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kaisilver gems and jewelry resource

Big Tanzanite Gem Found

Large Tanzanite Rough Stone Weighs 12,000 Carats

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The March 2011 reporting of a big tanzanite gem find by a leading Tanzanite mining operator, raised interest gem and jewelry circles. Many gem and jewelry lovers, turned to Kaisilver for information, the questions regarding this big tanzanite gem stone were many. The news release published by the Tanzanite mining operator, claimed that the large tanzanite gem found weighed around 12,000 carats. This is huge by any standard and so the attention it has drawn is not suprising.

It is important to understand the issues raised by a large group of gem and jewelry enthusiasts. They would like to know if this is the largest tanzanite ever found. A young lady from Japan wanted to know the type of jewel that could hold such a big tanzanite gem stone. A French fashion enthusiast wrote to ask whether the cut and polished large tanzanite stone, would have uniform color and clarity all across the gemstone. Before answering these and many other questions related to the big tanzanite gemstone find, it is necessary to understand some very important issues related to the huge tanzanite that was found. This will clear up at least 60% of the doubts and queries and give a balanced view on this hot topic.

The big tanzanite found weighs around 12,000 carats and is a piece of rough tanzanite , this is not the same as a cut and polished tanzanite gem. In the normal process the stone would be heated to bring out the gorgeous violet-blue color tones of tanzanite. The clarity of the big tanzanite rough would also improve with the heat treatment. The image below shows rough tanzanite before (left) and after (right) applying heat treatment to tanzanite.

tanzanite rough before heating

About 95% of the tanzanite rough that is mined is put through the heat treatment. The effect of the heat can be seen in the above image.

You now know that the big 12,000 carat rough tanzanite rough that was found was in a rough form. So how just how big would the same tanzanite be after being cut, faceted and polished. What we need to understand is that rough tanzanite will have inclusions, fissures (cracks) and even color zoning across the piece. You therefore cannot get one big tanzanite piece after cutting and polishing the large rough tanzanite piece.

During the cutting and faceting process, expert cutters will break the large tanzanite rough into smaller pieces. Care will be taken to ensure that each of those smaller pieces do not have too many and too visible, fissures or inclusions. Basically the inclusions and also the areas with too many fissures will need to be cut away. Another task that remains is the try to ensure as uniform a color as possible across each of these smaller tanzanite pieces.

So the big tanzanite rough that weighs 12,000 carats will probably be broken into smaller pieces - you might end up with as many as 1,000 to 2,000 smaller pieces of tanzanite. There is no point in trying to get 1 large 10 carat tanzanite cut and polished gem if the piece is going to have visible cracks and inclusions. Similarly, no gem buyer would be interested in a 10 carat tanzanite gem that has color patches (zoning) across the piece. So there is no fixed number of smaller tanzanite pieces that will be cut, the condition of the large tanzanite rough will decide that.

From experience we could say that the gem manufacturer would get, at least a few pieces of good quality tanzanite cut and polished gems that weigh 8 to 10 carats each. At the same time there could most likely be around 200 pieces that weigh less than a carat each. By general standards a good quality tanzanite that, weighs around 5 carat or more can be classified as a big tanzanite gem. The manufacturer would price all the stones cut from the big tanzanite rough gem. Color, clarity, size and the presence of inclusions and fissures will all influence the price set for each of the smaller stones. In gemological terms we refer to this as the 'yield' received from cutting rough gems.

The above explanation should answer most of your questions. The main thing is that there is no question of a 12,000 carat cut and polished tanzanite gem. The original piece was a rough tanzanite stone. The smaller pieces cut from this large rough tanzanite would weigh just about 10 to 12 carat at the maximum. Most of the pieces after cutting and polishing would be in the 1 carat to 2 carat size range.

Kaisilver can custom make all types of tanzanite jewelry, in 14k or 18k gold. We can infact custom make silver tanzanite jewelry too. The designs for your tanzanite rings and other tanzanite gem stone jewelry can be yours or ours. We procure all tanzanite gems from the Tanzanian mines and custom cut the gems ourselves. This will not only reduce multiple commissions through multiple middlemen but, also ensure that you get a natural tanzanite gemstone and not a factory made substitute. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.


tanzanite heart ring gold or silver

The Tanzanite Claddagh Heart Ring ... RG143.

mens tanzanite gem stone ring with diamonds custom

Strong And Sturdy Mens Tanzanite Rings ... MAN61.

tanzanite diamond ring white gold or yellow gold

Tanzanite Yellow or White Gold Ring ... RG214.

silver tanzanite ring

Gold or Silver Tanzanite Ring, Cat Ring ... RN001.


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