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Bridal outfits reflect trends and it is not uncommon for yesteryear’s designs and colors to make a comeback. Wedding dresses have grown beyond the plain and pure white, creams, pinks and peaches have held sway for almost a decade now. When it comes to jewelry accessories for the big day, most fashion gurus that pearls have carved a permanent place for themselves. The emergence of cultured pearls from China and the rest of the world has, opened up new avenues for fine look pearls at pleasant prices. The Chinese did not introduce pearls to bridal trends, the pearl look has always found favor for the occasion. But before the advent of moderately priced cultured pearls, you either chose the high dollar naturals or, settled for very cheap imitations – plastics and resins kissed with a pearl-like coating.

The wedding or engagement ring, had one feature that stuck to the occasion – the white, flashy, diamond glitter. Here again, it was a natural diamond ring or a cheaper version with factory produced cheap CZ (cubic zirconia) stones. But somewhere down the road, brave wedding experts suggested that adding some color would not discount the solemn event – bridal rings broke free from there so far colorless façade. Brides loved the look of natural gemstones that hissed color and life. The fact that bridal rings with natural colored gems, are available at a fraction of what elaborate diamond rings would cost meant that, finances fell in line with current economic situations too.

Just remember that your wedding or engagement ring could have a center gem that is not a diamond but include, diamonds as highlights. While most of you would choose your favorite gem or gem color for the ring, you might want to follow the trend of picking your birthstone for the important occasion. The tradition of wearing a birthstone date back to thousands of years and remains active to this day. Since a wedding symbolizes the ultimate relationship between two individuals, exchanging birthstones in your rings would be appropriate too.

When choosing a gem for your wedding or engagement ring, avoid patronizing fashion and trends, you will want to wear your ring for a lifetime so, let other factors prevail. The top three gems namely, ruby, sapphire and emerald still command a high demand but, your choice can encompass a range of other colored gemstones too. Based on their rarity and upward price movement we would add, aquamarine, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline and tanzanite to the above list. At Kaisilver we let you choose the gem of your choice and do not limit you to names mentioned on our website. You can therefore demand exotic stones like demantoid, tsavorite and the entire spectrum of colors in spinel when ordering from us.

We are often asked whether it is appropriate to wear a wedding or engagement ring with a synthetic (man made) gem. Our answer is a bit conservative – while we have nothing against synthetic gems and appreciate their beauty and friendly prices, they should ideally be kept out of special jewels. A good jeweler can describe and discuss options with you, so begin with choosing the right source for your ring. If you want to have a green gem set in your ring, you surely have a range of natural gems to choose from – emerald is not the only option. This holds true for other gem colors too, so think twice before accepting a fake gem. Gem size and even gem grades can help customize price configurations, your jeweler should help with more details.


Kaisilver Rings : To begin with, we are not the only source for your jewel evaluate options before you pick a jeweler. However are ARE the only jeweler to offer complete guidance and advice even when, it is quite clear that you do not plan to order anything from us. Our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to help you, so grab the benefit of their expertise before finalizing your purchase. We custom make all kinds of fine jewelry, the design, metal and gemstone can follow your choice. We have sprinkled this page with some excellent examples of rings that would be suitable for you. Remember that, design modifications and gemstones can always be picked by you. And if you prefer to pick a design from our selection, you get to choose the metal (gold, 925 silver, platinum) and the gem – this is true of every single jewel.


tanzanite diamond ring

Tanzanite: A rare gem that is found in just one country, Tanzania. Piped as a gem that is rarer than a diamond, this gemstone is exotic and unique adding a classic flavor to your wedding or engagement ring. The violet-blue color of Tanzanite makes it perfect for all metal colors. And if you dare to be different get this gorgeous gem set in the soft color of rose gold. We offer all three gold colors namely, white, yellow and rose for your jewelry. No matter what the style concept of your bridal dress, Tanzanite will inspire without overpowering the overall look. Review details of the RG214 Kaisilver tanzanite ring here.


pink tourmaline heart ring

Tourmaline: Another gem that occurs in half a dozen colors but, is highly prized when it is green or pink. While some of you might find the green in tourmaline to be a shade too dark, pink tourmaline is unlikely to disappoint. Tightened supply conditions has moved prices upward but, pink tourmaline is still more affordable as compared to pink sapphire. If you fancy a wedding or engagement ring with a substantial gem size that is shaped and cut, with unique style and zest – trust pink tourmaline to help reign in the price tag. Learn more about this pink tourmaline heart ring and also about the legendary claddagh ring here.


aquamarine engagement ring custom made kaisilver
Aquamarine: One of the most sturdy gems from the beryl mineral family, aquamarine reminds you of the peaceful sea. A relatively light blue color, sets aquamarine apart from other blue gems. A white gold aquamarine diamond ring, should be a perfect fit for the auspicious occasion. This is one gem that spells sheer style without screaming for appreciation, a confident look that will blend well with bridal dresses in all colors and styles. Custom made like all Kaisilver jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver. Get to know more about this elegant aquamarine ring here.


kaisilver pink sapphire white gold or yellow gold ring
Pink Sapphire: The only reason why you  see more blue sapphire rings as compared to pink sapphire rings is that, most people believe that natural sapphires are always blue. You could order this pink sapphire ring with a round or oval gem stone too. Gold options include 14k and 18k white, yellow or rose gold. Rest assured that the sterling silver sapphire ring will also have the same fine quality of craftsmanship. Review the full report on this awesome pink sapphire gold or 925 silver ring here.


Blue Sapphire: Patronized by the royals for centuries, blue sapphire engagement rings are extremely popular among men and ladies. The option of 5mm or 6mm square blue sapphire gems in this gold or 925 silver sapphire ring allows you to personalize the jewel for all ring sizes. And if you happen to be getting this jewel for your lovely lady, you might want to mix sapphires with different colors in the RG220-BS Kaisilver sapphire ring. Learn all you need to know about this elegant ring here.


ruby gold ring
Ruby: Technically belonging to the same corundum mineral family that sapphires come from, ruby has enjoyed a royal and respectful history. Simply put, red corundum is ruby and corundum in all other colors is to be referred to as sapphire. Long believed to symbolize true love and devotion, this gem is perfect for a bridal ring. Once again, trust us to comb the mines to get you the best ruby for the dollars that you spend. The RG215 ruby diamond band ring represents the timeless wedding band, moderately priced and yet not a bundle of compromise, more details are available here.


emerald wedding or engagement ring

Emerald: The gem that impressed Cleopatra so much that, she mistook some of her peridot gems for emerald. An emerald wedding or engagement ring might call for some care and attention, this because of the natural properties of the gem. Scientifically referred to as a green beryl, emerald looks it’s best when set in a white gold ring – scatter a few diamonds in the design and the jewel will never fail to attract praise. A yellow or white gold emerald diamond ring, a jewel as pure and consistent as your love for her. Read all about the RG137 emerald ring here.


demantoid rings
Demantoid: If you thought that diamonds bring the maximum fire and glitter and fire to a jewel, wait till see Pathe Demantoid. A very rare gem that is generally found in sizes of 1 to 1.5 carats. So if you choose a ring with a gem that is around 5-6mm round or upto 7x5mm oval – we can craft the jewel with a natural demantoid gem. Green with a hint of yellow helps bring out the true fire of this gem – gemologists confirm that the dispersion of demantoid beats that of a diamond. It is the dispersion that both diamonds and demantoid rely on for their fire – demantoid happens to do it better. Most of the rings shown on this report can be customized to accomodate a demantoid gem. Email our support experts for guidance and suggestions.

With colored gemstones clearly making a presence in bridal jewels, diamonds which were once the only choice have not exactly disappeared. Marketing gimmicks did push up the popularity of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands for many decades. Today’s couples realize that the durability and depth of their relationship is all in the heart – this has in a way freed the mind from diamond domination and ushered in an era of color and glitter.

And if you wish to be inspired with the centuries old tradition of birthstones, refer to the Kai Silver birthstone chart below. An engagement or wedding ring is truly a jewel that involves two special individuals, brought together by the desire to spend the rest of their lives together - as one. Your bridal jewel could assemble your birthstone and that of your spouse. But if you wish to keep just one birth stone in your wedding or engagement ring, you might want to exchange birthstones - this adds a special meaning to the jewel.


Birthstone Options For Bridal Jewelry

birth stones from kai silver


Kaisilver can custom make all types of gold and silver jewelry. The designs for your custom made jewellery requirements can be yours or ours. With gem procurement capabilities extending to every mining location on the globe, we provide all gemstone options for both gold and sterling silver custom jewelry. The fact that we maintain complete control over the entire design and production process including gem procurement and custom cutting, reduces the need and expenses of multiple middlemen. What this means is that you get more gem and jewelry value for the money that you pay. You do not get saddled with fancy overheads and high sales staff commissions. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.



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