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Diamond Rings, Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

12,000 U.S$ Diamond Ring Goes Down The Drain!

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When it comes to cleaning a diamond ring, you will not find too many articles of reports providing suggestions and tips. This does not mean that it will never be necessary to clean diamond rings, but most people take diamond jewelry for granted. You might be aware that diamonds are the toughest (hardest) stones to be used in jewelry. It is therefore felt that a diamond ring or other diamond jewel could be cleaned easily and without much caution.

Gemological experts measure the hardness of gems and diamonds using the Mohs scale. In this scale, 1 is the least hard and 10 is the hardest, diamonds measure a complete 10. This does mean that the stone in your diamond ring will not damage easily, cleaning a diamond ring is therefore not much of a problem. However in this report we discuss some other vital issues related to cleaning diamond rings.


Washing A Diamond Ring In A Sink: Many of us love to wash our jewelry when we are using the sink or wash basin for some other chores! Wash your face, slide the diamond ring off your finger and rinse it in running water. This does help loosen and dislodge any dust or dirt that is stuck to the diamond or the metal mounting. In August 2011, a lady in the U.S accidentaly dropped her diamond ring in the bathroom. The 12,000$ jewel went down the drain. It was not clear whether the lady was trying to clean her diamond ring in the bathroom but, she surely took it off her finger in that place. The city cleaners luckily traced her expensive diamond ring to a sewer near the street, the ring and was soon united with it's owner. This was a very lucky case, such stories would generally not end so happily.

If you plan to clean your diamond ring in the sink, first make sure that the drain is closed with a very fine grid or still better, closed with a steel or metal plate. Having done that, use a large glass or plastic bowl filled with water to do the cleaning. Take double caution if you plan to hold the diamond ring under a running water tap.


Clean Diamond Rings In A Familiar Place: We would strongly suggest that you do not clean diamond rings or other expensive jewelry when away from home. Hotel or restaurant washrooms or bathrooms are not the best places to clean your clean your diamond ring. Besides the problem with the diamond going down the sink drain, there is also the added risk of forgetting the diamond ring in the washroom. You really do not want to test the level of honesty and integrity of the hotel room staff. A Kaisilver diamond ring buyer lost her 3,000$ diamond engagement ring when, she accidentaly left the ring in the toilet at the office. The lady sadly explained to us why she took her diamond ring off in the toilet. The office had a small tea party, she got her hands in the chocolate cake and used the wash room to wash. She took the diamond ring off as she used the washroom, few hours later she realised her mistake but the ring was never to be found.


Cleaning Cluster Diamond Rings: While we did say that diamonds are quite tough and durable, certain types of diamond rings need a bit more caring when being washed or cleaned. To the casual jewelry buyer we would say that, a cluster diamond ring is a ring with many small diamonds set close to each other. A common issue with such diamond ring is that the stones, could fall off the metal mounting if the ring is cleaned too vigorusly. Highly skilled craftsmen and diamond setters are required to craft such diamond rings. Even when all is done right in the production process, the small diamonds could loosen from the mounting over time. Though diamond rings can be cleaned in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or jewelry cleaners that vibrate, cluster diamond rings could suffer from loose or even dropped diamonds during the cleaning process.

When you clean a diamond ring that has many small diamond rings set in the jewel, you need to make provision for the small diamonds that drop off. You could probably use a small bowl of clean water and then place that bowl over a cloth that has a darkish background color. It becomes easier to spot the diamonds that might have dropped off on a dark surface. Ofcourse we are presuming that the diamonds are white (colorless). In the case of colored diamonds including black diamonds, you might want to use a light colored cloth below the bowl. Trying to rinse a ring with many small diamonds in a wash basin is risky, as the diamonds are likely to get washed down the drain if they fall off the metal mounting. If you do find any diamonds that have dropped off the ring, you would need to take the small diamonds and the ring to your local jeweler - not much of Do-It-Yourself scope here.


Diamond Rings In Ultrasonic Cleaners: It is quite common for jewelers to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners for cleaning jewels. However there are some things that need to be understood before using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean your diamond ring. Generally diamonds do not have a problem with ultrasonic cleaners, so it is considered to be safe to clean a diamond ring in an ultrasonic cleaner.

However as we mentioned above there are certain cases where. the diamonds could get loosened from the metal mountings when the ring is put in an ultrasonic cleaner. While substandard craftsmanship could be the result of loose diamonds in many cases, cluster diamond rings are prone to this problem even when the craftsmanship is not the problem. A ring with many small diamonds could have a problem with loose diamonds over a period of time, the wear and tear on the ring could be the cause of this.

There is also another case in which cleaning a diamond ring in an ultrasonic cleaner is not advisable. Some diamonds are treated with various fracture filling processes. What actually happens is that, the tiny fissures or fractures in the diamond is filled with a foreign material. This helps to soften the visibility of the fissures and makes the diamond look much better and even more valuable. Cleaning such a diamond ring in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, could cause the substance used to fill the fissures come out of the stone.


Using A Soft Brush And Cloth: This is a method suggested for cleaning jewelry of many types. You might find that the diamonds in your ring appear a little dull after some wearing, this ofcourse presumes that they had nice glitter and shine when the ring was new!. Cleaning diamond rings can bring back that glitter to the diamonds. To clean such a ring, use the bowl and water technic mentioned above. Next, soak the ring in the water for a few minutes, 4 to 5 minutes should suffice. Then use a soft toothbrush, keep the toothpaste out of this operation. Gently rub the ring with the soft bristles of the toothbrush bit above and below the diamond. If the grime and dust is severe and visible, you could add a few drops of a mild liquid bathing soap to the water. We do not recommend detergents other than bathing soap as, they could contain stronger chemicals and solvents.

Once you have cleaned the diamond ring as explained above, keep the ring safely aside and change the water in the bowl. You will not need any soap or other additive in the water this time. Hold the diamond from the back (the portion that goes behind the finger) and gently sway it in the bowl making sure that the entire ring is immersed in the water. Make sure that the diamond ring does now hit the bottom or the sides of the bowl, a plastic bowl that is not very hard is better than a metal or ceramic bowl. Your ring should not look fine and glittering, use the soft clean cloth and gently dab it clean. You do not want to rub the jewel heavily as this could cause the fibres in the cloth to catch on the prongs (if any of the stones) - the prongs could get pulled apart and loosen the diamonds in the ring. If the ring still appears wet, leave it on a piece of soft tissue for until it dries, we would advice that you do not leave the ring unttended for long as it could get lost.


Other Gemstones In The Diamond Ring: We refer to rings where diamonds are combined with other gems, the features of gem types of such rings should be considered when cleaning the jewel. The paragraph on cluster diamond rings might be relevant in this contect. It is quite common for rings to have a main gem (other than a diamond) and then have, small diamonds provide accent to the other stones in the ring. You need to consider the possibility of the small diamonds falling off the mounting during the cleaning process, some of these accent diamonds can be very tiny - as small as 1mm in size. Another factor that will dictate the way in which your gem stone diamond ring to be cleaned, is related to the type of gems set in the jewel.  Keep in mind that different gems have different properties and differing degrees of durability in terms of physical form and color. For examples, emeralds could get damaged if cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. So if you have a diamond ring that includes emeralds, the ring cannot be put in an ultrasonic cleaner. This is a fairly technical issue but, your jeweler should ideally educate you on the specific gems that are set in your jewelry.


Cleaning A Silver Diamond Ring: There is not much difference in the way you should clean a gold or a 925 silver diamond ring. However the issue of silver tarnish should be handled. All silver jewels will tarnish and anti-tarnish platings which could be rhodium, gold or even platinum will wear off after a while. Using commercially available jewelry polish lotions and fabrics for your 925 silver diamond ring should not be a problem. Just remember to rinse the ring well after polishing a sterling silver diamond ring. Doing this, will take off any residual chemicals or solvents that might remain stuck to the diamond or the metal mounting.


The above report tries to cover the most important issues related to cleaning diamond rings. We do not expect to make you a diamond or jewelry expert after reading this report but, would be glad if you have gained just little more by way of awareness and knowledge. More specific queries and doubts can be addressed to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com We will be glad to assist you even, if you buy nothing from us. There are thousands of jewelers wooing buyers but, almost no other jeweler provides the kind of clear and honest information and advice that we at Kaisilver do.

Kaisilver can custom make all diamond rings and other jewelry, in 14k or 18k gold. We can infact custom make silver or gold diamond jewelry with all design modifications. The designs for yourt rings and other gem stone jewelry can be yours or ours. We procure all diamonds and gems from the miners and custom cut the gems ourselves. This will not only reduce multiple commissions through multiple middlemen but, also ensure that you get natural diamonds and not factory made substitutes. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.

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