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kaisilver gems and jewelry resource

Big Jade Gemstone In Thailand

Thai Temple Displays Large Green Jade Rough Gem

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Not far from the gem market in Thailand is an old temple on a hill. The town is situated about 300 km from the city of Bangkok. This big jade gem stone was seen at the temple. It is indeed a huge jade rough stone that could yield several high quality green jade gems as and when cut. Since the big jade gem shown here belongs to the temple, there is no present discussion to cut or alter it's form. So at least for now this 2 foot high piece of green jade rough stone will remain on the sturdy wooden table constructed to accomodate the piece.

If you follow the contours of the table top, you will notice that the table takes the precise shape of the base of the big jade gem. Partially seen in the image is a smaller green jade rough stone, that piece is around 7 to 8 inches high which ofcourse is not small. It is the enourmous size of the big rough jade piece that, dwarfs the smaller piece placed next to it.

big jade gemstone

A big jade gemstone on display at a temple in Thailand. This huge jade rough stone was photographed in a temple about 300 km from Thailand. You can see masses of good jade gemstone all through this large rough stone piece.  

Observe the big jade rough in the image and you will see some, very clear indication of good quality green jade throughout the rough. No definite plan has been made by the temple to cut this big jade stone, but we can analyze a few details of the cut and polished green jade gems that this rough could yield.

Most green jade gems are cut in a smooth cabachon form. About 30% of the green jade gems cut from this big jade rough, would surely be in the 10 to 15 carat weight range. The important point to understand is that these big green jade cut and polished stones, would be of a good quality. The color spread would be uniform, there would be visible fissures and cracks in them and the surface would not be spotted or pitted. If you follow the trail and pattern of the green patches in the jade (observe the above image), you will notice that the center portion of each green patch has a good color saturation. There is lightening of color as you move to the extremities of each green patch.

You would therefore get a fairly large quantity of green jade gems with good color. The lighter portions could be cut into smaller pieces or, could be made into larger pieces with visible color variations in a single piece. Gem cutters are experts in working out the equation between, cut gem sizes and the quality of these cut gems. For example, there is no point in cutting a 50mm x 30mm oval green jade if, the stone is going to have visible cracks and inclusions.

One thing that is very sure is the fact that, very little of the stone from this big jade rough stone would be wasted. Remember that it is not only jewelry applications to which jade gems are put. Impressive carvings and objects are also cut from jade. Large jade carvings can be made to look even better, when the stone has different colors across the piece.

Before we wind up this report on the big jade gemstone seen in Thailand, we would like to talk about the origin of the stone. Since it is most likely that this large jade rough stone came as a donation, there is no official document to explain the origin of the jade. Thailand itself does not have any known deposits of jade, it is very likely the big jade rough piece came from neighboring Burma.

Kaisilver can provide you with custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver with gems of your choice. The designs for your custom jewelry can be yours or ours. All gems including jade  are procured directly from the mines and custom cut by our expert cutters. This eliminates multiple middlemen commissions and also, takes off any possibility of unacceptable treatments being applied to the gems. We are the only highend online custom made jewelry provider to offer the same quality of design, gems and craftsmanship for gold or 925 sterling silver jewelry. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.


jade gem stone ring

A Gorgeous Multi Jade Color Ring ... RG235.

claddagh jade gemstone ring gold or 925 silver

Claddagh Jade Gemstone Ring ... RG236.

mens jade ring, gold or 925 silver jade rings for men

Mens Big Green Jade Gemstone Ring ...MAN10.


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