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Made To Order Jewellery S Male Wedding Band Rings And Male Jewellry. S Heart Jewellery, Heart Rings And Pendants, S Ruby And Sapphire Wedding Rings Custom Made.


Gold Bracelets And Silver Bracelets Have Been Popular For A Long Time Now. Most Jewellery Sellers Rely On A Few Tried And Tested Designs And Give Buyers A Narrow Choice As Far As Bracelets Are Concerned. Silver Bracelets Are A Sad Story Too. Cheap Craftsmanship, Inferior Gemstones All Peddled Under The Name Of Closeout Jewelry Sales And Blowout Sales Of Jewellery And Gemstones.

Kaisilver Now Gives You The Freedom To Choose.
At Kaisilver We Offer Custom Made Jewellery In The True Sense Of The Term. Choose Your Own Gemstones For Bracelets And Other Jewellery. We Will Handpick The Gems And Make Sure That You Get Your Moneys Worth Irrespective Of Whether You Order Gold Bracelets Or Sterling Silver Bracelets, Or Any Other Jewelry For That Matter. Then Select Gold Or Silver, White Gold Bracelets With Or Without Gemstones, Yellow Gold Bracelets, Sterling Silver Bracelets Once Again With Or Without Gemstones. We Will Make To Order Your Favourite Gold And Silver Bracelets In Your Designs Or Ours. You Can Get Some Idea Looking At The Bracelet Designs On This Page. However, You Do Not Have To Limit Your Choice Of Bracelets To These Bracelet Styles. You Can Modify These Or Even Send In Your Scanned Digital Images For Us To Custom Make. All The Bracelets Whether Silver Or Gold Will Be Handcrafted To Perfection By Some Of Thailand's Best Craftsmen.

Our Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellery Manufacturers In Thailand, Gives Us Access To The Largest Base Of Gemstones And Jewellery. We Are The World's Number One Provider Of Online Custom Made Gems And Jewelry. We Can Even Custom Cut A Single Gemstone For You. So Send Us Your Jewellery Requirements And Let Us Do The Rest.

Today, Over 3,000 Buyers Spread Across 17 Nations Shop At Kaisilver For Gemstones And Jewellery. Most Of These Are Repeat Buyers. We Take The Bother Out Of Gemstone And Jewelry Shopping.

We Present Below A Few Suggested Bracelet Designs Which Can Be Custom Made In Gold Or Sterling Silver. You Can Decide To Them As Gold Bracelets Or Silver Bracelets. Our Gemstone Graders Will Handpick The Gems For Your Bracelets And Ensure That You Get The Best Quality For Your Money.

The Sterling Silver Jewelry Made By Kaisilver Is High End Silver Jewelry With Flawless Craftsmanship. Each Piece Is Handcrafted With Strict Attention Paid To Every Detail. We Cater To Silver Jewelry Lovers Who Love Silver Jewelry Not Because It Is Cheaper Than Gold Jewelry But They Love It's Classic Look. Only Good Grade Gemstones Are Used. The Sterling Silver Bracelets With Or Without Gems Is Not Plated With Rhodium Or Any Other Metal. It Will Blacken Like Normal Silver Does And Can Be Polished Clean With Any Recommended Lotion Or Fabric.

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This Gold Bracelet Has Rubies And Diamonds In The Design. It Can Be Made As A White Gold Bracelet With Rubys And Diamonds Or Any Other Gemstones. This Would Also Make An Excellent Sterling Silver Bracelets With Ruby Or Any Other Gemstone. Consider Making This As A Blue Sapphire And Diamond White Or Yellow Gold Bracelet. It Would Be A Medium Weight Bracelet Weighing Around 12 To 15 Grams. If You Are On A Limited Budget Replace The Diamonds In The Bracelet Design With White Sapphires.

A London Blue Topaz Gold Bracelet Would Also Look Gorgeous In White Or Yellow Gold. Infact Blue Topaz In All Shades Of Blue Would Look Great. The Blue Topaz Bracelets Would Not Be Too Expensive As The Gemstone Is Not Expensive. A Garnet Silver Or Gold Bracelet Would Look Equally Elegant, Amethyst Bracelets In Yellow Gold Are In Fashion Too. If You Fancy A Citrine Bracelet, Order It As A White Gold Citrine Bracelet Or A Sterling Silver Citrine Bracelet. You Can Also Have A Gold Bracelet With Aquamarine, Though Sterling Silver Aquamarine Bracelets In This Design Would Also Look Attractive. On The More Expensive Side, Tanzanite Bracelets In White Gold Or Yellow Gold Would Be Stunning. A More Stylish Gold Or Sterling Silver Bracelet Can Also Be Made With Pink Tourmaline.

Another Spectacular Gold Bracelet Ideally Made As A Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire Or Ruby Bracelet With Small Diamonds In The Design. If You Need A Gold Bracelet For Occassional Wear Consider To Make This As A White Gold Emerald Bracelet With Diamonds. Once Again White Sapphires Can Be Used In The Bracelet Instead Of Diamonds To Lower The Price Of This Gold Bracelet, While Still Maintaining The Excellent Bracelet Design. Medium Price Can Be Had For This Bracelet By Using Ordering Blue Topaz Bracelets, Amethyst Bracelets, Citring Bracelets, Garnet Bracelets, White Topaz Bracelets To Name A Few. On A Slightly Upper Range Would Be A Gold Bracelet With Pink Tourmaline Or Green Tourmaline. Even Good Quality Aquamaring For This Gold Bracelet Would Be A Good Choice. The Weight Of This Gold Bracelet With Gems And Diamonds Would Be Around 17 To 20 Grams. Tanzanite Gold Bracelets Would Also Look Exquisite If Worn With A Matching Tanzanite Gold Ring.

If You Are Looking For Artistic Gold Or Silver Bracelets With Gemstones Here Is A Very Fine Example. This Silver Or Gold Bracelet Would Have A Very Health Weight Of Around 20 Grams. The Portion Next To The Center Stone On The Bracelet Is Artistically Designed In A Typical Asian Jewellery Style. A Nice Height For The Center Of This Gorgeous Bracelet. Select The Gemstone Depending On Your Budget. Infact If You Are Not On A Very Tight Budget Go In For The Matching Artistic Ring In Gold Or Silver. This Bracelet Would Look Stunning If Made As An Emerald White Gold Bracelet With Diamonds Or White Saphires Instead Of Diamonds. If This Is A Special Wedding Or Anniversary Gold Bracelet, Select A High Quality Burmese Ruby Center Stone Or A Good Quality Blue Sapphire From Madagascar or Thailand. For Ruby Consider Making It As A Yellow Gold Bracelet With Rubies And Diamonds. If You Select Blue Sapphire A White Gold Bracelet With Diamonds And Sapphires Would Look Magical.

For A Sterling Silver Bracelet Chose Semi Precious Gemstones Of High Grade Like All Shades Of Blue Topaz, Red Garnets, Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline etc. Once Again Our High Quality Craftsmanship For Both Silver And Gold Jewelry Would Make It A Great Jewel.

A Classic Intricate Design For This Bracelet. A Center Pearl In The Bracelet Design Gives It A Very Exquisite Look. This Bracelet Has Small Diamonds Or White Sapphires Surrounding The Center Pearl. A Good Idea Would Be To Have This As A White Gold Bracelet With A Black Pearl In The Center And Small Diamonds Surrounding The Black Pearl. Would Look Equally Classis As A Handcrafted Sterling Silver Bracelet With Pearls. A Variation Would Be To Have A Center Round Or Oval Gemstone Like A High Quality, Garnet, London Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire etc. Depending On Your Budget You Could Order This Bracelet As A Gold Or Sterling Silver Bracelet With Gemstones To Look Good And Fit Into Your Budget.

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Thai Gold Jewelry And Gold Rings From Thailand. * More Jewellery Made In Thailand. * Made To Order Gemstone Jewelry From Thailand. * Made To Order Heart Shape Rings And Heart Jewellry. * Big Topaz Pendants In Gold Or Silver. * Silver And Gold Birthstone Rings And Birth Stone Jewellry. * Antique Style Asian Rings And Princess Gold Rings. * Artistic Sterling Silver Rings HandMade. * Irish Clladaugh Silver Rings With Gems.

Gemstone Bracelets In Gold And Silver From Thailand.

The Strong Accent On Artistic Designs Is Clearly Visible In Sterling Silver And Gold Bracelets From Thailand. Skillfully Created Bracelets With Or Without Gemstones Spell Elegance. The Blend Of Antique Style Asian Jewellery With Modern Fancy Cut Gemstones Are Works Of Art. Craftsmen With Decades Of Experience Carefully Select The Bracelet Designs. The Subtle Color Blends Of Gemstones Weave A Magic Spell On These Silver And Gold Bracelets.

Sterling Silver Bracelets Are Handmade With Good Quality Gemstones. The Craftsmen Realize That Silver Jewellery Has A Loyal Following And Is Not Always Bought For It's Cheap Price Alone. The Same Quality Of Workmanship That Is Used For High End Gold Jewellry Is Put Into Silver Jewelry, Gemstones Are Carefully Hand Picked And Used In This High End Silver Jewellry Bracelets And Other Sterling Silver Jewellery.

A Few Types Of Bracelets Are Pearl Gold And Silver Bracelets, Jade Bracelets Generally Made In Sterling Silver. Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelets. Blue Topaz And White Topaz Bracelets In Silver Or Gold. Gold Garnet Bracelets In White Gold Or Yellow Gold. Though Garnet Bracelets Are Also Popular In Sterling Silver. Amethyst Bracelets In Silver Or Gold. Citrine Bracelets Are Generally Ordered In Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver Bracelets Would Look Best If The Bracelet Designs Are Based On Antique Style Bracelets. Ruby Gold Bracelets And White Gold Or Yellow Gold Bracelets With Blue Sapphires And Diamonds Are Also Popular Though They Fall Into A Higher Price Range. White Gold Pink Tourmaline Bracelets And Tanzanite Bracelets In White Or Yellow Gold Are Equally Popular. Emerald Bracelets Are Not Very Popular, Given The Softness Of Emerald Gemstones, Gold Bracelets Made Of Emerald Gemstones Need To Be Looked After Very Carefully.

Kaisilver Is The Biggest Online Supplier Of Made To Order Jewellery And Gemstones . We Have Factory Direct Contacts With All Leading Gemstone And Jewellry Manufacturers In Thailand. This Gives Us A Virtually Unlimited Range Of Gemstones And Jewelry Inventory. This Also Gives Us Direct Access To The Worlds Largest Base Of Skilled Craftsmen. Inspite Of Our Size We Welcome Even The Smallest Orders.

Kaisilver Makes All Jewellery Whether Gold Or Silver With Your Specifications. Send Us Your Images Or Select Our Jewellery Designs And Ask For Modifications. We Excel In Working Out The Best Equation Between Price And Quality.

More Coming Soon.

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