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Made To Order Silver And Gold Jewellry S Wedding Rings And Male Wedding Band Rings. S Heart Jewellery, Heart Rings And Heart Shape Pendants S Custom Made Wedding Rings With Rubies And Sapphires.

Made To Order Bracelets Silver And Gold Kaisilver

Ever Fancied An Amethyst Bracelet In Silver Or Gold? Or A Bracelet With Garnets, Could Be A Blue Topaz Gold Bracelet Or A Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet With Topaz Gemstones. Infact If You Seriously Look Around You Would Know That Despite The Numerous Bracelets In Both Gold And Silver It Is Almost Impossible To Get One That Exactly Suits Your Liking. You Finally Part With Your Money After Compromising On Gemstone Shapes, Color Or Quality In The Bracelets You Buy. Or Maybe A Compromise In The Weight Of Gold Or Silver In The Bracelets. The Gemstones You Like Never Seem To Be Found, Or The Gold Bracelets Or Silver Bracelets That You Like Are With Gemstone Shapes That You Do Not Like. Well, That Is A Thing Of The Past.

At Kaisilver We Offer Custom Made Jewellery In The True Sense Of The Term. Choose Your Own Gemstones For Bracelets And Other Jewellery. We Will Handpick The Gems And Make Sure That You Get Your Moneys Worth Irrespective Of Whether You Order Gold Bracelets Or Sterling Silver Bracelets, Or Any Other Jewelry For That Matter. Then Select Gold Or Silver, White Gold Bracelets With Or Without Gemstones, Yellow Gold Bracelets, Sterling Silver Bracelets Once Again With Or Without Gemstones. We Will Make To Order Your Favourite Gold And Silver Bracelets In Your Designs Or Ours. You Can Get Some Idea Looking At The Bracelet Designs On This Page. However, You Do Not Have To Limit Your Choice Of Bracelets To These Bracelet Styles. You Can Modify These Or Even Send In Your Scanned Digital Images For Us To Custom Make. All The Bracelets Whether Silver Or Gold Will Be Handcrafted To Perfection By Some Of Thailand's Best Craftsmen.

Our Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellery Manufacturers In Thailand, Gives Us Access To The Largest Base Of Gemstones And Jewellery. We Are The World's Number One Provider Of Online Custom Made Gems And Jewelry. We Can Even Custom Cut A Single Gemstone For You. So Send Us Your Jewellery Requirements And Let Us Do The Rest.

Today, Over 3,000 Buyers Spread Across 17 Nations Shop At Kaisilver For Gemstones And Jewellery. Most Of These Are Repeat Buyers. We Take The Bother Out Of Gemstone And Jewelry Shopping.

The Silver Bracelets That Kaisilver Sells And Infact All The Silver Jewellery Is Given The Same Attention To Every Detail Like The Gold Bracelets And Gold Jewellery. Silver Jewellery And Bracelets Are Not Plated With Rhodium Or Any Other Metal And Will Tarnish Like Normal Silver Does. They Can Be Polished Clean Using Any Recommended Polish Or Fabric. These Are High End Silver Bracelets, Made With Hand Picked Gemstones.

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A Very Nice Multi Stone Bracelet In Gold Or Silver. This Bracelet Can Also Be Made In Single Gemstone Designs. The Trillion Shaped Gemstones Are Size 7mm To 8mm And Each Gemstone In This Bracelet Is Firmly Held By Using Prongs. Inspite Of It's Delicate Looks The Bracelet Is Sturdy And Can Be Used For Daily Wear. This Bracelet Can Be Made As A Sterling Silver Bracelet With Amethyst Gemstones In Trillion Shape. Amethyst Gold Bracelets In Trillion Shaped Amethyst Gems Are Not Very Common But If You Love The Purple Amethyst Gemstones, You Could Try An Amethyst Gold Bracelet Too. Red Garnet Trllion Shape Gemstones Can Also Be Ordered In White Gold Or Sterling Silver. Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelets And Other Jewellery With Garnets Would Look Good If The Garnets Are A Lighter Shade Of Red. Topaz Gemstone Bracelets In Gold Or Silver Would Also Look Good. The Many Shades Of Blue Topaz Ranging From Sky Blue Topaz Gemstones Right Up To The Dark Blue London Blue Topaz Gemstones Can All Be Made As Silver Or Gold Topaz Gems Bracelets. Trillion Shaped Peridot Silver And White Or Yellow Gold Bracelets Would Can Also Be Ordered. A Slightly Higher Price Range Would Include Trillion Shaped Pink Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelets In Gold Or Sterlig Silver. White Gold Bracelets With Green Tourmaline Is Another Good Choice. The Green Color Of Green Tourmaline Is Much Richer And Deeper Than The Green Color Found In Peridot Gemstones. At The Size Of 7mm Trillion Shaped Gemstones Making An Aquamarine Gold Bracelet As A White Gold Aquamarine Bracelet Or A Yellow Gold Aquamarine Bracelet Would Be A Fine Idea.

The Fairly Large 7mm Trillion Shaped Gemstones Would Make This Bracelet Quite Expensive For A Ruby Gold Bracelet As Even Medium Grade Rubies In This Size Would Be Fairly High Price. White Gold Or Yellow Gold Blue Saphire Bracelets Would Follow Similar Price Structures As Ruby Gold Bracelets. If You Are Thinking Of A Tanzanite Gemstone Bracelet With 7mm Trillion Shaped Tanzanite Gemstones Get Ready For A Heavy Price. While A White Gold Tanzanite Bracelet With These Fairly Big Size Gemstones Would Look Simply Stunning The Price Would Put Most Buyers Off.

A Simple And At The Same Time Sturdy Look For This Gold Or Silver Bracelet With Oval Gemstones. The Bracelet Design Shown Here Can Also Be Modified To Use Round Gemstones Too. The Size Of The Oval Gemstones Shown Here Are Sizes From 8x6mm To 9x7mm. Bracelets Of This Type Use Fairly Large Gemstones And Would Therefore Be Suitable For Gemstones That Are Not Very Expensive. The Image Shown Here Is A Bracelet In Gold Or Silver With Iolite Gemstones. You Can Also Order A White Gold Or Sterling Silver Bracelet With White Or Blue Topaz Gems. A Sterling Silver Bracelet With Amethyst Would Also Be A Good Choice, But Make Sure That The Silver Content Is Good Weight And The Bracelet Design Protects The Amethyst Gemstones Well. Gold Garnet Bracelets Are Always Popular And This Bracelet Design Would Look Great As A White Gold Garnet Bracelet Or A Yellow Gold Bracelet With Garnet Gemstones. Another Gemstone That Is Similar To Red Garnet But Is More Deeper Red With A Tinge Of Purple Is Rhodolite, Since Rhodolite Is Not A Very Expensive Gemstone It Can Be Used To Create A Sterling Silver Rhodolite Gemstone Bracelet Or A Gold Bracelet With Rhodolite Gemstones. Citrine Gemstones With Their Pure Yellow Look Also Make Good Silver And Gold Citrine Bracelets. If You Fancy Blue Turquoise Gemstones Then Order A Silver Turquoise Bracelet With Slightly Bigger Turquoise Oval Stones.

On A Slightly Higher Budget You Can Have Pink Tourmaline Bracelets As Pink Tourmaline Gold Bracelets Or Sterling Silver Bracelets With Pink Tourmaline Gemstones. As An Alternative To Green Peridot, Green Tourmaline Is Another Gemstone That Would Be Good To Make Green Tourmaline Bracelets As A Silver Bracelet With Green Tourmaline Or A Green Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelet In White Gold Or Yellow Gold. Within This Same Price Range Would Be An Aquamarine White Or Yellow Gold Bracelet. If You Are Looking For A Better White Then Aquamarine Bracelets In Sterling Silver Would Keep Your Budget Within Limits And Give You A Fairly Heavy Bracelet At The Same Time.

Ofcourse The More Expensive Gemstone Bracelets Are Always Available. Big Tanzanite Gemstone Bracelets In Yellow Or White Gold. You Can Also Have Blue Sapphire Gemstone Bracelets In White Gold, Though Saphire Bracelets In Yellow Gold Will Also Look Nice. Ruby Would Be Another Expensive Option For A Gold Bracelet With Oval Ruby Gemstones.

Finally, Write To Us If You Need Bracelets With Gemstones Not Included Here. We Can Custom Make Just About Any Bracelet You Need With Gemstones Of Your Choice In Gold Or Silver.

A Simple Gold Or Silver Bracelet Design, For Almost Any Type Of Gemstone. This Bracelet Is Shown In Sky Blue Topaz Gemstones. The Light Blue Color Of The Topaz Gems Make The Bracelet Appear Almost Like An Aquamarine Bracelet. The Price Of An Aquamarine White Gold Bracelet Or An Aquamarine Bracelet In Yellow Gold Would Be Much More Than A Topaz Bracelet In White Or Yellow Gold As Aquamarine Gemstones Are Almost Ten Times As Expensive As Compared To Blue Topaz Gems. Oval Red Garnets Would Also Be A Good Choice For This Bracelet. You Could Order A Red Garnet Bracelet In Sterling Silver Or A White Or Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelet. Rhodolite Silver Or Gold Bracelets In This Bracelet Design Would Look Great For People Of All Ages. A Great Choice For Mothers Day Jewellery Gifts Too. Tourmaline In All Colors Can Be Used In This Bracelet Design, However The Price Of Good Quality Tourmalines May Make Tourmaline Silver And Gold Bracelets Quite Expensive. A Moderately Priced Silver Bracelets With Green Jade Or Turquoise Can Also Be Made. Make This A Bracelet With Your Birthstone And That Would Be Great Too. Click Here To Check The Birthstone Charts If You Feel Young At Heart, Make A Bracelet With Multiple Colored Gemstones. For Example Use Garnets, Amethyst, Blue Topaz And Citrine Gemstones, All In The Same Bracelet. Multi Stone Bracelets Are Getting Popular By The Day. The Secret Lies In Matching The Right Colors To Create A Sense Of Harmony Among Gemstone Colors.

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More Gold Jewellry Factory Direct From Thailand, Click Below.

Thai Gold Jewelry And Gold Rings From Thailand. * More Jewellery Made In Thailand. * Made To Order Gemstone Jewelry From Thailand. * Made To Order Heart Shape Rings And Heart Jewellry. * Big Topaz Pendants In Gold Or Silver. * Silver And Gold Birthstone Rings And Birth Stone Jewellry. * Antique Style Asian Rings And Princess Gold Rings. * Artistic Sterling Silver Rings HandMade. * Irish Clladaugh Silver Rings With Gems.

Gold And Silver Gemstone Bracelets Custom Made In Thailand.

Bracelets Are Worn By Both Males And Females Of All Ages. Male Bracelets Generally Include Heavy Silver Or Gold Bracelets Without Gemstones. On The Other Hand Bracelets Worn By Females Are More Delicate And Intricate. These Bracelets More Often Than Not Have Colored Gemstones Set In Them. Small Diamonds Are Used In The Bracelet Designs To Add Glitter Too.

Silver Bracelets Are Generally Heavier Than Gold Bracelets As The Metal Is Much Cheaper Than Gold. The Common Kinds Of Sterling Silver Bracelets Are Blue Topaz Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Bracelets With Amethyst Gems, Garnet Bracelets In Silver. Citrine Silver Bracelets Are Often Made Withh Fancy Cut Citrine Gemstones. Other Silver Bracelets Include Green Jade Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Bracelets With Turquoise Gems, Blue Lapis Silver Bracelets etc.

Gold Bracelets On The Other Hand Are Generally Made Using Relatively More Expensive Gems. White Gold Blue Sapphire Bracelets Are An Example, Similarly Yellow Gold Or White Gold Bracelets With Rubies Are Fairly Expensive. Tanzanite Gold Bracelets Are Generally Made As White Gold Tanzanite Gemstone Bracelets. Emerald Bracelets In Gold Are Another Category Of Gold Bracelets.

Kaisilver Has Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellery Producers In Thailand. Through This Gigantic Network We Have Access To The World's Largest Base Of Gemstones And Skilled Craftsmen. We Welcome Even The Smallest Jewellery And Gemstone Orders And Will Be Glad To Custom Cut Even A Single Gemstone That May Be Needed For Your Jewellery Designs. We Custom Make Gold And Silver Jewellery And Are The Only Online Provider To Make To Order High End Silver Jewellery With Premium Grade Gemstones And Flawless Craftsmanship.

More Coming Soon.

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