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Fire Opal Rings 

Understanding Fire Opal Gemstones 

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A fire opal ring like most other gemstone jewels has a major role to fulfill, the ring needs to satisfy the buyer with the beauty and grace of the gemstone. And this satisfaction should not be shortlived, an opal lover would want his or her fire opal ring to stay in shape for many years to come. While this sounds like a nice mission statement for the buyer, there is something that needs to be understood for the mission to be successful. This 'something' as important as it may bey, is conveniently ignored by the seller. In this report on fire opal rings, we will talk about these 'somethings' related to fire opal gemstones. So while this report might not sound like a flashy sales brochure, it is sure to be very valuable in terms of constructive advice. Once you have grasped the contents of this web page, feel free to purchase your fire opal ring from any provider that you feel is good for you.

To begin with let us give you some basic facts about fire opal gems. Remember the gemstone will be one of the most important features of your fire opal ring. Fire opal is a variety of opal, it does not come from the opal country, Australia. The main source for fire opal gems has for long, been the mines near the dormant volcanic sites of Mexico. Not so long ago, the gem fire opal was taken to imply Mexican fire opal. With supply never strong enough to meet demand, gem manufacturers kept trying to unearth new sources for this gorgeous gemstone. You will therefore come across names like Brazilian fire opals and Ethiopian fire opals today. All said and done, most knowledgeable gem and jewelry buyers remain loyal to fire opals from Mexico. At this point of time, you can still insist on getting a Mexican fire opal gem for your lady's or mens fire opal ring.

Now about the color of fire opal gems. If you have done some research on fire opal gemstone rings, you would most likely agree with this assessment. With a color range of orange to darker reddish orange, lady's generally tend to move towards the medium orange range for their fire opal rings. On the other hand, men prefer that more saturated, reddish orange color. This has been observed in mens fire opal rings, irrespective of the metal color choice being white gold or yellow gold. Fire opal gems can have a high degree of transparency something which, is not common in most opals. However there is an interesting relation between the transparency of fire opals and their color saturation. It is observed that the lighter the color of a fire opal gemstone, the more transparent (generally) the gemstone is. This is why most of those saturated reddish-orange gems in mens fire opal rings, are quite low on transparency. On another note related to the color of fire opal gemstones, we must mention that some fire opal gems do show a very yellow color too. We have however not seen many buyers, specifically requesting this fire opal color shade for their gold or sterling silver fire opal rings.

An important issue related to fire opal gems is it's designation as a birthstone. With opal being the primary birthstone for the month of October, many jewelry lovers want to know whether fire opal could be regarded as an October birthstone. To this question we have a very big 'YES'. Unlike the case of the September birthstone sapphire where, clear references are made to blue sapphire, opal birthstone cover a broader classification and can include all (natural) opal varieties. You can therefore choose a gorgeous fire opal birthstone ring if, you are looking for an October birthstone jewel.

We began this report on fire opal gemstone rings with the statement that, buyers would expect longterm satisfaction from their jewels. For this to happen, the buyer would need to know how to wear, store and clean his or her fire opal ring. In this paragraph we will discuss some features of fire opal gems that, will educate you on the related issues. Firstly the hardness of fire opal is about 5.5-6 when measured on the Mohs scale that, scores stones on a scale of 1 to 10. Without much sales hype, we need to admit that this is an average hardness value. What this means to you is that, your fire opal ring should be kept away from environments where the stone could hit against or be hit by, hard surfaces and objects. Keep this in mind when storing your fire opal ring too. It is not a good idea to bundle your fire opal jewelry along with a bunch of other jewels. The jewels could hit or strike against each other, this can cause damage to the gemstone. Our suggestion would be to always, use a jewelry storage box where, soft padded compartments are provided for each jewel. Follow this even if your jewels, have gems that all have an impressive hardness rating. Hard gems can easily scratch metals like gold and silver, this is something that you do not want to happen.

Most opal gems have some percentage of moisture that is naturally trapped in them. You might be surprised to know that, a fire opal gem can have as much as 6% to 8% of water in it's body mass. Nature has decided to put that moisture in for a very good reason, the moisture has a positive impact on the beauty and lustre of the fire opal. It would now be quite obvious that, the beauty and grace of your fire opal ring relies on the moisture in the gemstone. Keeping this in mind, here is some sound advice. Avoid the gemstone in your fire opal ring coming into contact with harsh chemicals and detergents. Heat sources could also cause the moisture levels in the stone to drop, the fire opal could then lose it's moisture and a significant share of it's beauty and lustre too.

So how should you clean a fire opal ring. We will provide you with an easy way to do that and if you feel that, your fire opal gemstone rings needs cleaning that is more complicated, refer the case to a professional jeweler. If you need to use any polish to brighten a gold or 925 silver fire opal ring, keep one thing in mind. Polishing fabrics and thicker lotions are better than powders, liquids and sprays. The idea is to keep the fabric or lotion away from the gemstone. Since this is easier said than done, you need to ensure that no residue from the polishing medium remains stuck to the gemstone or metal mounting. A quick rinse in clean water at room temperature can take care of residue. In general, here is what you would need to clean your fire opal ring. A ceramic or glass bowl filled with clean water, the water should neither be hot nor cold - room temperature is ideal. A very soft clean toothbrush, do not use one that has been used to brush anything else, including teeth. A clean, soft and dry piece of cloth. What you do not need is, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, steamers or even hot or cold blowers and dryers. Soak the fire opal ring in water for a while, pick it up and inspect the portion under the gemstone. Use the soft toothbrush (gently) to take away any dust or oil that might be caught below the stone. Rinse the fire opal ring in clean water. Hold the ring very firmly and gently jerk it to allow water droplets to fall off. Make sure that it does not strike agains the basin, bowl or anything hard. More importantly, make sure that it does not fly away from your grip. If this caution looks like asking for too much, leave the 'jerking' process out of the cleaning routine. The best and only way, in which fire opals should dry is to be kept in a safe, clean (not warm) place on a soft clean cloth. Blowers and dryers (both cool and hot) can dry up the moisture that is naturally present in fire opals so, do not use them in the cleaning or drying process. Ocassionally wiping your fire opal ring with a soft, clean and slightly moist cloth, can keep it looking good. This small practice can save you a lot of time and effort.


While most jewelers and gem providers feel that, disclosing gem facts to buyers would discourage purchases, we beg to differ. In our humble opinion a well informed buyer is a big asset to the industry. Although there might be lost orders, seasoned  gem and jewelry lovers are aware that every gemstone has specific properties and characteristics, that need to be kept in mind. They realize that understanding the personality and anatomy of the gemstone, will allow them to get longer and higher satisfaction from owning and wearing gemstone jewelry. Before you make a purchase of opal gems or jewelry, read this report, understand the content and then make up your mind. Should you still have any doubts or queries, send an email to our experts at sales@kaisilver.com The team is trained and encouraged to do more than just sell. The primary objective is to inform and educate gem buyers and lovers. Having done that, the buyer is allowed to make a well informed and peaceful buying decision.


fire opal gemstone rings, claddagh fire opal ring

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