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kaisilver gems and jewelry resource

Demantoid, A Gorgeous Type Of Garnet

This Green Garnet Has Fire That Can Beat A Diamond

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At first thought the name demantoid, sounds more like an extinct animal or plant species. But once you understand the true meaning of the word demantoid, you will realize the relevance of the name. The Dutch word 'demant' is what inspired gem experts to name this green garnet, demantoid. The word demant means 'diamond like' in Dutch. There is one amazing property of Demantoid garnet that, makes it do a terrific diamond act, and do it better than a natural diamond would!

Stare at a diamond and you will see a blast of rainbow colors scatter before your eyes. The shape, cut and facets of the diamond will surely influence just how brilliant the fiery display would be. There is a scientifically defined explanation for this amazing property exhibited by diamonds, it is referred to as dispersion. Basically, the higher the dispersion reading, the more spectacular the colorful blast. Few gems can come even close to the dispersion rating of a diamond. Demantoid is an exception, this gemstone proudly displays a dispersion reading that exceeds that of a diamond. This is truly one of the winning properties of demantoid, something that makes it a sought after gem - especially among knowledgeable gem and jewelry lovers.

demantoid gems
Two gorgeous demantoid garnets, notice the bursting fire is more noticeable in the demantoid with a lighter color (lower color saturation). Fire and color are more important than clarity, when it comes to demantoid gems.

If you had to broadly categorize the price of demantoid garnet gems, they would surely fall in the 'expensive' gemstone category. Demantoid has all the makings of an expensive gem. It is rare, mostly found in small sizes, gorgeous with a diamond like fire, it is often found in green color and it is untreated. The color green is easily related to the beauty and freshness of nature. Vast expanse of grass, lush green trees swaying in the breeze and a host of other living creatures with shades of green. This has made the human mind very friendly towards green objects, green themes and basically everything green. Green gemstones have a robust demand and this works well for demantoid garnet too.

The first significant encounter with demantoid, was when the Russian demantoid gems entered the market. With the sourcing limited to just Russia, prices sky rocketed and sellers demanded whatever they wanted. While demantoid is today mined in Madagascar and a few other places, a significant feature of Russian demantoid is not found in the gem that comes from other sources. Russian demantoid can often contain bunches of fine asbestos 'hairs'. These are naturally present in the gem, and can be a source of added value to the gem. In some rare cases, these asbestos fibres seem to be oriented in a well formed bunch that resembles the tail of a horse. This is what horse tail inclusions in demantoid garnets refers too. When such a demantoid is cut, an expert cutter could orient the rough piece in such a way that, the horse tail inclusions seem to be forcing themselves up through the bottom of the stone. You can see that a combination of the natural presence of the horse tail inclusions and the skills of the gem cutter, are required to highlight the natural beauty of these inclusions. What you will need to keep in mind that so far, such horse tail inclusions have been observed only in demantoid from Russia. With Russian demantoid supplies now becoming sporadic and rather small, it is becoming increasingly rare to find a demantoid with well formed horse tail inclusions.

The most likely role of a demantoid gem would be as an accent stone. This is for two clear reasons, the gem is quite expensive and larger sizes are hard to find. Most demantoid garnets are cut in a round or oval shape - you might come across a pear shaped or even trillion shaped demantoid garnet but this would be quite rare. We did keep saying that demantoid is a green variety of garnet, but in reality color variations do exist. The green color of demantoid quite often shows a light flush of yellow. You might have come across demantoid garnets where, the yellowish green color slants to yellowish brown rather than green. This is our recommendation for color selection of a demantoid. Choose a lighter color shade rather than a darker color, too much color saturation can hide the fire of the gem. Many gem lovers who have talked to us prefer, a base green color with a slight yellowish tint.

As is the case with every gem, knowledge of related properties and features will allow you to take better care of the gem. This in turn would mean more and longer satisfaction - so here is the relevant information for demantoid. The gem has a hardness of 6.5-7, this does not make it fragile but, it is a good idea to avoid hitting the gem against hard objects. Since most demantoid garnets availabe in the gem markets are in smaller sizes, the looking after process is not too complicated. A larger gem has more surface area and is therefore, more likely to hit against or be hit by hard surfaces. An interesting fact is that, we have really not come across cases where a gem or jewelry buyer has damaged a demantoid. The high price almost forces buyers to be more careful!

The above report gives an interesting insight into a gem that is gorgeous and valuable but, not very common. The market for exotic gems is often dominated by a few knowledgeable gem collectors or buyers. Through our reporting, we wish to widen the reach of useful knowledge related to gemstones and jewelry. Our team would be glad to answer any questions that you might have related to gems and jewelry. Since you do not need to make any purchase to get the benefit of our expertise, email us at sales@kaisilver.com and we will be glad to help.


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