Gemstones In Thailand, Information About Gemstones And Buying Tips For Gems Shopping.

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Gemstones Have Always Been On The Shopping List Of Tourists To Thailand. Many Thai Gemstones Are Infact Not Mined In Thailand At All. They Are Brought To Thailand From Gemstone Mining Countries Like Africa, Brazil, Burma etc. The Skilled Craftsmen In Thailand Cut These Rough Gems Into Glittering Finished Gems Ready To Sell Or Set In Jewelry. No Wonder That Gemstone Jewellery From Thailand Is Also A Major Thai Export. The Gemstone And Jewelry Industry In Thailand Is Largely Self Sufficient, The Entire Process Of Gemstone Jewelry Production Can Be Handled Within The Country.

Two Main Classifications For Gemstones.
For The Layman Who Does Not Know Much About Gemstones, The First Classification Of Gemstones Would Be Genuine Gemstones And Artificial Gemstones. As One Would Expect Genuine Gemstones Are Found In Nature And Artifical Gemstones Are Made By Man. Also In General Artificial Gems Would Be Cheaper Than Their Genuine Counterparts. For Example Genuine Ruby Would Be More Expensive Than Artificial Ruby. Both Genuine Gemstones And Artificial Gemstones Are Available In Thailand. Gold Jewellry Would Generally Use Genuine Gemstones. The Most Important Thing To Be Aware Of Is To Know The Kind Of Gemstones That You Are Getting. So If You Pay For Genuine Gemstones You Should Be Sure That You Are Not Getting Cheap Artificial Substitutes. Unfortunately In Some Cases Artificially Made Gemstones Look Very Much Like Their Natural Counterparts Even To Experienced Gemstone Buyers.

The Best Way To Ensure That You Get Your Moneys Worth Is To Judge From The Reputation Of The Seller. Look For Feedback From Other Buyers, Notice How Willing The Seller Is To Give Advice Rather Than Push You To Close The Sale And Make Payment. Buying Gemstones Can Be A Gamble If You Do Not First Locate A Gemstone Seller That You Can Trust. Gemstones In Thailand Are Gorgeous But Blindly Trusting Gemstone Sellers May Turn Out To Be A Costly Experiment.

Kaisilver Has Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gems And Jewellery Suppliers In Thailand. We Custom Cut Even A Single Gemstone For Our Buyers. You Can Be Sure That You Get What You Pay For When You Shop For Gemstones Or Jewelry At Kaisilver. Click Here To Read Comments And Feedback From Some Of Our Buyers Today, Over 3,000 Buyers Spread Across 17 Nations Shop At Kaisilver For Gemstones And Jewellery. Most Of These Are Repeat Buyers. We Take The Bother Out Of Gemstone And Jewellery Shopping.

Price And Weight Of Gemstones
Prices Of Gemstones In Thailand And Indeed The World Over Are Quoted By Weight. Gemstones Are Normally Weighed In Carats. A Carat Is One Fifth Of A Gram. So A 5 Carat Gemstone Would Be Equal To One Gram. There Is However One Important Thing To Not When Pricing Gemstones By Weight, And That Is The Size Of A Single Piece Of Gemstone Is Also Relevant. What This Means Is That A Single Gemstone Weighing One Carat Would Be More Expensive Than Five Small Pieces Of The Same Gemstone Totally Weighing One Carat. The Idea Is That It Is Easier To Find Small Gemstones As Compared To Big Gemstones. Again What Is A Big Size For A Gemstone And What Constitutes A Small Size Are Dependent On The Type Of Gemstone. For Example For A Gemstone Like Amethyst A 25 Carat Piece Could Be Regarded As A Big Amethyst Gemstone. However For A Much Rare Gemstone Like Blue Ceylon Sapphire A 2 Carat Piece Would Be Hard To Find.

Kaisilver Is The Leading Provider Of Big Gemstones. Our Direct Contacts With Gemstone Miners And Gemstone Cutters Gives Us Access To An Unlimited Range Of Big Gemstones. What You See On Our Website Is Just A Tiny Sampling Of What We Have Access To. Let Us Have Your Requirements And We Will Procure The Gemstone Of Your Choice For You. Click For Some Samples Of Big Gemstones We Can Procure Good Grade Big Gems Of The Following Types, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnets, Ameythyst, Tanzanite, African Ruby, Burmese Ruby, Thailand Blue Sapphire, Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, Peridot, Emeralds And Many Other Gemstones.

Gemstones In Thailand Can Be Found In All Types, Grades And Sizes. Ofcourse There Exist Good Sellers And A Few Bad Ones Too. Stories About Gem Scams In Bangkok And Thailand Are Not Very Rare. Though The Law Enforcing Authorities Take These Cases Seriously, Every Now And Then One Hears Of Foreign Tourists Being Cheated And Sold Cheap Merchandise At Exhorbitant Prices. The Reason Why People Get Cheated Is Because For Certain Gemstones, For Example Genuine Ruby A Piece Of The Same Size And Shape, But Of Different Quality Can Vary In Price From 50 U.S$ Per Carat To 1,000 U.S$ Per Carat. Buyers Shopping For Gemstones And Without Much Knowledge About Them Fall Prey To Sellers Out To Make A Fast Buck.

At Kaisilver We Have Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstones And Jewelry Maufacturers In Thailand. This Network Also Gives Us Direct Access To Over 3,000 Skilled Craftsmen. We Can Procure Or Custom Every Gemstone That You May Need. You Big Gems And Other Rare Gemstones Are Our Specialities. As Far As The Equation Between Price And Quality Is Concerned No One Can Provide You A Better Solution Than Us.

As Mentioned Earlier Not All Gemstones That Are Cut In Thailand Originate Here. Rough Gems Are Imported From African Countries And Also Brazil, Once Here The Gemstones Are Cut To Perfection By Silled Gemstone Cutters. These Gems Cut In Thailand Now Find Their Way To International Markets, Some As Plain Gemstones And Some Set In Gold Jewellery By Nmerous Jewelry Factories Spread All Over Thailand. Thai Gemstones Are Of Very High Quality Cut. Gemstone Exports From Thailand Are A Significant Foreign Exchange Earner For Thailand.

Kaisilver Has Some Gorgeous Gemstone Jewelery Made In Thailand. The Designs Are Very Unique And Exclusive The Craftsmanship Is High End Quality. We Can Make To Order Jewellery Designs Of Your Choice. All Our Designs Can Be Modified As Per Your Requirements. Gemstone Gold Jewellry From Kaisilver You Can Send Us Your Scans Or Digital Photographs Of Your Own Designs And We Can Custom Make These For You.

To Summarize, Shopping For Gemstones And Jewellery In Thailand Is Worthwhile If You Know How To Select Good Quality Gems And Jewelry. If Not, You Need A Jewelry Seller You Can Trust. This Seller Should Be Able To Provide You Complete Information Regarding The Gemstones And Jewlry That You Need. When Buying Gems In Thailand Make Sure That You Have Someone To Guide You Around. Or You Could Rely On A Reputed Online Seller And Stay With Them. Thai Gems Are Truly Remarkable, The Prices Of Gemstones In Thailand Are Much Less Than Buying Them Overseas. But When You Do Buy Gemstones In Bangkok Or Anywhere Else In Thailand, Make Sure That You Have Someone Who Is Knowledgeable About Gemstones.

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Common Merchandise In Jewellery From Thailand

Hundreds Of Gemstones, Thousands Of Designs And Millions Of Buyers, This Is Typical Of Thai Jewellery. Specialisation In Different Gemstones And Jewelry Designs Is Noticeable. Highend Jewellery In Thailand Is Made By A Few Big Names And Then There Is The Medium Priced Range That Has The Maximum Number Of Jewelry Manufacturers In Thailand. The Lowend Jewelry Is Generally An Unorganized Sector Of Thai Jewellery And Is Almost Totally Price Driven With Quality Taking A Backseat.

Common Thai Jewelry Includes, Blue Sapphire Gold Rings In White Or Yellow Gold. Infact All Kinds Of White Gold Blue Sapphire Jewellry Is Very Popular. The Very Good Quality Thai Blue Sapphires Are Not Cheap, So Decide On Budgets And Let Your Jeweller Work Out Quality And Price Details For You. Just To Mention The Bright Blue Sapphires That You May Find Are Either Genuine Ceylon Sapphires Or Cleverly Marketed Fake Gemstones. So Once Again Be Careful Before You Spend Your Hard Earned Money On So Called Good Deals.

Custom Made Jewellery
Very Often The Conventional Jewellery Designs Whether Gold Jewelry Or Silver Jewellery May Not Impress You. This Is Where Jewellery Buyers Look To Find Suppliers Who Would Custom Make Jewelry As Per Their Own Specifications Or Designs. The Most Common Made To Order Jewelry Are Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings And Other Anniversary Jewellery. Due To The Very Specific Occassions Such Jewelry Is Generally Made With Higher Budgets. Click For Information Regarding High End Made To Order Jewellery For Made To Order Wedding Rings Or Made To Order Engagement Rings, There Needs To Be A Perfect Relationship Of trust And Understanding Between The Buyer And The Seller. This Type Of Jewellery Is Generally Expensive Jewellry Because Of Two Reasons, Firstly, The Special Occassion Jewelry Needs Better Grade of Diamonds And Gemstones And Very High End Craftsmanship, Secondly From The Sellers Point Of View This Is A Retail Sale And Also Very Specifically Made Needing Individual Attention. But Somewhere Between Quality And Price Is An Equation That Needs To Be Worked Out Very Honestly Between The Seller And The Buyer. This Is Where The Buyer Needs To Select A Seller With A Good Reputation. There Are Not Many Such Sellers. For Example, An 18K Ruby Diamond Ring Can Be Made For Anywhere Between 150 U.S$ And Over 5,000 U.S$. The Design, Diamond And Gemstone Shape And Size Would Be The Same, The Difference Is Quality. So If Proper Selection Of The Supplier Is Not Made The Buyer Would Never Be Sure If He Or She Is Getting Jewellery That Is Worth The Money Paid For It. Click To Read Kaisilver Feedback From Some Of Our Buyers Look For Sellers Who Are Willing To Work The Designs And Options For You. Suggestions At Price Reduction Possibilities And Knowledge And Experience Regarding Custom Made Jewelry. There Are Not Too Many Vendors Supplying Good Made To Order Gemstones And Jewelry Online. Kaisilver Is The Biggest Online Supplier Of Custom Made Gemstones And Jewelry. We Have Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellery Manufacturers In Thailand. This Gives Us A Virtually Unlimited Range Of Gemstones And Jewelry Inventory. This Also Gives Us Direct Access To The Worlds Largest Base Of Skilled Craftsmen. Inspite Of Our Size We Welcome Even The Smallest Orders.

Artistic Gold Jewellery And Artistic Silver Jewellery
There Are Many Gold Designs That Need To Be Totally Handmade Or At Least Hand Finished To Perfection. Make Sure That The Seller You Select Has Enough Of Skilled Craftsmen To Get This Done. If Not The End Product Would Like A Hurried Job And You Would Be Stuck With This For A Long Long Time. Thailand Has A Huge Base Of Skilled Jewellery Craftsmen But Very Often Greedy Sellers Cut Corners And Go For A Quick Buck Sale. Do Not Look At Sellers Who Try To Push You Through The Sale From The Very First Email.

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