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Gents Claddagh Rings

Suitability of A Gold Or Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring For Gents

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At first it might appear that, gents claddagh rings would appear dainty and not masculine. After all it is not very common to come across heart shaped jewels for men. We could tell you that gold or silver claddagh rings are suitable for gents and ladies but, that would not be very convincing. You need to look at two facts before, deciding just how masculine a gents claddagh ring can be. The first relates to the meaning of the claddagh ring, something that we will discuss lower down in this report. The second thing about a gents claddagh ring is the suitability of design, for this we have some fine examples of gents claddagh rings in gold and 925 silver from Kaisilver.

We have often stressed that it is the design and dimensions of a ring that will directly influence it's suitability for gents. Kaisilver knows how claddagh rings are to be designed and crafted. Our claddagh rings for ladies and gents are regarded as the finest rendition of thei historic jewel. This did not happen by accident, we invested time and money studying the significance and tradition of the centuries old claddagh ring. Our research teams traced the origins of the ring to Ireland, after a thorough study we collected valuable facts about the jewel. These inputs provided final specifications to be incorporated into the design of the jewel. Backed by a team of top notch designers and some of the finest jewelry craftsmen and artisans, we today custom make each claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver.


mens claddagh ring kaisilver gold or sterling silver
Gents claddagh rings, custom crafted gold or 925 silver claddagh rings for gents. You can choose a plain or gem stone gents claddagh ring ... more.

The MAN14 gents claddagh ring from Kaisilver has all the essential elements of a traditional claddagh ring. The hand, crown and heart form the foundation of the claddagh story. The hands denote friendship and togetherness, the heart shows love and the crown is a symbol of loyalty. The ring is often referred to as the heart and hands ring, or the hands clasping the heart ring. This is the true meaning of the claddagh ring - and you will agree that the qualities of love, friendship and loyalty apply to everyone irrespective of age, sex, religion or nationality. So the question of the concept of a gents claddagh ring, it is perfect to presume that it is suitable for gents.

We now move on to the design structure and dimensions of the Kai Silver gents claddagh ring. If you have a another look at the MAN14 gold or silver gents gem stone claddagh ring, you will notice that it is not dainty or feminine. The ring is provided with a hefty metal weight of around 20 to 30 grams, the gem stone has a significant size of 8mm to 10mm. The overall head dimensions of the ring are around 1.5cm (15mm) or a little more than that. If you choose to have a 10mm heart gem stone for your gents gold or 925 silver claddagh ring, the head dimensions move up to around 1.8cm or a little more.

It is therefore clear in terms of dimensions and significance that, the claddagh ring is a classic jewel suitable for ladies and gents. A question often asked by male buyers is whether, a gold or silver gents claddagh ring is better. We would like to inform you that, Kaisilver provides both options and gold and silver rings have the same quality of design, gemstones and craftsmanship. This is ofcourse not true of other jewelers as most of them prefer to give attention and quality only to gold jewellery, silver jewelry is given secondary importance. One thing that is very important to understand is that, the meaning and significance of the claddagh ring is in the features of the jewel. A silver or gold gents claddagh ring would have the same degree of meaning.

We would suggest that you pay sufficient attention to longterm durability when choosing a gents claddagh ring. While durability is a result of a combination of features, sufficient metal weight is of prime importance. Since the dimensions of gents rings would be fairly large, proportional metal weight is required to keep the ring strong and sturdy. A light weight gents claddagh ring could bend and deform, this would result in frequent and expensive repair charges. If you find that a good sturdy gents gold claddagh ring is out of your budget, consider getting a sturdy and durable sterling silver gents claddagh ring. We would once again like to repeat here that, a gold or 925 silver claddagh ring would have the same significance and meaning.

The choice between a plain or gem stone claddagh gents ring would depend on personal preference. While it is true that the gem stone in a claddagh ring can enhance the appearance and meaning of the jewel, the significance of the claddagh in terms of love, friendship and loyalty is achieved both with or without the gemstone. A plain gents claddagh ring in gold or sterling silver would have a metal heart in the center. An important piece of information is that, the first claddagh ring made about four centuries ago did not have a gemstone at all. If you need a gem stone for your gents gold or 925 silver claddagh ring, consider a birthstone or choose a gem based on your favorite color. It might be a good idea to get some advice from your jeweler regarding various options. At Kaisilver we always welcome queries from you even if, you do not plan to buy the ring from us.

We now know that the claddagh ring is surely suitable for gents but, is there a special ocassion for which this historic jewel is ideally suited. The interesting thing about the claddagh ring is that it is suitable for all ocassions. So you could wear your gents claddagh ring as a casual wear jewel, it could also be worn as a gents wedding or engagement ring. We already mentioned the suitability of this jewel as a men's birth stone ring. While this is not always true for gents rings, a claddagh gents ring to be worn as a wedding or engagement ring could be made in gold and have a few diamonds set in the crown. We would like to mention here that, there has always been a healthy demand for gents 925 sterling silver claddagh rings, many of these rings are indeed worn as wedding rings.


mens claddagh ring onyx or other gemstone

An impressive gents claddagh ring from Kaisilver. Custom ring in gold or sterling silver with gem stone of your choice. All gem stone options available for the gents gold or 925 silver claddagh ring ... more.

Kaisilver is not the only source for your gents claddagh ring but, if you had to talk about experience and expertise in designing and crafting this historic jewel, no other jeweler could come near. Backed by findings from an intensive research study, our designing and production teams today create the finest rendition of the claddagh ring for ladies and gents. We are honored to have clients from Ireland which is where the claddagh tradition really began. This shows the confidence placed by global buyers in the Kai Silver claddagh ring. Below are some of the main highlights of all Kaisilver claddagh rings, the information should make it easier for you to thoroughly evaluate various options and sources for your jewel.



Highlights Of Kai Silver Gents Claddagh Heart Rings

Custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Sterling silver is also an option. All ring sizes are available.
Healthy metal weight ensures longterm durability, our gents claddagh rings have a minimum weight range of 20 to 25 grams.
The researched design for our claddagh rings, offers a sturdy jewel and firm gem mounting, the gem is bordered all around with gold or 925 silver.
Not mass produced, some of the finest craftsmen and artisans work on each jewel. The same quality of craftsmanship is assured for gold or 925 silver mens claddagh heart rings.
You can choose a plain or gem stone claddagh gents ring. The plain ring will have a solid silver/gold heart in the center.
We provide all gem stone options, each gem is carefully inspected before being precisely cut. You are not restricted to gems that you see on our website.
All design modifications are possible since, each gents heart gem stone or plain ring is fully custom made.
You also have the option to add diamonds in the crown. This is suitable for gents claddagh wedding or engagement rings.
We offer all types of etchings and engravings inside the band of your gents claddagh ring. This can enhance the meaning of the jewel and is done at no extra charge to you.



claddagh ring for men, 14k or 18k gold mens claddagh ring

A sterling silver gents claddagh ring with gem stone. Shown here is a carnelian gents heart ring. Available in gold or sterling silver, with all gem options. Fine craftsmanship and custom cut gems for both gold and silver gents claddaghs    ... more.

We mentioned that the gem stone gents claddagh ring can include a gem of your choice. Some important bits of advice here, something that not all jewelers would care to explain. If you are going for a 14k or 18k claddagh ring for gents, or even a 925 silver ring - make sure that you have all information related to the gem stone in your ring. Birthstones are quite standardised, and if you wish to use get a birthstone gents ring the chart below will help you make a decision. Some variations are possible for example, the January birth stone is the garnet however it need not always be a red garnet. Options like hessonite garnet, spessartite garnet can be selected. Red garnets are however the most affordable option for a January birthstone gents ring. If you are looking for a gents claddagh ring with Amethyst the birth stone for February, color options can be of interest to you. Light purple, medium purple and very dark purple are generally possible for this stone. Most gents and ladies prefer the medium purple stone. Move down to the December birthstone, blue topaz can also be had in 3 shades of blue. Pale blue (sky blue topaz), brighter blue (swiss blue topaz) and deep blue (london blue topaz). A gents claddagh ring with birthstones like ruby, sapphire and emerald can have variations too. These gems are in the expensive gem category, different grades (qualities) can show wide price variation. Discuss your budget and requirements with your jeweler before making a buying decision.


mens topaz claddagh ring, gents blue topaz rings

The preference of dark blue gems in gents rings is well known and blue topaz, provides an exciting option at a modest price. Shown in the MAN120 gents gold or silver cladagh ring is a deep blue (london blue) topaz gemstone. Other dark blue gem options for a gents ring would be blue lapis, blue sapphire, tanzanite, iolite and blue spinel. Just remember that you need not limit your gem selection to what you see or read on our website ... more.

 As knowledge related to gemstones spreads, jewelry buyers including gents are showing greater interest in gold and silver jewelry with gemstones. This is a very good trend since buyers are in a better position to discuss gem options with their jewelry provider and make wise buying decisions. If you plan to choose a gemstone for your gents gold or 925 silver claddagh ring based on your color preference, remember that each color is very likely to be represented by more than one gemstone. For example, sapphire is not the only gem option for a blue gem - blue topaz, lapis, spinel and even blue tourmaline, tanzanite and iolite can all deliver a stunning blue gemstone claddagh gents ring. And to put that numerically, a blue sapphire can cost 100, 200 or even 500 times more (per carat) as compared to an impressive and eye clean london blue topaz gemstone. Interestingly paying a higher price for a gem does not always bring you better durability, emerald is an awesome example. So if you need a cladagh gents ring with a green gem, talk to the support team about peridot, emerald, green tourmaline and green jade. At Kaisilver we can procure your choice of gemstone from any point on this planet, so we do not push any existing inventories just to liquidate our stocks.


gents claddagh ring plain no gemstone

 The meaning and significance of a gents cladagh ring is depicted in the hands (togetherness), heart (love) and crown (loyalty) that feature prominently in the jewel. While the gem stone can enhance the appearance and meaning of the jewel, it is something that was really not present in the first claddagh ring made around 4 centuries ago. It is also true that a plain cladagh ring is easier to maintain and clean ... more.

 It is not an overstatement to claim that gents have always been interested in jewels that had a special meaning or tradition. You might notice that some gents who never wore any jewel in their life, make an exception by wearing a wedding ring.  Similarly gents cross rings and rings with other symbols, are worn for their meaning or significance. It is therefore no surprise that gents claddagh rings with no gemstones are quite common. The four century old jewel was first made as an all metal jewel with no gem, so none of the original significance of the jewel is lost when the gem is excluded from the ring. Since gems often require some caution when being worn or cleaned, there is an extra element of care that is called for when wearing gemstone jewelry. It is also true that a plain jewel keeps away the cost component that a gemstone would add to the price tag.


Birth Stone Chart

birth stone chart
Though pearl is the birth stone for the month of June, moonstone is also designated as the birthstone for June. This is useful when the gem needs to be cut and shaped like a gem. Pearl cannot be cut and faceted like moonstone.

Selecting gemstones by color is quite common when it comes to gents rings. There is a vital piece of information that is not often known to buyers when gems are selected by color. This is something that you should be aware of when buying a silver or gold gents claddagh ring - to be specific the practice of selecting gems by color preference is more common among gents. Let us take an example of a blue gem which happens to be very popular for gents rings. Most casual gem and jewelry lovers have heard of blue sapphire, they are however unaware that other options for blue gems exist. Swiss blue or london blue topaz, blue lapis and probably even iolite with a higher saturation in blue (lower in violet) are great options. The good thing is that, these gems would cost you a around 60% to 90% less than blue sapphires of similar size and shape! Your jeweler might sing that, 'sapphires are sapphires' and that nothing can replace them, but if you are on a tight budget and not particular about a blue sapphire - study other options. So a blue gem stone claddagh rings for gents, need not always be made with a blue sapphire.

Still on the issue of gem selection by color, red gems present an interesting case study. The queen of red gems is obviously the ruby, this gem can range from a very pinkish red to, deep almost murky red. As far as experience at Kaisilver goes, buyers normally request for the deepest shade of red for gents ruby rings. If you had to talk about price, ruby and sapphire fall in the same (expensive) category. While a medium grade ruby in the 8mm heart size could cost around 700 U.S$ to 1,200 U.S$ per carat, a red spinel with a fine red color would cost around 300 U.S$ to 500 U.S$ per carat. You could also have a deep red garnet for around 40 U.S$ to 50 U.S$ per carat and a much rarer (also red) spessartite garnet for around 70 U.S$ to 150 U.S$ per carat. Another interesting thing is that all rubies (over 98%) are heat treated to enhance color and clarity whereas, red garnet and spessartite garnet are natural and untreated.

Having discussed gems by color, we now need to get into some detail about gem selection by size. Let us presume that you needed a gents gold or 925 sterling silver claddagh ring with a large heart shaped gem. The MAN33 Kaisilver gents claddagh is shown above with a big 10mm heart shaped black onyx stone. In this case the gem selection for your gents heart ring is based on gem size, color probably is or is not important as per your personal preference. The important piece of information here is that, some gems get to be very expensive when the gem size increases, you would ideally stay away from these for your large gem stone gents claddagh ring. You would then come to the expensive gems and finally, the moderately priced gems for the large heart ring.


Gems Suggestions For 8mm Heart Shape Gems, Affordability

These gems would be moderately priced in this size. Amethyst, Citrine, Red Garnet, Green Jade (normal grade), Smoky Quartz, White Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Blue Lapis, Black Onyx, Brown Agate, Bloodstone, Pink or Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Lemon Quartz
These gems are not as moderately priced but still not expensive. Aquamarine, Iolite, Morganite, White Opal, Fire Opal, Rhodolite Garnet, Red Spessartite Garnet, Prehnite
We would classify these gems as expensive. Medium Grade Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite, Emerald.
These gems would surely belong to the very expensive category. Good Grade Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite, Emerald.



Gems Suggestions For 10mm Heart Shape Gems, Affordability

These gems would be moderately priced in this size. Amethyst, Citrine, Red Garnet, Green Jade (normal grade), Smoky Quartz, White Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Blue Lapis, Black Onyx, Brown Agate, Bloodstone, Pink or Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Lemon Quartz
These gems can be termed as expensive in the 10mm size. Aquamarine, Iolite, Morganite, White Opal, Fire Opal, Rhodolite Garnet, Red Spessartite Garnet.
We would classify these gems as very expensive in . Medium Grade Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite, Emerald.
These gems would surely be out of most budgets. Good Grade Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite, Emerald.
Important: At Kaisilver we can procure just about any gem in the size and shape that you need. Discuss specific requirements with our support team. For example, a medium grade blue sapphire gem in size 10mm and heart shape, could be in the 4,000 U.S$ to 8,000 U.S$ price range.

Let us now talk about some variations for a gents claddagh ring. We sometimes do get requests for gold or 925 silver gents claddagh rings where. the ring does not have a crown. Since every Kaisilver claddagh ring is fully tailormade to buyer specifications, we can exclude the crown from your ring. However if you really want your ring to have the meaning of the original claddagh ring, we would suggest that you keep the crown since it is one of the essential features of the claddagh ring. The choice of diamonds in the crown, does appeal to some gents. For an additional charge, we can set 3 diamonds in the crown. The diamonds are 2.5mm (1 piece) and 2mm (2 pieces). Let us know if you prefer to have other gems besides diamonds in the crown of your mens claddagh ring. You could also request for the gem stone in your silver or gold claddagh ring for men to be excluded. If you request for a mens claddagh ring with no gem stone in the center (heart), the entire heart portion would be filled with gold or silver, depending on your metal option. You can also request for a small message to be etched inside the band of the ring. For example, if you get a pair of claddagh rings (gent's and lady's) you can exchange names and have the etched inside the band. We can do this at no additional charge to you.

Below are the normal prices for the Kaisilver claddagh gents rings. Though the design for the MAN33, MAN14 and MAN60 differ to a certain extent, the metal weight and gem size options remains the same. For this reason the prices mentioned below would remain the same irrespective of the design concept that you choose for your, gold or 925 sterling silver claddagh ring for gents. Since all the features of our rings can be fully customized, you might want to discuss your requirements with our support team before deciding on the metal, concept etc.


If you need more information on the above rings, please email our support team at sales@kaisilver.com Do provide details related to metal option, gem option and any other customization requirements that are relevant to the query. The team will be glad to assist you even if you do not intend to make any purchase from us. To order these rings please go to the detailed page here.


Prices With 8mm Gemstone - MAN14, MAN60 and MAN33 Are Priced The Same

Ring Weight 18 to 22 Grams

mens claddagh ring prices

We will let you know if your ring size is very large requiring additional gold weight.



Prices With 10mm Gemstone - MAN14, MAN60 and MAN33 Are Priced The Same

Ring Weight 22 to 25 Grams

mens gold or sterling silver claddagh ring

We will let you know if your ring size is very large requiring additional gold weight.


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