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3 Diamond Ring

Rings With Three Diamonds, About 3 Stone Diamond Rings

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3 diamond rings are a particular concept for diamond rings. There are some interesting references and variations to gold and silver rings with three diamonds. You might come across the term three stone diamond ring, this needs some explanation. If a query was received by our support team enquiring about, 3 stone diamond rings we would request for a clarification. A three stone ring could be a ring with three gem stones, the word diamond added to such a ring could mean the addition of a few accent diamonds in the design.

So just to make clear what we will be talking about, we would say that we are referring to rings with three diamonds. Generally such a requirement would mean that no other diamonds or gems be included in the ring aside from the 3 diamonds. The meaning and significance of rings with three diamonds, relates to the past, present and future. These rings are quite often ordered as wedding or engagement rings.

Some couples like to have a ring with 3 diamonds for a specific anniversary. A couple who has been married and lived together for 3 decades might, feel that this rings provides a good interpretation of their longlasting relationship. You could say that each of the three diamonds in the ring denotes a milestone, a decade of living together. If you are considering getting a 14k or 18k three diamond gold ring for such a celebration, you could choose to have all three diamonds of the same size.

Let us come back to the significance of a ring with three diamonds to represent the past, present and future. When chosen as a wedding or engagement ring  3 diamond rings, denotes a married life that is based on love, sacrifice and togetherness. This for today, tomorrow and for ever is what the couple hopes for the ring to imply. The diamond sizes in such a case can symbolize the past, present and future. The most important part of life is today, this is the present and is best represented by the largest diamond in the center. The past and future stand on either side of the center (present) diamond and can be of the same size but, slightly smaller than the center diamond.

Now coming to the size of the diamonds in a three diamond ring. In most cases, the request for a gold or sterling silver ring with three diamonds, is for a special occasion or a specific meaning. It is the design concept that has the meaning, bigger diamonds or bigger price tags will not add to the meaning or significance of the ring. If you are blessed with a hefty budget, you have nothing to fear but, for most of us, economizing on jewelry spending is quite normal. Diamonds are expensive as the size goes beyond 3mm to 3.5mm. Kaisilver is well aware of this and we therefore make the following recommendations.

Here are the size suggestions that we would make to get an affordable ring with 3 daimonds. The quality of diamonds need not be the best but, the diamonds should look nice and glittering when observed with the naked eye. If all the three diamonds in your ring are to have the same size, consider 2mm or 2.5mm for all three diamonds. If you can handle a slight increase in the price tag, you can probably have a custom three diamond ring where all three diamonds are of size 3mm or 3.5mm.

We did mention that in certain cases, three diamond rings are more meaningful with different diamond sizes. So if you were thinking about the past, present and future concept when getting a three diamond gold or 925 silver ring, you would have two diamond sizes in the ring. The center diamond could be a 3mm to 3.5mm gem and the smaller diamond on each side of the center diamond could be a 2mm round.

There is one more interesting reason for which families buy 3 diamond rings. When a couple have their first baby, the father uses the symbolism of a family of three and buys the mother (his wife) a yellow or white gold ring with three diamonds. The diamonds denote the mother, child and father. Do not stay with some fixed notion of diamond sizes in such cases. Some people feel that a three diamond ring, with all 3 diamonds of the same size is symbolic of the occasion. Other couples look at their baby as the most important part of their life, they place a larger diamond in the center to signify the baby. The smaller diamond on either side of the center stone is a bit smaller than the center diamond.

Let us shed some light on three stone rings, these are rings with three gemstones. Since diamonds are sometimes referred to as stones, you should not be confused. We are talking about gold or 925 sterling silver three stone rings, where the three gems are not diamonds. You could for example have a ring with ruby, sapphire and emerald this would be a three gem stone ring. It is ofcourse not necessary for all the gems in a 3 stone ring to be different. You could have a ring with three blue sapphires, this implies just 1 gem stone type for the ring. For our discussion a three stone diamond ring would imply a ring with 3 gemstones AND one or more diamonds as accent stones. Rings with three gems can also be made as family birth stone rings. Each of the stones could represent birthstones of the mother, father and child.

We have provided some interesting examples for concepts suitable for three diamond rings. At Kaisilver all jewelry is fully custom made, we therefore can make a three diamond ring for you with your design or ours. Since all design modifications are possible, you could choose a Kaisilver diamond ring with 2 diamonds and request for an additional diamond to be included. Our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to assist you with any information or clarifications that, you might need related to gemstones and jewelry.

We provide the world with custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver with gems of your choice. The designs for your custom jewelry can be yours or ours. All gems are procured directly from the mines and custom cut by our expert cutters. This eliminates multiple middlemen commissions and also, takes off any possibility of unacceptable treatments being applied to the gems. We are the only highend online custom made jewelry provider to offer the same quality of design, gems and craftsmanship for gold or 925 sterling silver jewelry. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.


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three diamond wedding band ring

A classic example of a three diamond ring, the center and side diamonds are neither too small nor too large. This gives you a good ring at a modest price. The ring is solid gold or silver and is not scooped from inside. It is possible to laser etch a name or short message inside the band, this is done at no additional charge. You could also request for a design change where all the stones in the 3 diamond ring have the same size, ideally this would be 2.5mm rounds or 3mm rounds. Yellow or White Gold Three Diamond Wedding Band ... RG183.


three stone wedding band pair, gold or 925 silver

We have shown this ring to give you a good example of a three stone ring. There are accent diamonds on either side of the first and last gem stone. The gem size is 5mm to 6mm, and diamonds in this size would be very expensive. You can mix different gems in the same ring. Three gemstone rings are perfect as family birthstone rings or even for engagement and wedding rings. Like always, you have the option for a gold or 925 sterling silver ring with three gems. Three Stone Wedding Band, All Gem Options ... RG220.


3 diamond ring yellow or white gold
This ring can be customized to make a 3 diamond stone ring. The concept of lining the three diamonds in the ring vertically will give the ring a wider band width. This will make the gold or silver three diamond ring broader and more impressive. Suitable for a ladies or men's 3 diamond ring. You can ofcourse leave the ring with 2 diamonds if that is what you wish. The ring can be ordered with a uniform band width or have a slight tapering as you move towards the back of the finger. Custom diamond ring with two or three diamonds ... RG180.


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