Add Glitter To Rings With Gemstones Is Another Popular Choice. These Diamonds Would Not Be The Main Stone Of The Gemstone Rings And Other Gemstone Jewellery. The Size Of Such Diamonds Would Thus Be Quite Small And Be In The Size Range Of 1mm To 2mm Round Diamonds. The Price Of These Small Diamonds Would Not Be Too Expensive And Can Be Procured In Fairly Good Quality At 250 U.S$ To 750 U.S$ Per Carat, Mainly Dependent On The Diamond Sizes Required. There Are Cheaper Alternatives Too, Like Using Small Premium Grade White Sapphires Instead Of Diamonds And Ofcourse Cubic Zircon Is Always Available.

(4) Our Write Up On Gemstone Rings And Other Jewellery Whether Gold Or Silver With Gems Would Be Incomplete Without Referring To Multi Stone Gemstone Jewellery. With A Subtle Play On Colors Jewellery Designers Have Managed To Create Sheer Magic By Combining Various Colored Gemstones In Gemstone Jewellery. For Example, An Exquisite Combination Of Ruby And Blue Sapphire Gemstone Rings, Or On The Less Expensive Side A Gemstone Ring With White Topaz And Pink Tourmaline Combination. We Could Go On And On, But We Urge You To Try Out Something Unusual And Fancy When Looking For Gemstone Gold Or Silver Rings And Other Gemstone Jewellery.