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Cufflinks With Birthstones 

Adding Meaning To Gem Stone Cuff Links

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In this brief report we will talk about ways to enhance the meaning of gem stone cufflinks. The wearing of birthstone jewelry is a tradition that is many centuries old. With the increased interest in cuff links with gems, it was quite obvious that birthstone cufflinks would become very popular. Very people would not be aware of what a birth stone means, we will however provide a brief explanation here.

The belief that a persons destiny is controlled by the heavenly bodies in the sky started a long time ago. Closely related to this belief is the tradition of birthstones, this has been 'simplified' to imply that, a particular gem is related to each month of the calendar. With this concept, your birthstone would be determined with reference to the month in which you were born. Carried on right up to this day, the belief is that wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck, fortune and wealth. Similarly, birthstones also keep away what is not good, not safe and not desirable for a healthy, safe and prosperous life.

Now back to our discussion on cufflinks with birthstones. You could say that, birthstone cufflinks in gold or silver are a specific type of gemstone cuff links. Specific because, when you choose to get a pair of birth stone cufflinks, the gems are choose themselves - according to widely accepted birthstone charts. There is an interesting thing here and this is about alternate birthstones. Over the years, birthstone charts have been interpreted in slightly differing ways, this has given rise to what are often called 'alternate' birthstones. So just keep in mind that, birthstone cufflinks can be made with such alternate birth stones too. For example, gold or 925 silver cuff links with the November birthstone could have yellow topaz or citrine gems. This birthstone choice basically came about because of the rarity of natural yellow topaz gems. The rare occurence of yellow topaz specifically in sizes above 1 to 2 carats meant that, strict adherence to yellow topaz as a birth stone for November would be an expensive affair for most people. Similalry, the month of December could be represented by Turquoise or Blue Topaz as birthstones.

Below is a list of conventional birthstones for your reference. Do contact our support experts if you need further information or would like to discuss the possibility of alternate birthstones for your cuff links.

birthstone chart

If you look at birthstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald and even diamonds you will find that, these gems show a swift increase in price (per carat) as the gem size increases. So if your birthstone cufflinks need any of these birthstones, specific choice of design is advised. By this we mean that, birthstone cuff links with expensive gems might better be made with concepts that use smaller gemstone sizes. Do remember that, the number of stones in the cufflinks can be many. In any case, do not go for very tiny gems as - firm mounting of such stones is always a probelm. You would be safe, if you stayed in the 2.5mm round and above gem size range.

The issue of firm gem mounting is applicable to all gem stone cufflinks and not just, to birthstone cuff links. The first factor is the type of gem mounting, in an ideal case the gems in your cufflinks should be mounted with metal all around the border. This type of gem mounting for cuff links brings, two big advantages - the gems will stay in place forever and will also be protected from side impact. Prong setting especially for larger gems means longer prongs too, these can get stuck in pockets and other fabric. Such problems can cause the prongs to open up and loosen the gemstone. If the gem loosens and falls off the cufflinks, repairs can be expensive. Replacing lost stones in cufflinks is like doing the same for earrings, you have to give a lot of consideration to stone matching too - jewelry providers generally charge a premium for gems that need to match other existing gems. Small gems are generally set with prongs, good craftsmaship is required to firmly mount multiple small gems in a single jewel. From the view point of matching gems it is quite obvious that, all the gems in the cufflinks will need to match.

When it comes to gemstones in cufflinks, there is an important issue that needs to be understood. The world of gemstones is today bestowed with 2 broad categories of gemstones - these are natural gems and artificial or man made gems. If you were looking for the January birthstone in your cufflinks, this would be a garnet - there are natural garnets and cheap factory made substitutes. In most cases buyers prefer natural birthstones and this is what we recommend too. However what you need to understand is that the price of the cufflinks, would be dependent on this factor too. For example, a pair of sapphire cufflinks (September birthstone) with - would be quite expensive with natural sapphires. So you cannot make a direct price comparison without, knowing whether the gems are artificial or natural. Having said that, it is fine if you wish to get your birthstone cufflinks with artificial or imitation gemstones, but make sure that you are not charged the price of natural gems for them!

There is one more issue that we would like to address before, we summarize the contents of this report on birthstone cufflinks. You might have come across, blue lapis, agate, black onyx (or similar) gem stone cufflinks where, the gemstone is cut high and bulges out from the cuff link. Generally this does not happen with gems that are very expensive because, high cut stones also mean a big weight. Gems are generally priced by carat (weight unit). Not much thought might be given to these high profile (high cut) gems but, the fact is that a gemstone that protrudes too much beyond the surface the of the cufflinks is more likely, to get damaged by physical impact. So make sure that this is kept in mind, when choosing a pair of gemstone cufflinks. This might be easier to handle if you purchase cuff links that are custom made but, for readymade cufflinks you might need to take a look around before finding the right pair.



Birthstone Cufflinks, Quick Reference


Custom birthstone cufflinks can be made in gold or 925 silver. For silver cufflinks, it is advised that they be left unplated.

Birthstones are defined for each month, natural gems are generally preferred for birth stone cuff links.

Some months, like November and December have alternate birthstones defined, you can refer to this when budget limitations are involved.

Birthstone cufflinks make great gifts because, many men are more willing to wear cuff links as compared to, mens jewels like rings, pendants, bracelets etc. There is also no issue like ring size, as far as cuff links are concerned.

The price and durability, of gems differs. This needs to be kept in mind when selecting the design for your birthstone cuff links.

Durability for cufflinks with birthstones, depends on a number of factors. Design, construction, gems used and craftsmanship and metal weight all play a part.

Good craftsmanship is essential for the firm mounting of gems in your cufflinks. Choose the right jeweler, to get your birthstone cufflinks made.


Below are some cufflink ideas for you to choose from. At Kai Silver we can custom make all cufflinks in gold or 925 silver, with the design of your choice. While our gem stone cufflinks generally have natural gemstones, we can provide artificial gems on one condition - you will need to expressly state that you know and understand that the gems (if you request for artificial gems) are not natural. We can also custom make plain cuff links with no gems but, with etchings or unique metal finishings of your choice. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.


cufflinks with gemstones made to order
Kaisilver custom makes all types of jewelry including cuff links in gold or silver. The design for your plain or gemstone cufflinks can be yours or ours. All the cufflinks shown above have natural gemstones but, we can provide artificial gemstones if you SPECIFICALLY request for them. Since the gemstones for your cufflinks are decided by you, the option for birth stone cuff links is always available ... more.


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