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Antique Emerald Ring

400 Year Old Emerald Ring Salvaged From Ship Wreck 

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An antique emerald ring would have immense value, infact the material price of such a ring would be small compared to the actual value derived by it's significance. Given the fact that, emeralds have been known to man for many centuries history does give us glimpses of classic antique emerald rings. As expected, an anqitue emerald ring would almost always be made in gold. This report details the find of a stunning jewel, an antique gold emerald ring that dates back to about 400 years.

This particular antique ring with emerald gem has 2 main factors that, substantially increase it's value. The first ofcourse is it's age, it is 4 centuries old, a true antique jewel indeed. Another factor is the place and way in which the ring was found, we have more details on that in the remaining portion of this report.

antique emerald ring, gold emerald ring
The emerald ring shown in the above mage is about 400 years old. The jewel was salvaged from a ship that had sunk around 4 centuries ago. The emerald in this antique gold ring is close to 10 carats. The yellow gold casting is most probably made from 18k gold.

The antique gold emerald ring shown in the image was located along with the wreckage of a Spanish ship. The ship went down in a raging storm back in 1622 and was believed,to be carrying many valuables including some extravagant jewels like this ring. The Spanish ship was named Nuestra Senora de Atocha, it sank at location off the Florida Keys. Records indicate that this emerald antique ring was not the only jewel recovered so far from the wreckage of the ship. A professional diving and salvaging operation named Mel Fisher's Treasures, is reported to have recovered jewels totally valued at around 400 million dollars from the same ship.

Kaisilver's interest in this antique emerald ring find relates more to the emerald and the known properties of the gem stone, rather than the specific design of the jewel. Judging but the color of the gem, this most probably is a large Colombian emerald. It has been reported that the antique emerald ring has a gorgeous gem that weighs around 10 carats, this surely is a big size for an emerald. Colombian emeralds have been hot favorites with the rich, famous and powerful for many centuries.

What is interesting about the gemstone in this particular antique gold ring is that, it had been exposed to the deep (and salty) waters of the sea for several hundred years. Gem experts including Kaisilver emerald experts advise that, emeralds not be soaked in water for more than a few minutes. There is a technical reason for this recommendation. By nature, emeralds tend to have cracks and fissures in them - these are normally filled with natural oils in what is known as, the 'oil treatment' for emeralds. The oils flow into the fissures and soften their appearance, this also enhances the lustre and beauty of the gem. The practice of treating emeralds with natural oils has been practiced for many centuries. Even emerald gems and emerald gem stone jewelry kept in museums are ocassionally given the treatment of natural oils. If you soak an emerald in water for too long, the water will flow, into the fissures in the gem and push out the natural oils that have filled them. This will obviously diminish the beauty of the gem.

What is very amazing is how this, emerald has maintained it's beauty and grace despite being soaked in the water for hundreds of years. What we can probably conclude is that, the gem is of a very high quality. So we have an emerald gem that is so dense and well formed that only, few tiny (or probably none) fissures were all that exist in the stone. You might say that the oil treatment was not done on this emerald, though very rare it is a possibility. It could also be that the oils did not have a chance to penetrate deep into the emerald as there were few or no, surface reaching fissures or cracks. In this condition, the water would not actually penetrate the surface of the stone. This would mean that the beauty or physical structure of the emerald, was not destroyed despite being soaked in water for a very long time. We will still maintain that you should not soak your emerald gem or emerald gem stone jewelry in water for more than a few minutes. It is best if you can avoid soaking it, consider other ways of cleaning the jewel.


Pricing This Antique Emerald Ring.

Most antique jewels are priceless, it is almost impossible to put a precise price point on these items. This is very true of this antique gold emerald ring too, a jewel that is important and significant in more ways than one. We already mentioned that the ring has an impressive 10 carat Colombian emerald. If you want to know the precise dimensions of the emerald gem in this antique jewel, the stone measures 2.70 cm x 2.5cm, this is 27mm x 25mm. For the gold purity, we would put it at around 90% as this was quite common in the old days. The weight of the ring can be estimated based on the gem dimensions and the ring design, it most probably wears around 10 to 15 grams. If you had requested a highend jewelry provider like Kaisilver to custom make such an emerald ring for you today, you could end up paying about 30,000 U.S$ to 50,000 U.S$ for the jewel. However the background and history of this antique emerald ring would give it a price point in the range of 300,000 U.S$ to 500,000 U.S$.


How Can You Get A Similar Ring.

We did mention above that an emerald ring with similar features to the Spanish antique jewel, could be custom made for you by Kaisilver. We do understand that the price of 30,000 U.S$ to 50,000 U.S$, would be way beyond the budget for most of us. If you are interersted in an emerald ring or any other gemstone ring, with the above design concept - the price table shown below will give you an idea of the price. You should ofcourse email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com with your specific requirements. A more relevant price quote could be worked out if we had an estimate of your budget too. Just remember that this jewel and all other jewelry made by us can be crafted according to your choice of gemstone, design and dimensions. More importantly, we offer gold and sterling silver metal options for all our jewelry. The best thing about working with Kaisilver is that, we ensure that your jewelry gets the same quality of design, craftsmanship and gems for both, gold and sterling silver preferences.

Price Range

Some Suggestions For Your Ring

400-700 U.S$ Sterling silver ring with a 10x8mm octogonal gemstone, Depending on price green gem options could be Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Green Jade.
750 U.S$ to 1,200 U.S$ Sterling silver ring with a 10x8mm medium grade Emerald or green sapphire gemstone.
1,300 U.S$ to 1,600 U.S$ 14k/18k Yellow or white gold, medium grade 9x7mm emerald gemstone. Depending on price, 10x8mm medium grade emerald could also be possible.
1,800 U.S$ to 2,500 U.S$ 14k/18k Yellow or white gold, good grade 9x7mm emerald gemstone. Depending on price, 10x8mm medium grade emerald could also be possible.
2,700 U.S$ to 3,700 U.S$ 14k/18k Yellow or white gold, good grade 10x8mm emerald gemstone. Depending on price, 11x9mm medium grade emerald might also be possible.
4,500 U.S$ to 6,000 U.S$ 14k/18k Yellow or white gold. Depending on price could be a medium grade 11x9mm or good grade 11x9mm emerald gemstone.
 Contact us for other designs, gemstones or options.  The above prices are just an estimate, we will work out specific price quotes once we know your requirements.

Kaisilver can provide you with custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver with gems of your choice. The designs for your custom jewelry can be yours or ours. All gems including emeralds are procured directly from the mines and custom cut by our expert cutters. This eliminates multiple middlemen commissions and also, takes off any possibility of unacceptable treatments being applied to the gems. We are the only highend online custom made jewelry provider to offer the same quality of design, gems and craftsmanship for gold or 925 sterling silver jewelry. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.

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