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Blue Heart Pendant 

Blue Gemstone Options For A Blue Gem Heart Pendant 

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When talking about a blue heart pendant, many people think of the stupendous blue gemstone heart pendant worn in the movie Titanic. A Kaisilver survery revealed that more than 70% of of the people who saw the movie thought that, the blue gemstone in the heart pendant worn by Kate Winslet in the movie was a blue sapphire gem. According to these people the jewel was an extravagant blue sapphire heart pendant, the center blue sapphire was surrounded by diamonds. The truth is that the gem in the pendant was a cheap factory made fake - it was a blue cubic zirconia stone.

When you talk about a blue gemstone heart pendant, we are presuming that the gem consideration includes a natural gem and NOT a cheap factory made look-alike. Another thing is that the gem choice will be influenced by the blue gem size that you need. If you take a glance at the Titanic pendant shown in the image below, you would conclude that the size of the blue heart gem is around 1.5 inches which is 3.75cm. A 37.5mm heart shaped gem is large for almost all natural gems. But ofcourse not all gems are priced the same, so the price range could throw up some options that suits your budget.

blue heart shaped pendant, movie titanic

Few people are aware that the blue heart pendant worn by Kate Winslet in the movie TITANIC, had a fake blue gemstone. While most viewers thought that the blue stone pendant in the movie was an expensive blue sapphire, it was infact a cheap factory made Cubic Zirconia.  

For most of us, a large blue sapphire heart pendant with a gem size of around 35mm would be out of our budget. You can expect even a medium quality sapphire of that size to be priced at around 500,000 U.S$!. If you allocated a budget of around 3,000 U.S$ to 5,000 U.S$ for your blue heart pendant AND wanted a blue sapphire gem - the gem size would be around 7mm to 8mm. This is a far cry from the 35mm heart gem that we talked about.

One way to customize the price of a blue gem heart pendant would be to make a suitable metal choice. Just remember that your heart pendant could be made in gold or 925 silver. Though both metals have been on the upward price trend, silver is still very much more affordable as compared to gold. While the gem size could also be customized with reference to size, we are taking about a blue gem stone heart pendant with a gem size of at least 20mm to 30mm.

Here are some gem options for a blue gemstone heart pendant, that has a natural gem. We also want the heart gem to be fairly large at 20mm to 30mm AND we want a natural gem.

Blue Turquoise: This blue gem can be found in fairly large sizes. However keep in mind that most of the turquoise gems that reach the gem and jewelry markets today are, stabilized. A few technics are used to enhance the appearance and durability of the turquoise. A blue gemstone heart pendant with a turquoise would obvioulsy mean that the gem is opaque.

Blue Lapis Lazuli Generally mined in Pakistan or neighbouring Afghanistan, blue lapis is another modestly priced blue gem option for your heart pendant. In it's natural form, you will find lapis with a blue color and metallic spots. Whitish streaks or patches are also found in lapis stones. You could get a 20mm to 30mm heart shaped blue gem for your pendant if, your stone choice is blue lapis. Very often buyers insist on getting a blue lapis stone with a dark blue uniform color. They do not realize that the only way that a gem or jewelry manufacturer can deliver such a blue lapis stone, is to have it dyed!

Blue Jade: Did you notice that the Chinese have come up with jade in almost all colors. With these blue jade options, you should be able to get a 20mm to 30mm blue jade heart pendant. However keep in mind that these are dyed jade colors. They could fade in time, the color stability of cheap dyed Chinese jade has really never been studied or formally reported. Another problem that we have experienced with Chinese jade that is cheaply sold is that, the gemstone is dyed sepertine and not jade at all.

Blue Topaz: If you are looking for a blue heart pendant with a natural gem that has impressive clarity and transparency, you should give a serious look to blue topaz gems. Blue topaz boasts of some very good features, more importantly the gem is far more modestly priced than it's beauty would suggest. When you choose a blue topaz gem for your heart pendant, you have three shades of blue topaz to choose from. A pale blue (sky blue topaz) can come close to the color of the more expensive, aquamarine gem. Next would be a heart pendant with a big swiss blue topaz gem. This blue topaz has a brighter blue color, something that makes it the most popular shade for blue topaz. The most sophisticated shade of blue topaz is the deep london blue topaz, a gem that is very popular among fashion concious jewelry buyers. If you had a budget of around 1,500 U.S$ to 2,500 U.S$ for a large blue gemstone heart pendant, you should give a serious look at a blue topaz heart pendant. The price can be moderated a big by choosing a silver heart pendant instead of a gold one.

Artificial Gems: We have so far talked about natural gem options for your blue gem heart pendant, but what if you were fine with a fake or artificial gem. There is nothing wrong in going for a lab created gem as long as, you know what you are getting and being charged the right price for the stone. Cubic zirconia is one gem that is factory made in various colors, gem size could be as large as 30mm to even 40mm. Besides CZ (cubic zirconia) you could also use cheap gem imitations like blue colored glass. Another option is a lab created blue sapphire but, this you might be better of with a natural blue topaz gem instead.

This report on a blue gem stone heart pendant is compiled by the expert team at Kaisilver. We can custom make a gold or 925 sterling silver blue gemstone heart pendant for you with the gem of your choice. Before you get into the buying stage, we would suggest that you email our team at and discuss your requirements with them. Keep the ordering process aside until all your queries and doubts have been answered by the team. Once you have all the relevant information, take some time to choose the jeweler that you would feel comfortable working with. This surely need not be only Kaisilver so, make a well evaluated decision and move to the order placement phase.

Below are two of the hottest selling blue gem pendant for the past few years. It is true that many other jewelers have started imitating these design concepts but, very few of them use natural blue gemstones. The Kaisilver blue gem stone heart pendants shown below have natural blue topaz gems, the gems are large and can be as big as 30 to 40 carats a piece. We could ofcourse custom make your blue gem heart pendant with the design of your choice.

big heart pendant topaz large heart shaped pendant gold or silver
A huge blue gemstone heart pendant, natural swiss blue, sky blue or london blue topaz gemstone. Handpicked and custom cut. Choice of a gold or 925 sterling silver heart shaped gem stone pendant... more. A fine cut swiss blue topaz heart shaped gem, set in a classic gold mounting. Choose from a 14k or 18k blue topaz heart pendant. You can ofcourse request for the same pendant to be made in sterling silver too ,,, more.


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